(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 324 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 324 Answers – #310 – Salesman Hacks from 10 Helium Elite Members on Sales and Level Summit – Part 2

Welcome to episode 310 of the Am/Pm podcast. This week we're back with more sales hacks from the Helium 10 Elite Workshop at the recent Sales & Scale Conference in Las Vegas. I took out all my recording equipment, set up a small table outside, and as people were coming in and out of the event, which was held the first day before the big event, we brought in all the members of the Helium 10 Elite. It can be done in a four or five hour workshop. We had great speakers and great internet, and here's some great AM/PM podcast content for you. So I hope you enjoy this part. Second, if you haven't heard the first episode, be sure to go back and listen to last week's episode as well. Here are some amazing facts and great stories from some of the Helium 10 Elite members, along with great tips and strategies that you can apply to your business. And don't forget to mark your calendars for November 3rd, we have a free Helium 10 Elite webinar. I will share with you some tricks, tips and strategies. Carrie and I will be on this webinar. It is open to all. So mark your calendars for November 3rd. More email announcements will be coming soon and you will see several posts in the Facebook group on how to sign up. So enjoy this episode.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 324 Answers

See who stopped the sale and rate on the Helium 10 Elite. ted and loretta how are things?

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We've been selling since 2015. We did really well, we basically built a profitable brand with ASIN 84 and got it to Millions and then we left last year.

And so. Well, what happened was that I started a that bought it.

So it's great because we're still working on our brand and we're also working on it like every other brand. You know, optimization, doing everything that an aggregator does.

So how does it work? Someone who was going to start an aggregator came to you or you know someone who had a lot of money and said, “Hey, this is Amazon, let's join.” Or how did it work? something like that

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Yeah, my friend said he met someone else who was doing this, and he said, “Hey, they want to start a business together.” are you interested in what way did I say it? I mean, help us out and maybe we'll look at your brand. And one thing led to another and off we went. Everything worked.

A lot of fun? Because different kinds of things. Because you were one of the owners, you say, No, we're not going to pay that crazy amount. How do you balance that?

It was very strange for both sides. And sometimes you just have to say, this is for us, Loretta and I, and this is-, Emergent is the name of the . And as it stands now, we need to know what will work best for both parties. And it was hard because he just sat and left. Wait, we want to make a good quota, but it will hurt us in this way for this . But we finished well. I mean the bulk was good.

So how many companies have this emergency? You said the name Emergent. How much have they raised so far?

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The goal is to maintain it and see if we get to the point where we can download it like any collection. Yes, I am not there where the event will be. But now it's about increasing growth.

So there are many collectors who have entered the space. What do you do to differentiate? Are you focused on a very specific niche or are you focused on what you can buy and then add new products that you can launch new products of your own creation.

It launches within one type of niche brand. It would be socks, compression socks, that's what we were selling in those days. There are many ways we can go down and branch out. So things can increase the project line. This is just one location. There are other products that we have that we have already added color variations in different sets. There are only so many things that can expand a product line. We are also only looking at traditional optimization, which will be like a list. Everything we look at when it comes to products. For example, what can we do to move the needle, where the biggest thing is that we find that most people don't spend a lot of time on ads, PPC. They only care about what they are doing. And we have a great crew that dives deep and we do things that change the needle.

So yes, we did. Yes, we did. So we've brought in…, we've also got other people from other brands that we've brought in that are still very good in some ways and can move the needle.

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So I mean you're old school, like, the Illuminati days before it was called the Helium 10 Elite. It was called the Illuminati. When will we release the original?

Helium 10. Yes. I still remember we had happy hour and Manny leans over and says, hey, he's thinking about building gear. I go, what do you mean by weapons? Go, you know, the tools that I'm using, I think they're going to be great for other people in the Amazon space. And I went, good. It was a long conversation because I'm like, look, whatever now, stuff

So you're one of those people like me who woke up at two in the morning trying to check an index or something to see if…

I was surprised when they were on Skype. Because we're on Skype, me, man, blah. And it's like, I'll get an answer and it'll be 1:00 in the morning or something like that.

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Yes I know. He and GE seem to be coming. We were also older than those happy hours and we went AM/PM and we knew what that meant. Amazon's money printing machine.

We have had the pleasure of working with Mani all these years. So when he started Bulls and Monkeys, we are right there with him.

The whole NFT space is amazing. I've been listening to what you're doing, Isabella. I think NFT will be big. I think you all planned together, how are you missing the boat?

I am speaking here on Wednesday. That is my whole topic. I think it will be an eye opener. It will scare some and others. But as I mentioned, I tested it at the Million Dollar Marketer Summit and got feedback. what did you not understand? What do I need? So I changed it and I think it's pretty cool. Not for everyone. I mean a new seller with a few thousand, I don't know if I could do that, but if you're an experienced seller and you're not looking at it and considering it, you. You are making a big mistake.

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I think anyone who doesn't understand the NFT position for about five years is missing a bull period.

No, this is alpha knowledge. Manny said he could share it here. So November comes in November and he has another big game-changing announcement and he's mad that he can't tell people about it now. But it has some things that make this project strong.

But still, as I say, it will be interesting. It's good to see and it's good to be at the beginning of it all. It's true. Because people's words seem to change. I hope that in the future, other people will see how they can succeed with NFT and Amazon, and a good marriage between the two. Build a community, not just Amazon, but any online business space. Any product you can sell.

I will give you the teacher's excuse. Hi, I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time. It's always nice to talk and see you.

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Well, look who I have now. I have Tessia Blackburn with me. It is helium

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