(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2345 Answers

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1.1.6 Understand long simple sentences with support 3.1.4 Use standard print and digital materials with some support.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2345 Answers

1.1.1 Understand, with little or no support, 2.3.2 Agree on basic ideas about a set of basic steps needed to perform advanced work.

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2.1.1 Ask and give details about yourself 4.2.3 Explain or outline two or more paragraphs.

1.1.2 understand specific information with little or no help, and 3.1.3 think about the meaning of unfamiliar words from the information.

Information about a series of common topics presented in simple long text with some common terms and conditions

2.1.4 Explain and justify simple propositions 4.2.3 Draft or outline two or more paragraphs.

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1.1.1 Understand the main ideas in section 3.1.2 Understand facts and information in simple terms.

4.2.3 Explain or outline two or more paragraphs and

2.3.1 4.2.2 Support communication in short conversations by paying attention to 4.2.2 Correct spelling of frequently used words independently.

2.1.4 Explain and justify simple propositions 4.2.1 Use capital letters, periods, commas in lists, question marks.

English Notes Form 1 To 4

2.3.1 Keep the conversation short and concise 4.2.3 Paraphrase or outline two or more paragraphs taking care to

1.1.1 Understand basic ideas with little or no help in 2.4.1 Tell short stories, events and experiences.

Long simple texts on a range of common topics 3.1.1 Understanding the main points of long simple texts.

1.1.1 Understand the main points in 3.1.1 Understand the main points in long simple texts with little or no support.

Appendix A: Scenario Outliness

Notes in simple long text on various popular topics 4.1.1 Provide information about yourself and others

1.1.1 Understand the basic concepts in 2.3.1 with little or no help. Continue to engage in short discussions about the exhibits

1.1.2 Comprehension with little or no detail 3.1.1 Understanding the main points of simple long texts.

3.1.2 Comprehension of specific details and information in the normal context of simple long texts

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4.2.3 Draft or revise two or more paragraphs in response to comments.

You have to. The questions do not have fixed answers, but they should be logical, logical and grammatically correct.

Below are great science experiments with instructions that you can do well at home or at school.

Ingredients: 10 ml dish soap, 1 ml vinegar, cold water, chemical reaction between vinegar and vinegar.

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Vinegar, food coloring, dish soap, baking soda and two drops of baking soda. Carbon dioxide is one type

Oatmeal, an empty 2-liter bottle of sparkling water. Color in soda ash used for carbonation of carbonated beverages.

Your mouth 2 Use a spoon to stir the soda and cause it The gas gets very excited and tries to spread.

Ingredients: Orange or puree until everything is liquid. outside Not enough space

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Clementine, ½ teaspoon baking soda and e. 3 Add to sprinkle with soda and bake it in the bottle to dissolve the gas and leave

Materials needed: Glass plate or bowl, slices or nails, broken into pieces. Some citrus fruits are full of citric acid.

Water, dry end marks. 2 Insert a piece or piece into the pastry. It’s a safe acid, and it’s what gives oranges

Student A: Pocket money has become so easy that many of us wonder where it goes all the time.

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Eating in the dining room is always the easiest option, but also the most expensive. For me, for me

Student B: Thank you for your wonderful ideas! This consumer culture that we live in, it’s great

Look up the meaning of a word/phrase using an online dictionary or dictionary.

6 – to hide or save something, especially money, for future use

B) En Form 1

Listen to a story about the world of money. Arrange the pictures in the correct order. let it go

A picture that does not match the story and as a group discuss what is wrong with the picture.

C is the wrong image. Pawan Khadija did not buy a smartphone for her son because he was poor. His son, Qadir, PL

Teacher’s Role  Ask the students to go to a website where they can create little jokes.

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Many parents find it difficult to maintain a normal financial situation in the family. When mother and father d

According to behavioral research, children begin to understand the basic concepts of money between the ages of 3 and up.

By age 7, most of these income patterns are already established. As they grow into young adults, children move on

Spend and send your money around the world. Unlike their parents and grandparents who learn to manage PDPC

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Digital money should come naturally to young people as they grow up in a world full of websites.

Tools and equipment. Digital tools such as mobile apps and educational games for financial literacy and youth

It is recommended that children be introduced to the basic concepts of money when they start reading.

Also get them comfortable with the idea of ​​money at an early age. proven method for

Recipe: Vial Of The Sands

Developing a business model for money is a grocery store game where a child can work

From the shopping experience. Instead, add a digital component to this process

By using paper money in a fake cash register, parents can encourage children to imitate the hide-and-seek process.

Apps and wallets with digital money empower young people to make their own decisions, which is very important to them.

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Wallets and digital money platforms will not only teach the youth to be smart in today’s world, but also

B. Read the article again and write T is correct, F is incorrect, or NM is not stated.

Ask your parents how they pay their bills and see which ones are the most important. how many months

The cost they decided to pay first? What could save money and what could be managed differently?

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Samuel and Sunny were very much brothers. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. theirs

Father, Mr. Kong, was a wealthy businessman in the city. Mr. Kang died suddenly

When their father’s will was read to them, Samuel, the elder, was not very happy

He received only one fourth of his father’s property. After that, there is an attempt to choose Samuel Sunny. he had

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Sania tried to cheat on her side. The relationship between the two brothers ended.

Samuel was violent, greedy and cunning. He thought of a way to get more money from it

Finally, he got all the money he wanted. Poor Sunny was left to take care of her parents

Companies and other organizations. He really lived from mouth to mouth. He shouted:

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A list consists of eight short lines that describe a subject (person or thing). Each line has something to say about it

Row 1: Color Row 2: Weather Row 3: Location Row 4: Weather Row 5: Clothing Category

Now create your own octet about MONEY and describe it in eight lines. Each line can be as long as you like

Choose and you don’t have to be poetic or anything like that. However, the only thing you should follow is this

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Fill in the blanks with the correct verb in the box, using the correct form of the verb.

1 My grandfather invested in that boat many years ago. Now he is happy

5 Camila borrowed money from her friend a few years ago, but she hasn’t paid it back yet

7 Carter was able to pay off the five thousand dollars he had borrowed from the bank when he got it

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8 When I was a child, I was taught to save part of my pocket money every month. I’m glad I did

10 My father goes to the bank at the end of the month to withdraw money for the family

5 Ken inherited his late father’s estate, but soon left C E peni

3 group partners will take turns to present their ideas and discuss. As each group presents their ideas to the PdPc

English Form 1 (b)

4 At the end of the session, each group member takes turns with the strategy/advice and p.

Student B: (2) I like not only fictional stories but also stories based on stories

Student A: (4) I like horror stories, they give me sleepless nights! Lots of Stephen King

The Montagues and Capulets did not get along. Once Capulet had a ball

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Here Romeo falls in love with Capulet’s daughter Juliet. These two young lovers help their brother

Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, knows about lovers. He taught Romeo a lesson. In Art

Therefore, Romeo was banished by the prince

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