(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 76 Answers

Kenny Moralez February 8, 2023

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 76 Answers – Welcome to Episode 78 of Data Vis Today. We’re exploring creativity in design from the perspective of the amazing people who build in the field! Let’s find out how Duncan Geere approaches creativity. He dives into the meaning of creativity, why creativity requires a lot of patience, how to put your creativity to work, and more!

Hey you’re listening to today’s Track Data Episode 78. I’m Alli Torban and this presentation is here to help you become a better speaker. Thanks for sticking with me. We’re in the fourth part of this mini-series about creativity and communication design, and we’re exploring how data can be a designer, define creativity, and apply it to your work, including giving creative advice to clients. How can I integrate into Also, these interviews are part of the research I am doing for a new book. It will be a practical book on how to develop attitudes, habits and skills to become an effective speaker. If you’d like quick access to the chapters and exercises and beta readings to help make the book more useful, you can send your email address to the link in the show notes, and I’ll take a look.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 76 Answers

Many thanks to the over 30 people who registered. I’m glad you’re enjoying the beta reading this thought. It is good. Our guest today is Duncan Geere. An information producer based in Sweden that deals in graphics, text and audio. He’s one half of the Big Numbers, Data Sonification podcast and studio. And a quarter of high data is a learning environment. Duncan always amazes with his data mining efforts and is also a critical thinker. So I knew he had good answers to my design questions, and he did not disappoint. So let’s jump in there. It is good. Let’s start with a simple question. How do you define creativity?

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It is good. Yes. So for me, making things is about putting things in a world that didn’t exist before. And best of all, it’s as if it never happened. If you follow, I don’t know what kind of planning anyone has so I’m not making up, but let’s break down what you’re doing, if you do. It’s a new thing, and I think it’s a creative thing. And I think the great thing about design is that you don’t have to pull new things that people haven’t seen before out of thin air. Correct. I think a lot of people look at creativity as this kind of magic box inside you, inside your head that you can take ideas from. But my work is like a cooking plate where I put things and then mix them and let them cook. Then I, you know, take food combinations that other people could never put together. So maybe it’s worth showing an example or two here? Yes,

Yes. So I mean, like last year I published, a data sonification podcast called Big Numbers. Correct. And there are five shares. We convert various data sets into music. And we’ll explain the process as we go along. It’s really interesting, but the creative mix is ​​just sonification and podcast mm-hmm , no one ever put it together. So, you know, encourage creativity, or , I don’t know, one example is to celebrate, you know, the learning community that we all run, maybe your viewers know from last episode. And the combination is, like, you might think it’s a member, but it’s not new. As others have done before. So, we added something, the idea is like creative communication design and none of the other members are interested in it.

So this is a new thing that builds and develops that kind of concept. And I think you know, sometimes you feel like you’re holding a paintbrush in front of a canvas or in front of a piano waiting to compose a song. And then I think the creative combination is a paint brush, a piano, a synthesizer, a camera, I don’t know, code editor, or whatever method you use, and your life and your feelings in your experiences. Rejoice, because no one else has done this combination before and no one else has done it except you.

Yes. what is true I love the idea of ​​creativity in combining different things, because it’s not really scary. Think of a new idea.

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Nothing scary. Just follow what you know, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but creativity means trying.

Yes. What do you think about the effectiveness of thinking to be creative? Because I think I need some profit. If it’s a creative idea that doesn’t help people, maybe just say it like I said to Mesa Schumacher in the last episode, yes, it’s talking skills, but skills. methods of,

Mm-hmm yes. And if you think the idea should help happen, then yes, it’s a creative idea.

In fact, I think that if you use the definition that you have to be creative, there aren’t a lot of things and people that you think are really creative. I like to take Leonardo da Vinci literally. He has written in his book, such a helicopter was available at that time. This is very pointless. No one can use it, but after hundreds of years it is found that it is very useful. So I don’t think it’s very useful, too much, maybe it’ll help like mm-hmm I think it’s a good idea to think about it, but at the same time, yeah, you know, I , I’ I think everything should be the way it is, you know, it’s good to make something else, it depends on your way it helps, doesn’t it? The more you can make money from it the more effective we see it in the remotest parts of the world. Actually , you know, yeah. Like, a good painting is useless, it may be useful if you don’t buy the painting, but it may be useful to someone because it ignites a memory in him to think about the world differently. . or what So I think there are many different ways you can define functionalism that allows for the creative definition you want.

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What is true Maybe this is what I’m struggling with. Because I think you have to put practicality into it. If it’s not the normal way of speaking, that’s okay, but you can describe it as useful in anything. This seemed to inspire another idea for me later. So me, what I did before worked, but like you said, I didn’t know at the time. Yes. But I’m glad I did because years later it worked

Yes of course. I mean, you know, history is littered with examples of things that didn’t work very well in nature, but extremes, or different things that worked best at the time, totally sucks, you know? Yes. This is called creativity. Hmm. I mean, I, I think, I think, you know, do, it’s important to think, something or something like that, but it’s something that works and nothing helps. Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean being successful.

Yes. So do you think creativity can be nurtured, is it something you’re born with, or is it a little bit of both?

That’s why I think everyone is creative. Everyone can do as we say. They can add an idea or two to anything and make something new out of it. But I think there is a huge gap in the ability of people to share these skills with the public or put their work into it. Because

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