(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1134 Answers

Jeanette K. Emerson February 8, 2023

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1134 Answers – Music for three songs from two games (see all)…”Kick The Rock!…for Wild Canyon”, “UNKNOWN FROM M.E. …” theme “KNUCKLES”, “Unknown from M.E. .. . “Knuckles” theme

Main game: Sonic Adventure 2 (Sega, 2001, DC) by Atsushi Kosugi, Fumie Kumagai, Heigo Tani, Jun Segami, Kenichi Tokii, Tomoya Otani

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1134 Answers

It was a big surprise. Not that we don’t regularly expect great new original material from the new ReMixer, but Bronx native Jose is so humble in his emails that we didn’t always think we’d get this quality of rap remixes. , especially since they’re pretty rare and we only recently released the controversial Asterix remix. Although the Asterix remix features completely original lyrics, José took the existing themes and lyrics from Sonic Adventure 2 and 1 and rearranged the music and modified the lyrics to match. In his words:

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“This is my first post since making this remix in forever. It says SA2 but it’s actually a combination of SA 1 and 2 Knuckles theme with elements from other Knuckles songs. I want 100% pure hip hop music. Lyrics for both themes are rewritten to sound less ‘refined’ and the second half of the third verse has new, original lines. Replaced by real flow people Help, I recorded the lyrics myself. Any comments on the quality of the mix would be greatly appreciated.”

Very high quality Jose. There are gangsta synths, melting electric pianos, asphalt beats, and while the mixers are free to poke fun at themselves, the rapping is excellent and the vocal processing/mixing decisions are on point. Very rich bass and some horn hits to spice things up and overall the production is tight. It could be a hoax, but in this case, two of the judges had some particularly noteworthy comments. Koma says:

“Two very rich but carefree tracks stripped down and stripped down for pure rapper joy. I don’t think they could have been arranged any differently if I hadn’t listened to this remix first. Hard lyrics are about bunches and games (more important than the originals themselves) , softer than SA2 tracks, smoother hosting, organ + keyboards + scratched instruments make it a hot rearrangement and stylistic interpretation. It’s powerful stuff.”

“No problem here. It sounds great and interprets the musical qualities of the source perfectly. The real trick of this remix is ​​that the original songs were professionally produced rap songs, and this one really takes those songs and makes them, as the mixer says, 100% hip hops. By rewriting the words, he added his melodies to a very important part of the source music. And well done. The rearrangement and interpretation of the lyrical parts of the song make it a winner.”

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Good stuff, great lyrical mutations and a good ear for rhythm and flow. A unique gem not to be missed. Especially recommended for Sonic fans.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely hate most rap and hip-hop, mainly because they tend to resort to language, and because I believe the former is mostly poetry and music.

Still, this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Like most songs of this type, I instinctively wanted to end it because it’s a vocal type. However, the more the song progressed, the more I longed to hear the end of it.

I’m really glad I did. The music itself is great, the rapping is beyond imagination and the whole song is pretty good overall.

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I hate most rap and hip hop, but this is one of my favorite video game/remix songs.

Well done Jose, this is really excellent work and I can say I’d love to hear more about your work here and what material you might come up with in the future.

I showed this song to Hunnid P aka Knuckles, he’s the guy who raps for Knuckles; song from Sonic Adventure 2 and he loves this shit. Interestingly, they are all New Yorkers. Hunnid P lives in Brooklyn and Jose lives in the Bronx.

Salluz: Holy shit, have you ever heard of a Bronx snicker? Hunnid P: das what up i like dat na but da bx is all luv Salluz: http:///remix/OCR01134/ you inspired this nigga (well he’s puerto rican so technically he’s not the black ghost not whatevaa) Hunnid P : I need I love hearing how inspiring a person looks, it’s been a long road but I’m still better than ever!

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Wow man. I’m usually wary of remixes with lyrics, but this one is damn good. The wording is perfect and the melody itself is well done in every way. a++. BTW, I love all the references.

This is one of my favorites. I will tell you more details later, but yes, after four years.

Back in 2004, when I first heard it, DarkeSword gave me the song to play on VG Frequency because it impressed djpretzel and the judges, and while I’m still out there, I’m a radio host I’m in contact with. With. most of the OCR group. And it’s still the only song I’ve performed at the same show; I love it and so do the listeners.

Now that I can date and be with Jose now, I hope he doesn’t realize I’m hidden now or something. But Jose was a bit of a conundrum for me at the time, as I felt this song was light years ahead of anything else on the OC ReMix.

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I really like the detail in this piece. The production is crisp and clean, and I love the fusion of lyrical and arrangement ideas in both Unknown from M.E. versions, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, the original parts where the lyrics refer to the character’s lyrics and the flawless use of samples. From the Sega Genesis Sonic series. All that, and it’s a mix of hip-hop, which at the time, OCR didn’t have at all.

Many great ideas come together here. In a place where artists pride themselves on creating unique pieces, this piece is always one of the most unique and stands out.

When I saw this ReMix I thought it would be fun to say the least. How do you create a song like Knuckle’s theme?

You did a great job ~ I love how you added lyrics to many of his level themes and his SA1 themes. I usually can’t handle rap/hip hop well, but I enjoy listening to it.

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If it matters, I have a friend who refuses to listen to any OC ReMixes and says the song is “nice”. Yes, he said he prefers all originals, no ReMix is ​​original. I argue with him once a week.

Holy deep cut gut bbq chicken subwoofer sandwich, this is amazing. Rap and hip hop is not what I like to listen to, I think, mainly because of the lyrics. Still, it may be rap, but it’s not the rap I’m familiar with.

It’s a professional, improvised, grounded, fun, bold, aggressive, restrained, upbeat and rapping masterpiece with the sole purpose of providing Knuckles with a kickass theme. The overall lyrical content is both witty and mostly very cleverly written. This is probably the only time I don’t care too much about the music, the vocals are the star instrument in this creation, it’s so good, I’ll start now.

Well done. I laughed out loud reading the whole review, this is definitely one of my favorite mixes. Just because the joints are so bad.

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I hate rap, and with a few exceptions (notably Wyclef’s “Gone Till November”), I have to say this is by far the best rap mix I’ve heard from OCR. The audio sounds professional and definitely reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2.

I just did my 7th tournament of OCR 00001-01250 (17 total about 20 5/5 stars each) and this one made my OCR elite list (top 5 in each field, 1st cut) with a score of 94.8/100 so congrats . again for this standout from the remix.

Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to request beats on every rap song I listen to.

I think having your microphone and recording would help

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