(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1574 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1574 Answers – [60] Eyes of the Wolf or [60] Call to Lordaeron, [60] Gift of Hope (both optional)

Repentance and Renewal concludes Epilogue: Judgment, the final chapter of the Zereth Mortis campaign, making it the final task of the overall Shadowlands campaign. However, there are some quests left in the Shadowlands epilogue.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1574 Answers

When I became a new arbiter, I made it a point to listen to those around me, to take their advice into consideration before passing eternal judgment.

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I have an idea of ​​what Tyrande must have thought of Sylvanas. His anger is tempered by wisdom and I trust his judgment.

Using the exit, the player ends up not in the enclave as usual, but directly outside the idyll of the Ring of Destiny. Go through the portal back to the Ring of Conveyors, where a small gathering awaits: Tyrande, Dori’thur, Shandris, and Maiev are standing in front of the Pillar of Souls, while Sylvanus is standing with Alleria and Verez. Alliance leaders Anduin, Jaina, and Genn sit close together to the north of the gathering, Horde leaders Lor’themar, Beine, and Thrall to the east, and Bolvar, Tal-Inara, and Uther to the south. .

All of the characters here have unique spoofs (except Dori’thur, because she’s an owl). A lot depends on the group. Jaina only talks to Alliance players.

Hate is a cycle, . One that is very easy to capture. And forgiveness does not come easily to those who have been wronged.

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Many years ago I asked others to put aside their manipulations and end this cycle. It is only now that so much has happened that I realize the enormity of what I am asking.

I, like many others, am haunted by hatred and guilt. I still believe that the cycle can be broken, although it takes a lot of effort… and a lot of time.

But I can’t pretend I can just go back to the way I was. I need time.

<I have to ask you more. The Union will need your commitment now more than ever. / The Horde will undoubtedly rely on your courage in the future. Defend Azeroth, . It doesn’t matter what comes. >

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But for now, our focus must be on Anduin. He will need our help to recover from what he suffered.

We at Sindor are no strangers to suffering and tragedy. I have seen my people slaughtered, my kingdom destroyed, and everything I hold dear desecrated.

When Silvermoon finally joined the world, it was Sylvanus who reached out and welcomed us into the Horde.

Those days are behind us. The destruction and loss that the Banshee Queen brought to Azeroth is almost incalculable.

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I am still haunted by the knowledge that I stood with when so much happened. Maybe eventually judgment will come for me too.

Sylvanas imprisoned me and tortured me for disobeying her, although the pain she caused me was small compared to her other victims.

For a while I hated him for what he did to me and Ord. But hate is poison. Once it gets into your veins, it will define your destiny.

It is right that Sylvanas should be punished for all that she has done. Criminals must face those who wronged them…and be held accountable for their wrongdoings.

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When Sylvanus sent the Mosworn to capture me, all I wanted to do was run. Leave the Shadowland and return home. My family.

And yet this trip has taught me a lot. For my mother, for me, and for the legacy we all leave behind.

It was not a path I would have chosen. But maybe that’s where I was meant to go.

As I sat on the frozen throne for many years, I felt an evil shadow in my mind. I didn’t realize that the prison guard was trying to turn me into another of his puppets.

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It took all my determination to resist his influence. And I still have no way of knowing how much of my actions contributed to the true purpose of the Icecrown castle.

That is the most mysterious thing about it. Even after the jailer is defeated, the doubt he instilled in each of us continues.

Balance has been restored in the Shadowlands, Maw Walker. The new arbitrator speaks loudly for all to hear.

While alive, Sylvanus Windrunner served as Chief Ranger of Silvermoon. If you had told him then about the barbarism he would commit in death, he would not have believed you.

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We all have darkness in our hearts at times. I almost gave up. What I did to Arthas could be the first step towards the curse.

But from understanding comes compassion, and compassion can save us from all darkness. It is an ideal that we should all strive for… although we should never forget that it is not easy.

Do you think this is fair, ? Should Sylvanas be allowed to stand after slaughtering so many innocent people?

There was a time when anger clouded my vision and I turned the ice on my people.

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And after my beloved companion Cyra was beaten and resurrected, she unleashed her hatred on us.

Well, both our lives were lost. However, I was given a chance to fix what I tried to break. Not for me, but for those I have hurt. I pray that Sira will have this opportunity as well.

As for Sylvanas, I don’t know if that’s fair. But I think it’s okay.

The Chaldeans – both those who burned and those who survived – have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Knowing that Banshee will have to answer for everything he did.

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But Silvana spoke the truth when she said that death would be a mercy. And if he can save a soul from Maw’s torment, perhaps his penance will be worth more than being killed.

As I fought demons in Twisting Hollow for centuries, I held on to the hope that one day I would hold my son again and stand by my sisters’ side again.

I could never imagine the fate that would befall Sylvanas or the terrible decisions she would make later.

Verese desperately hopes that the return of a piece of his soul means our sister is returned to us. I’m less sure.

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After seeing Sylvan’s actions during the war, I was afraid that the remnants of the sister I knew would disappear completely.

But when I heard what happened here in Shadowland, I had to come and see for myself.

I would understand if you think I’m stupid because I still have hope, but… I’ve lost so much that I’ve loved.

If there is even a chance that some spark of the Sylvans I know will return, then I refuse to let it go.

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Nothing I say or do can change what I did. My judgment is near and I accept whatever comes.

In life I fought to protect my home. It’s a good thing Azeroth makes you and your allies defend.

I was recently reminded that we cannot change the past. If you choose to hate me for the things I’ve done, I can’t blame you.

But you know that. We once had something in common, and you have proven your loyalty to the Horde time and time again. I hope you will continue to defend him no matter what.

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. Standing on the precipice of judgment, it is worth saying a few final words here.

You have shown me your loyalty many times, even when others looked down on you for it. Even when my actions did not deserve such sacrifice.

I am not sure what fate awaits me. But if one day I need reliable partners, I know I can turn to you.

The banshee tore a wound in the soul of my people. He burned our house and sent many Caldoreas people to Maw.

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No matter what judgment the arbitrator pronounces, it can never establish equality. Nothing he can do or say will be enough.

At the beginning of the scene, Mow Walker and all the characters were approaching the spirit pillar, and Sylvanus was standing by. Dori’thur spins up as Tyrand walks past Sylvanas to the edge.

Dori’thur dismounts from Tyrande and begins flying near the spirit pillar. Sylvanas turns to the pillar, takes a deep breath, and looks at Verese, who looks sad, and Alleria, who looks angry. Then he jumps on the pole. Dori’thur dives beside him and they both disappear into the Maw.

Return to Tyrande on the other side of the platform. After completion, most of the collected characters go in different directions. The Windrunner sisters and the night elves stay where they are.

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Tyrande Whisperwind says: The satisfaction of the Banshee will save many lost souls. A fate that would not have happened if I had killed him in the Ardenveld.

He, Shandris, and Maiev then leave, use the Ring of Destiny gate,

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