(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2773 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2773 Answers – Maybe the reason I feel like I don’t have the guts to write a 2018 recap is because too much has happened and it would be silly to put it into words? I was also deceived by the need to write. I don’t know if it’s the inability to find the right words or the lack of need – which comes first and which controls me. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year, it’s that when something seems impossible or otherwise improbable/quantifiable/…, the way to overcome it is to work hard with near-stupidity persistence – or so sometimes. And I learned the hard way, the only one we can push is ourselves, of course (as much as we like to admit it – it’s easier to outsource problems and solutions, even if all the answers stare back . you in the mirror) . We’re a damn job, and I learned that all too well from myself, l’année passée. Don’t worry about bruises.

But since I still have two months left before I turn 30, I can’t look like a grumpy old woman just yet. I will share some learnings and realizations that slapped me in the face a few times. Some consider the fun factor, but most are bare bones hard facts of life that are easier to ignore. Disclaimer: I don’t think these truths are universal or that you, you beautiful person reading this, might agree with them, but they shook me to my core and I continue to explore life through them. Alas, I have no kingdom of truth! Although I’m sure I thought I did at some point in life before (cough-youth-cough).

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2773 Answers

It’s a no-brainer, but how many of us really think about the fact that we’re mortal on a daily basis? For obvious reasons, it is better not to think about death as soon as we get up in the morning and go about our daily business – threats are everywhere and if we consider all the options, it makes more sense not to get out of bed. or your house entirely (oh the temptation).

Kyle Parroting “it Gonna Only Hurt Me” Over And Over And Still Asking Kathy Why She’s Mad 🤦🏽‍♀️

But when we go about our daily business, we make decisions at every turn – do I rush to this meeting (and risk an accident), do I go on this trip alone (and risk a difficult situation without backup), do I get on this plane and jump…? Most of the time, of course, everything is perfectly fine.

Accidents and bad things are in the news and happen to other people, but the news can be turned off and we can retreat back to our happy, memorable existence. When it comes to taking risks, we must weigh the gains and potential losses of different outcomes. But how often do we mean it? I do not know. It’s easier to focus on chance (statistics is my favorite form of comfortable self-deception) and there we go. Probably it is good. Mar. If it’s not, we’re not really ready because we choose to trust that most of the time it’s going to be okay.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have never been this calculated rational person with everything thought through to the last detail, but I was shocked – with the help of how little I thought about negative possibilities – to my core when a wave of no expected emotions. I. my whole being.

Those feelings became the point where many things in my life began to unfold in my mind. They are so big that I have to start from the beginning and think about most of the things and people in my life, as well as the things I have done. For this to happen, I need to understand that life is finite. It took two really bloody bad luck accidents that were very close to my heart. One creature for myself, but which I decided to ignore for a while (“I’m fiiiine, I’m real, it’s nothing”), but when it comes to due diligence, the interest on the short-term loan comes with it. in. So yeah, there’s no better way to air out your closets than to have the metaphorical closet finally fall on you after you’ve ignored the fact that it’s been overflowing for far too long.

My One And Only Ink Drawing

Besides, he still has plans to jump out of planes. But my riding style has definitely become more conservative, and I’ve made some other changes in lifestyle choices to minimize the chance of digging my own hole unless absolutely necessary (and as we know, skydiving is obviously a real emergency).

However, the most invisible, but perhaps the most important thing for me is that he does important things. Do good. You’re welcome. Be with good people and make sure these good people know they are appreciated and loved. It is the most sensible thing you can do in the few days you have on this planet. Don’t sabotage your life with shit.

This link to the point mentioned above. We are free to choose what we will do, but the freedom clause also means that we must bear the consequences of our free choice. You are free to do what you want, but there is no action in a vacuum. If you decide to do something stupid own the next scheisse. One of the bloody ones who takes a look in the mirror. Your freedom, your choice, your responsibility.

I prefer freedom. I don’t think confinement is a particularly inspiring or fruitful adaptation—for our hearts, minds, or bodies. Freedom is a condition for doing good things in life. Freedom of thought is the holy grail. I believe that the best marriage is born between two complementary people. Partnership increases the freedom of both individuals without closing their wings. Freedom leaves room for connections, feelings, inclusion. If we are not free, we can be suffocated.

Dsc Multilingual Mystery #4: Isabelle And The Missing Spaghetti O’s — The Data Sitters Club

Of course, there is the eternal freedom that I also tend to drive a little crazy, but since I am in a bit of a narcissistic monologue, I leave that for something else. But the point remains the same – freedom is everything.

Connecting to the previous point about freedom, I believe that regret is useless. We can only regret the things we didn’t do, and what we do is our choice. And once we make a choice, we have to have that choice. So it is better to make good choices and decisions – no bullshit. If you choose bad and it happens

, you made a bad choice. Of course things happen and we all make mistakes, but often we base our decisions on some rubbish when we intuitively know the reason is really bullshit, but we do it anyway and then wonder about the loss. Not every business or activity needs a SWOT, but we have to take out the old mirror and at least ask “why” and “who cares.” The answer to the latter should mostly be “you”. Similarly, when a bad decision is made and the outcome is not optimal, the worst thing we can do is beat ourselves up about it and feel sorry for ourselves. If we’re busy waiting on the world, or someone else to do us a favor and pick up the pieces for us… well, that’s not okay. It took me a while to figure it out, but it was refreshing and liberating when I did.

I risked sounding like a grumpy old lady here, but with my deep appreciation for the absolutely wonderful people in my life came a lack of patience for the not-so-wonderful. I think it depends on how we want to spend our lives – pointless boring interactions that are forgotten and pushed to the disposable side of memory or quality time with people that fill your heart and soul. It wouldn’t matter.

Updated: If You Need Help, Or If You Want To Help…

This may or may not be one of the reasons why I’m so freaked out by the idea of ​​dating. The thought of spending “quality time” with someone you realize is disgusting, it pains me to think about it. Just existential angst, man.

I get a little sick in the mouth when I use that phrase, but I really feel it

When there are beautiful people around me. They make me a better person. I feel eternally indebted to some of my loved ones who have devoted their time and energy to pulling me through my worst times and when necessary providing the tough love needed to help me see more .

And speaking of good people

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