(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1042 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1042 Answers – Sid Meier’s Civilization 4 is one of the best strategy games ever made. What’s better than Beyond the Sword, Civ4 with 2?

Zoom The bar is too high. So it’s not easy to improve a series that already seems complete. and perfect for many

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1042 Answers

New releases of Civ will never be consensus or smooth. I remember Civ3 having a lot of issues when it first launched and Civ4 having a few issues during its launch. But as far as I remember, the most controversial Civ was this fifth volume.

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When Civilization 5 came out, it was critically acclaimed with very good reviews. But many players think otherwise and give it 5 points.

It received mixed to negative reviews, some of which were quite harsh, especially from fans of the series.

I feel like Civ5 is a good game, but not that great. Especially if you have some deep experience from previous games in the series. That’s why I rate it 8.4 not because of excellent balance. AI strength or reproducibility factor But for production values ​​(overall quality and attention to detail) and above all for some innovative aspects. Which I think is quite impressive and refreshing. Introducing City-States and the 1UPT (one point per tile) system, this is definitely a great game for those new to the Civilization series. I have: very positive feedback from several players. who is experienced, who did not know this series before

But Civ5 had serious problems at launch. The diplomacy wasn’t right and the combat had a lot of flaws and to be honest there wasn’t much you could do between turns. Since some mechanics have been removed from the previous installment (like religion and intelligence), it can easily get boring after a while.

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So the question is, have 2K Games and Firaxis fixed these flaws with Civ5:G&K? For cheaters, the answer is yes, in a big way. G&K is a much better experience than the original Civ5 game and most importantly. to see if it’s worth jumping back on board.

Civ5:G&K comes with 9 new civilizations: Holland, Celts, Byzantium, Carthage, Hun, Austria, Maya, Sweden and Ethiopia. This expansion also includes 2 more Civs: Spain and Mongolia. both were previously available as DLC for the original game. A total of 11 new civilizations are introduced.

There’s an impressive number of new Civs and respective leaders to choose from and play with. As always, each leader has his own personality. Each character has its own unique (play style), units, buildings and special properties. Some are aggressive and want more space, like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan the Mongol. Some are more peaceful and fragile, like Gustavus of Sweden or Dido of Carthage. I think the new Civs are quite worth it. I’ve played with a few of them. and more importantly with their And it seemed they weren’t the only parsons with more civil filling the sack. Which is a big plus for Civ5:G&K under Attila the Hun.

Religion is the cornerstone of our civilization. no one can deny And that’s why he was so well received in Civilization 4 where he first appeared. But it is not without disadvantages. Some people find its use too superficial. Basically, when you find a religion in Civ4, you earn a certain amount of gold each turn. And you can spread your religion locally to increase luck, or abroad for diplomatic purposes. I think the idea works well and religion serves its purpose. But sometimes it lacks a bit of flavor because basically all religions are the same.

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The whole idea of ​​religion was introduced in Civ5. This came as a shock to many people who have become friends and enemies with this mechanic. The system is not perfect. But at least it will give you something special while you wait for your units and buildings to be completed. And it’s really fun. transform a foreign city Form alliances and fight in holy wars. But that’s not the case anymore. Fortunately, it is back in Civ5:G&K, but without a major facelift and minor improvements.

Now there is a new resource called Faith. And in this new religious concept everything works with it one way or another. Faith comes in many forms. But most of them are built through religious buildings. With faith you can build great prophets to reveal and preach your religion. Recruit missionaries to spread religion Hire inquisitors to root out enemy faiths. create great people and build religious buildings so you can use your faith for other things besides spreading your religion. The design decision to allow players to create cool people with their accumulated faith was a very smart one in my opinion. as it can extend the benefits of religion for most of the game’s length. which can be more than in Civ4

Civ5:G&K religions basically work like this. You start small with a simple pantheon that you can later develop into a full religion. Pantheon allows you to choose one faith. Religions allow up to four or five faiths if you’re playing against the Byzantines. Faith is a trait you choose to gain additional bonuses. There are certain beliefs that increase your wealth, money, food or culture. while other beliefs will allow you to build special buildings such as temples or mosques that promote more luck, culture and faith. These final buildings can only be built with these beliefs. Not with the technological advancements like before in Civ4.

Overall, I found the religious subsystem of Civ5:G&K to be quite rewarding and deep. I think it’s much better than Civ4 because it gives you more options and allows you to do more things. Most religions in Civ4 are useful for diplomacy and population happiness. The ability to create great people in the later periods of the game. It also allows you to upgrade your religion with up to 5 creeds (or bonuses) and even increase your army with your accumulated creeds if you make the right choices.

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Espionage was also forgotten in Civ5, it was not an agreed subsystem in Civ4 (it never existed in strategy games), but it served its purpose. And that’s another useful thing you can do later in the game.

Intelligence has been re-incorporated into Civ5:G&K and improved. reduce or facilitate In Civ4:BTS, you can hire spies for various espionage missions, starting with production sabotage. Technology theft, surveillance (ability to see rival cities), poisoned water supplies. provoking a revolution, etc. You can also destroy upgrades with spies. This allows you to brutally attack your enemy’s supply line and cut off their supply of strategic resources. There is also a resource called intelligence. “Secret Service” that you must collect by sending gold to spies. You can also choose to focus your spy spending on a specific competitor for better results.

Of all these spy features of Civ4. Civ5:G&K is all about two things: surveillance and tech theft. You cannot currently hire spies. They are earned based on the game era you are in. You start with just one spy when someone enters the revival. However, you will get more during the game. The idea is that spying will only begin when religion begins to crumble. But there was enough time when both were used very actively.

Spies can only be used in the city. (So ​​no more loot or resource reduction) while they sit there. They start surveillance and automatically start gathering information to steal the technology. Spies will sometimes tell you civilization plans they’ve made, such as invasion plans, which can be more or less accurate depending on the spy’s experience. This is useful information that you can decide to share with your friends or even your rivals, with the advantage that doing so will give you a significant diplomatic boost.

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I should note that this “Tell Civ about the next civilian invasion plan” espionage and diplomacy is still a little annoying. I never experienced what my spies were reporting on the battlefield, so Civ A has a massive naval invasion against Civ B. Tell Civ B about these plans and you’ll get important diplomatic support. But I never saw the results of these plans. Sometimes, you can say I didn’t see it because it was hidden in the fog of war. I can’t say that the plan never came to fruition. But I can say I found it

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