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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1261 Answers

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Evaluation of fetal and neonatal mortality in forensic pathology: a new “integrated” method to identify biases due to developmental changes

Radiology and Medical Imaging Service, Hôpital Nord, CHU Marseille, Aid Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille, 13015 Marseille, France

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Received: 23 December 2021 / Revised: 22 January 2022 / Accepted: 25 January 2022 / Published: 27 January 2022

In forensic psychology, determining the age of death of juvenile skeletons is important for directly identifying legal issues in many countries. Most of the methods published for this purpose are based on development or the process of development (two important aspects of development) and focus on “normal” (ie, non-pathological) development. However, when the bones that are still available for study come from individuals with variable growth patterns, age estimates can be average, and taking this into account can help you avoid estimation errors. In this study, we developed a method based on the combined assessment of maturity and growth. Maturity was assessed by fusion of the pars basilaris bone at the base of the skull, which provides an indirect measure of brain maturity, and growth was assessed using femoral biometry. The method was tested in two clinical testing laboratories on normal and pathological individuals. The results show that a “correlation” between puberty and growth can be identified in 22.8 percent of individuals with the disease. Therefore, demonstrating the possibility of convergence is an important step in assessing the reliability of age estimation, and its presence should cause experts to be cautious in their judgments.

This study analyzed the relationship between puberty and growth in age assessment of young individuals with variable growth patterns, in which age was determined using geometric morphometric methods. A clinical sample of 223 fetuses and infants was used to determine the method. The shape of the pars bailaris, calculated by elliptic Fourier analysis, was divided into consensus levels to determine the developmental process in increasing age groups. Each pars bailaris maturity stage was “paired” with biometrics by assigning the length of the associated femur. This method was tested on a screening sample of 42 normal subjects and a pathological sample of 114 subjects with clinically evaluable disease. Correlation was present in 90.48% of normal samples and 77.19% of pathological samples. This method was able to detect “correlation” (ie variable growth) in more than 22.8% of the samples, although in most cases there was no clear effect on the bones. In conclusion, experts should be cautioned that living conditions may influence the development of young individuals in terms of noncooperation, and that estimates of age at death based on longitudinal bone biometrics may be biased. In this context, when assessing age in cases of lack of cooperation, professionals should be careful to take into account possible errors in their decision-making.

Determining the age of a deceased person from skeletal remains is one of the main issues of biology and anthropology in the assessment of biological characteristics. In the case of skeletons of young individuals, the age of death is important for the analysis of biological remains. In psychology, the legal personality of the fetus depends on the assessment of the age of the fetus, which has social, moral and economic consequences [1] and the assessment of the existence of the fetus and the law of abortion and infants. In addition, it directly depends on the age of the fetus and the baby. measurement contributes to the need and importance of developing reliable and accurate methods.

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Several methods have been developed to estimate fetal and neonatal age. Most of these methods are osteometric, radiological or ultrasound methods [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 ] This o can be growth-based, aimed at estimating physical age based on growth processes (eg, bone structure, appearance and growth of secondary ossification centers, tooth germ growth), or be growth-based biometric possible processes (for example, crown. – height of tumors, head and abdominal circumference and maximum length of long bones).

However, the question of living conditions and therefore the general context of adolescent development remains unanswered. Many methods consider this condition “beneficial” or “normal”, although it can be problematic in any pathological condition faced by the mother or child. In other words, the ontogenetic trajectory – the child’s development process – can change.

Mental maturity is considered to be the best predictor of physical age during early development, regardless of environmental and socioeconomic conditions, even in fetal or maternal settings [21, 22, 23]. The brain, unfortunately, undergoes rapid autoimmunity after death (about 48 hours) and cannot be studied again, but it affects the bone structure at the base of the skull [24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 , 31]. Therefore, this structure can be considered as indirect and taphonomically stable evidence of brain development.

It is accepted that femur height is the most reliable and accurate indicator for biometric age determination [3, 7, 8, 9, 32]. However, assessment of growth for age may be inaccurate in cases of developmental delay or growth retardation due to pathological conditions. This condition is difficult to detect, since most pathologies leave little or no trace of the bones of the fetus and child. Sherwood et al. [32] have shown that disorders that cause abnormally short femurs (eg, trisomy 21 or Turner syndrome) or abnormally long femurs (eg, spina bifida) can cause fetal age defects up to four weeks. showed.

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Therefore, it is impossible to know whether the age at death is an underestimate, an underestimation, or an overestimation of the historical age (true age) when only femur height is used, without taking into account possible changes in developmental conditions.

Our biological hypothesis is that physical age (growth) is more reliable and stable than biometric age (growth), and that these two “different types of age” are combined in non-diseased individuals. Accepting this hypothesis, it can be said that living conditions, whether they are merely “variable” or truly “adverse” development, affect biometric development more than growth.

This “correlation” or agreement between development and developmental processes can be used to assess and monitor fetal and infant mortality, targeting individuals with developmental differences due to possible pathological conditions. . Therefore, the demonstration of the “limitation” of these two methods is an indication, or even a warning, that the accuracy of age-at-death estimates of juvenile skeletons should be carefully considered.

We chose to use the pars basilaris of the future occipital bone as a direct indicator of the maturity of the base of the skull, and therefore an indirect indicator of the maturity of the brain (and therefore in general) [33, 34, 35, 36 ] ]. We measured its maturity level by morphometric analysis of its outline. Biometric (growth) age estimation is based on the maximum length of the femoral shaft.

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These two bones are compact and compact [11, 37, 38] and have generally been found to be well preserved given the crime and archaeological context [11, 37].

Using computed tomography (CT) scans of non-pathological fetuses and infants, the aim of our study was to develop a method to detect developmental differences based on the expected correlation between puberty and growth.

Based on a medical imaging sample of disease-free individuals (study sample), the method was applied to a separate and real clinical sample of disease-free individuals and another sample of fully documented disease-free individuals. .

If an individual exhibits “normal” (i.e., nonpathological) correlational differences established in the study sample, the hypothesis

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