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Eliseo Evans February 9, 2023

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2857 Answers – Jana Cunningham: Hello. Thanks for joining me on the radio. I am Jana Cunningham at the University of Utah College of. And today we are talking about the Latin-speaking national month. Origins, changes, and their faults. Assistant Professor of History Danielle Olden joins me to say more.

Jana Cunningham: From September 15th to October 15th, Americans observe the Spanish-speaking National Heritage Month. Let’s start with the beginning of the month, when and how does it start?

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2857 Answers

Danielle Olden: So Latino or Hispanic Month first started in 1968 and it really came out in response to the social movement that took place in the 1960s. And then there are Mexican Americans or Chicanx as they are called. He himself then really pushed in 1968 for major educational reforms in the American system. And, of course, it is in response to their previous learning experience that they feel lacking in many ways.

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Danielle Olden: So the main goal of the Chicanx student movement is to achieve something like a bilingual education program, as well as what we call ethnography or Chicanx studying. Therefore, they really wanted history classes, especially history and culture, but history played an important role in their needs because the history classes they learned and received in public schools were not considered. His life by all means. And they really do not know how Mexican Americans and other Latinos contributed to American history, the role and how their families and ancestors contributed. And then through these social events, I think that’s where we get the idea of ​​the language heritage month. Spanish or Latin.

Danielle Olden: So over the next two decades, more and more people are starting to defend, obviously not enough weeks to do it. And that’s what happened in 1988. Thus, the first law in 1968 was signed by President Lyndon Johnson, and then it was extended for a month as a Spanish heirloom in 1988 and signed into law by President Reagan.

Jana Cunningham: Okay. And since 1988, how has that month’s celebration changed and what has changed?

Danielle Olden: Well, I think the idea behind it is focused on primary education. The idea was to create a special department or curriculum where social and music teachers and even physical education teachers could form dance groups or something like that. Therefore, the implementation of this type of curriculum in K-12 schools. And again, that’s the reason it’s not taught in the regular K-12 curriculum.

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Danielle Olden: Since then, it has been an integral part of the K-12 curriculum, but I think it has progressed. In the university, it extends both what is happening in the field of education but in the university education and what we are doing now that is bringing in speakers who can talk about various issues. We bring in poets and other visual artists. We bring you musicians. We show films such as documentaries and other art shows. All of this has become an integral part of how we celebrate this month.

Danielle Olden: Expanded in the United States beyond educational institutions. So today we celebrate all kinds or groups or organizations, so you will see the city, the city council, the state government, you will see the participating companies, big companies like Chase Bank or PNC Bank or whatever. They will all have some kind of recognition on the moon. Whether they are really good at programming is a question, and I think it varies by department. But now there is more recognition, I think across the country, that it’s something to be recognized if not really celebrated.

Jana Cunningham: So let’s talk a little bit about that recognition. Is there less emphasis on teaching and history? Festival?

Danielle Olden: Yes, I think it depends on the company we are talking about. I think the level of education in the K-12 school and the high school where he stayed is very focused on education and history. I think it is a bit out of the question in society. Now, whether it’s bad or not, I think it depends on the questioner. I think the focus should be on education and history. This has been a problem since before 1968, but at least in 1968 we learned that yes, the American history curriculum is problematic. But even in 2021, I think the problem remains. Therefore, if the focus, I think, should remain on education and history, I think it would be good to expand it to other categories.

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Jana Cunningham: Because the festival lasts only one month and there is so much to learn and learn, important lessons and stories are missing from this month-long celebration and the community goes unnoticed. ?

Danielle Olden: That’s a great question, and I think that’s probably the biggest critique of the whole concept of Spanish-speaking National Heritage Month, and the same for Black History Month and Women’s History Month, and everything we do. Yes. They. I think they all started, as I said, trying to get into the general understanding of Latinx’s role in American society, and that was the big goal I was thinking at the time.

Danielle Olden: I think today we have taken a step back from recognizing the people who have contributed and we have taken a step back from celebrating important culture again, but you are right. I think this celebration often overlooks important history, which makes me more interested as a historian. And I think one of the reasons that, perhaps a month and this goes back to the criticism of these activists in the early 1960s, is that all of this must be fully integrated. Our General History Curriculum.

Danielle Olden: Start with the week, start with the month, but expand it. And the problem is that for many branches that hold it, we do not extend it. And if we focus on one month, it will be easier to celebrate. He celebrates the people who made America what it is, but we do not see why so many Latinos live in poverty? Why are fewer Latino students graduating? Are Latin students going to college and postgraduate declining? Why do we have all the differences in wealth and income between different groups of Americans? Why do we have a house break? Why do we have the most Latin communities? Places like East Los Angeles or Spanish Harlem or even the western part of Salt Lake City.

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Daniel Olden: I think the mirror for celebration again, while important, defines a clearer understanding of how classification and race and gender exist in American society. This is a bit difficult to define, but I think history is very useful in understanding these questions.

Jana Cunningham: So we talked a little bit about elementary school and education there. What about college? How can universities, students and administrators and colleges better respect and observe this month?

Danielle Olden: That’s a difficult question because in general I think most colleges do well in recognizing the moon and supporting programs that students really want and need. Screening these documentaries, bringing filmmakers and artists to campus and interacting with students is a pleasure, and I find it very rewarding. But I think if you go back to the original criticism and demands of these students and just the 1960s, the problem still is that we did not do a good job of making sure that Latin history was the centerpiece of the curriculum. That no. Above all, but not all. In the months between September 15th and October 15th.

Danielle Olden: So I think the university is moving in that direction, and one way we have tried to make sure that students get a more important curriculum is to incorporate activities into the general education program, and I think that That’s a good thing. I have a bias as a historian and I think our students especially need more history courses. So any type of credit is good. I think most students

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