(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1297 Answers

John P. Woods February 7, 2023

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1297 Answers

There is no name in the whole world more beloved by young readers than BURT L. STANDISH.

Contest #817 Summary

His stories about Frank Merriwell have been an inspiration for many years to thousands of boys who want to achieve success in athletics.

Without preaching, Mr. Standish drives proof after proof that real life is the only way to live. Hence the popularity of Merriwell’s stories.

To avoid confusion, we would like to state that the books listed below are published in and around New York in the respective months. They may not reach distant readers due to transport delays.

Ted Strong and his bronchiectasis group are the most exciting adventures in this large and captivating book series, which gives the reader almost endless excitement.

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Frank Merriwell spoke. He was standing on the deck of a steamer approaching the coast of Morocco. Beside him stood his old friend and former student Ephraim Gallup from Vermont.

“A fun place, I must say. Not like the United States. But it’s a lot better than the places we stopped in South Africa.

“Wait catfish, Frank, me too! What happened to us in Africa was terrible. No, I don’t want braver things to happen in mine!”

As old readers of Frank Merriwell’s stories know, Frank was now on a big world tour. After the death of his guardian, he came into possession of a lot of money, and his guardian wanted him to travel before settling down. Frank is going to bring the professor and one boy companion. Professor Horace Scotch was not with the youths at this time, but Ephraim was, and they had just come from the lower coast of Africa, where they had passed through numerous adventures, such as are connected with “Frank Merriwell’s hunt. “

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“Look, Ephraim!” continued Frank. “Tangier, lying like a snow-white pearl on the blue shore of the Mediterranean. It is a sight to stir the blood.”

“It looks clean and fair from here,” admitted the Vermonter; “But “with your own argument it won’t look so good when we get there.

“True; but it is to us an entrance into a strange land—a land of strange people, strange customs, wonders and marvels without number. Besides, I am tired of the sea, and I want to come ashore again .”

“In the heat! I don’t blame you for that. But I’d rather go to countries where the people are civilized. I’ve seen enough black and white men.”

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“It is true that we have had our fill of them, but I do not want to return home without visiting Morocco.”

Soon the speed of the steamer began to decrease and finally it came to an end with anchor chains and anchors falling.

“Ripped everything off!” cried Efraim, taking hold of Frank’s hand. “Look over there! Is that a gang of crazy uv critters attacking the steamer, is that what they want?”

Several boats left the shore, and behind them a troop of ragged Arabs, half-naked, waddling in the water, advanced towards the vessel, waving their arms wildly and uttering strange cries.

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“This has to be one of the strangest things we will see in this country,” Frank said quietly.

The boats reached the steamer, and the boatmen rushed the passengers into them. Frank and Ephraim managed to get into one boat and were asked to pay their way as soon as they left the steamer.

The boats moved toward a crowd of ragged terracotta-colored people, some of them wading in water up to their waists.

As soon as this unbelieving pack arrived, it hit the boats. The gang on duty arrested the passengers as if they had died instantly.

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He hit the old Arab on his back with your hand and he fell in the blink of an eye.

But ancient Arabic was not to be wasted like that. Flowing with water, he rushed up and wrestled with the excited youth.

When Frank saw the disaster coming, he climbed out of the boat on the shoulders of a strong mulatto, where he sat comfortably, threw his hat and shouted:

“Stay away, you black devil!” cried Ephraim, who was somehow blinded by the splashing water. “Keep your hands off me or I’ll… Whoa!”

Let’s Be Friends

The boat went over and took the boatman and the Yankee boy into the water, where there was a general scramble, to the great amusement of the other passengers.

“Stay!” he shouted, standing up and shaking his fist at the confused Arab. “Wait until we get to dry land, little animal! I’ll fix you!”

“I am surprised, Ephraim,” said Frank cheerfully, “that you should do such a thing. The brown man only wanted to land you, for the water is too shallow to let the boats in. near it. You will find that all the passengers disembarked this way.”

The boy from Vermont looked around and saw that Frank was telling the truth. The women were carried ashore in chairs, and the male passengers on the necks of Arabs and Negroes.

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“Wal, why didn’t they tell the dumper who they were!” he made Ephraim angry and ashamed and put to shame. “They acted as a joke if they wanted to kill the body for us.”

When the bank was reached, Frank paid for himself and Ephraim’s transportation, for the old man demanded payment, to the horror of the Vermonter.

The investigation revealed that there was one European hotel in town, and Frank received instructions to lead them there.

Ephraim laughed as they continued. He was dripping with water and presented a ridiculous attitude, but the population in the streets did not laugh at him. He was greeted stoically, indifferently, as if he were a worm of very little importance. The men recoiled from the boys, the women avoided them, and the children fled in terror.

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“Real sociable people,” laughs Frank. – Judging by their manners, anyone would think we must be bloody savages.

Almost all the people in the streets were dressed in a kind of long white woolen robe, with a large hat, usually straight on the head, so that the whole town presented the appearance of a convent of Dominican monks.

Some of these hoods walked heavily, slowly, silently, with a dreamy look in their eyes, as if their thoughts were far away; Some of them are sitting or huddled on the walls or in the corners of the houses, motionless with closed eyes, like the enchanted heads of the “Arabian Nights”.

On their way to the hotel they passed through several narrow, narrow streets, full of white houses without windows, and with small ugly doors, which could not be easily entered.

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In many streets you would see nothing but the whiteness of the walls and the blue sky above.

Almost every street was littered with rotten vegetables, feathers, rags, bones, and sometimes dead cats and dogs.

At long intervals, groups of Arab children were seen playing or reciting verses of the Koran in nasal drones.

Here and there the smell of garlic, burnt aloe, benzene, fish and nameless things attacked.

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On the other side was a well, surrounded by a crowd of Arabs and Negroes, who were taking water in different vessels.

On the other side of the square, veiled women sat on the ground and offered bread for sale.

The small square was full of vagabonds almost naked, rich Moors, Jews, employees of the missions whose houses were nearby; interpreters and beggars.

At this moment, the veiled girl suddenly broke away from the two men who seemed to be acting as her escort, gave a low cry of joy, rushed to the boys and wrapped her arms around Merriwell’s neck, crying:

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The men who were with the girl shouted in surprise and anger. They quickly draw short curved swords from their cloaks and slash at the boys.

“Unleash him, Christian dogs!” roaring head, bleeding his sword,

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