(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 533 Answers

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 533 Answers – Guide » Arcane Quests » Immortal God and Eternal Ithmia – Chapter 2: Task 1 » Alien Claim

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “Confessions of an Outlander” which is the second quest in Chapter 2 – Act I: The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia. Here you will find the perfect tour for all tastes.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 533 Answers

You will easily reach Ritu in Inazuma and meet your contact, Touma. But it seems foreigners are not welcome here…

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Now that you’ve arrived in Inazuma, Thoma suggests that you sign up for the border letter. Before you leave, pick up the two lavender melons sitting in the box to your left, they are one of the new food items added to Inazuma, and follow the path east. As you get to the end of the road, you will see ruins on the left. Talk to Inspector Kageyama and he will ask you to share some of your details, most importantly, why you are in Inazuma. Choose either option, and Pemon will confidently explain your reasons to the examiner, before Thoma saves his embarrassment, and gives the examiner your acceptance letter. He says if you want to be with Ritu, you have to follow the process.

Go east, passing crates on your way, go up the stairs until you reach a sort of plaza, continue east, go south again to another staircase, and talk to the Inspector Eureka speech. He will tell you that the settlement fee will be 2 million Mora, which upsets you and Pemon. Thomas told him that you and him are good friends, and let him go for 400,000 Mora. Although it is good, it is still worth more than you, Thoma convinced him to agree with 600 Mora, the same.

Eureka endeavors to charge you a very high processing fee. Once again, Tomas comes to the rescue.

Paemon can’t believe that he went from 2 million to 600 Mora, Thoma explains that they always try to destroy it as much as they can, many people accept it because they don’t have much choice. After a little conversation, you will tell Thoma that you will meet Raiden Shogun, he says that he has a way to do it, but he wants a favor in return. He wants you to help the International Trade Union which has been struggling lately.

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When the situation ends, go west, go down the stairs and turn right south, then go east, past Xixi, and talk to Kurisu. Paimon will tell him that you heard that they are having problems recently, he tells him that he believes it is because of Sakoru’s order, but he tells him that it is not him, but Kanju Commission. It is clear that they are in charge of overseeing everything in Rito, and they are imposing sky high taxes, unbelievable regulations, and worst of all, the new tax law that was issued in -change the way they pay taxes.

It used to belong to Mora, but now they wanted to pay him something called Crystal Marrow, which he had never heard of before until the new tax law. Because of this, the price of Crystal Marrow has risen, only one seller has it in stock, and he is paying for it. If this continues, taxes will exceed their profits. Choose to check the vendor, and Kurisu will tell you where to find him.

After the scene ends, head southwest, down the stairs, and you can find a merchant under a tree to your east. Approach him for a movie, and Werner will tell you that he doesn’t know you, and ask if you’re a newcomer. You will ask him endlessly where he gets his goods, and he is discouraged to ask such a question, telling you that it is a trade secret. You will ask him to lower his price and he will click that you are here for Kurisu and the Trade Union. He tells you that the price is non-negotiable, and asks you to leave. Pemon will ask you what to do, you suggest asking Thoma.

After the scene ends, go back to the Trade Guild, and Thoma can be found on the east side of it, at the top of the stairs. Talk to him and you will tell him that you have a little problem. Thomas will give you advice about talking to Werner, and he will tell you about Mondstad. In addition, you will find that it is a member of the International Trade Union.

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When the scene ends, go back to Werner, and talk to him again for another scene. He doesn’t seem too excited to talk to you again, but with a few words of wisdom reminding him of Mondstad’s freedom, he’ll know who you’re talking to. After the second dialogue option, you’ll want to give him a local trait, give him something from Mondstad, and whatever else you have.

What you’re doing is working, and he starts to remember Mondstad, and he goes on to another line to make the memory clear. He will notice that you are tugging at his heartstrings, but before he can cry about it, you will ask him to close his eyes and think. You will start to say things related to different regions, which makes him lose them more, especially Liu, and this time give him a regional expert from Liu, again, whatever you have. He told you to stop, and told you that his poor heart couldn’t take it anymore.

(1 of 2) Dandelion Seeds are good to use here as they can be found outside of Mondstad.

Dandelion seeds are good to use here as they can be found outside of Mondstad. (left), any regional identity will work as long as it is from the region, in this case, Liu. (To the right)

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You have to tell him exactly how the co-workers feel. He tells you that he always wants to talk to them, and get himself out of trouble, but they seem to find a way out of trouble, and he can’t do that. Eventually, he will finally spill the beans, telling you that the crystal fiasco was a scam by Kijiro and his friends and the tax collector Ashigru.

This scam is…they overcharge the sellers, then they take the crystal and hoard it, and when the customers run out of places to buy it, they will buy it. in Werner’s hands, selling it at a very high price. All the money goes to Kijiro and his team, and Werner gets a good living. You will tell him that you will need evidence, and he will tell you that when he killed Kijiro, he always went to the same place, and he will show you where he is.

Once the scene is over, go northeast, near the Trade Guild, and you’ll see another scene, and you’ll see Keijiru, and Pemon suggests following him.

After the mini scene ends, you will follow Keijiru unknowingly, this will put you in ‘Stealth Mode’ and you will have to avoid being caught. If you get close to him, the symbol above his head will start to glow red, and Pemon will shout in your ear “He’s close, he’s close! He’s bound to find out!” If that happens, get away from him quickly, and wait for the icon to return to normal. If it does, you’ll have to restart that part of the quest.

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(1 of 2) To avoid letting Keijiru know you’re following him, stay the same distance as shown here.

To avoid letting Kijiro know you’re following him, keep one eye as shown here. (Left), the red eye icon will fill up if you are close. If this happens, get away from him. (To the right)

And it happens if you’re far away from him, Pemon says, “He’s going on. Let’s go up a little. On the stairs. Down the first one, he’ll go.” on the left, wait for him a few steps back from the top of the stairs.

After a second or two, it will move a little to your right, and stop in front of the stairs, stay there until it moves again. As he continues, he will go down the stairs to the right, then go south, around the wall. Continue with it, but hold back a bit before going around the wall, because it will stop holding you again. After he stops talking, he will run again, continue southeast on the dirt road, and there will be

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