(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2137 Answers

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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2137 Answers

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By Iuliana Vijulie 1, Ana-Irina Lequeux-Dincă 1, *, Mihaela Preda 1, Alina Mareci 1, Elena Matei 1, Roxana Cuculici 1 and Ana-Maria Taloș 1, 2

Received: 9 September 2021 / Edited: 2 October 2021 / Received: 4 October 2021 / Published: 11 October 2021

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A traditional village in Romania has recently seen a sudden change. The need to import architectural styles from EU countries and to renovate residential buildings, along with many legal errors related to the protection of built heritage, has drastically changed old buildings and what is not in terms of Reality and beauty of the countryside. Causes damage again. Landscape The purpose of this study is to assess the importance of maintaining an existing building in the village of Certez, which has been severely damaged by the invasion of archaeological material. Opinions of local people and tourists on these areas were analyzed using a survey method. The results show a more conservative attitude from older people who still adhere to traditional architecture, while younger respondents prefer modern buildings. Many visitors were fascinated by the traditional architecture and criticized the newly built buildings. Contradictions between old and new, now ubiquitous in the region, remain part of the intergenerational dialogue and threaten the decline of Sartez culture.

Ancient architecture was not often considered and is now very difficult, although it is one of the advantages of the rural population, especially in tourism. Numerous studies have emphasized the importance of its conservation and dissemination worldwide [1, 2]. The success of Romania's sustainable rural tourism policy depends on national and regional efforts to preserve the traditional architecture and traditions that define rural diversity [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8].

Țara Oasiului is an example of a Romanian region defined and promoted for its culture, especially in terms of tradition and architecture. Unfortunately, globalization and modernization obscure the traditional aspects of architecture. The site chosen as a study area is a case in point, as it clearly demonstrates the pressure of people to appreciate the comfort of old methods and materials. In addition, daily demand is a major factor transforming existing buildings [9]. Rural homes often add value and labor due to old materials and methods that are difficult to find and use today. In addition, young people perceive older buildings as inefficient and / or unsightly [1]. Because rural people have problems. On the other hand, they can now use new materials and styles to build their homes to increase their comfort in line with modern living standards. However, the desire to preserve the tradition and / or ensure that visitors are fed with real cultural values ​​forces them to keep the style and materials consistent with those buildings where they are located. Live.

Current documents include case studies on the village of Certeze from Țara Oașului on topics of great interest to scientists, public officials and tourism planners. It opens with a chapter dedicated to a literary review that focuses on the whole topic and a specific perspective on the educational environment, followed by a detailed analysis describing the village of Sartez. The next chapter describes the field research methods and research conducted for this research that used methods less common in the specialized literature: gaining contrasting views from the inside (locals) and the outside (visitors). This work, which is original and important in a given context, can be useful at the national and international levels for comparative study and clarification of integrated and proactive sustainable housing policies for some rural areas with traditional structures. For tourism and enjoy high mobility. This article then presents key findings and discussions, along with recommendations after the findings of the research.

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Current globalization is seen as a common phenomenon in society and has a significant influence on the definition and exchange of local resources [10]. However, this often undermines legitimacy as it attracts modernity to destroy traditions and lead to a decline in cultural diversity [11, 12].

Ancient buildings were affected by social pressures because the owners of ancient buildings were less interested in function, utility, comfort, and maintenance [13] and less in their beauty. As a result, tangible cultural heritage, a reflection of past life, is no longer relevant to everyday needs. Therefore, residential buildings are very difficult to maintain [14]. In many cases, high maintenance costs and strict housing-related regulations create a lot of problems for residents of traditional housing. Thus, some (especially children) are tempted to abandon them for the sake of modern life [15].

Tourism requires a strong culture, real rural areas and the repair of rural infrastructure. It is the engine of economic change, growth and rural continuity [16]. In particular, agriculture thrives on sustainable housing and farms [17]. Tourists visiting the countryside look for something different from the urban area they are from, and architecture, for example, remains an interesting factor for them. [18] Of course, rural tourism opposes the restoration of traditional buildings, creating restrictions for organizers and often creating controversy in heritage sites around the world, but these issues are not limited to them. [15 , 19, 20, 21] [Pictures on pages 22, 23]. While modern standards should be included in the sustainable planning of rural tourism infrastructure, rural projects should take into account the local environment and culture and adapt their content and design [24, 25] must be. This will prevent that does not fit into its territory, which unfortunately happens and comes from the ignorance of the general agricultural sector. In addition, some modern tourist destinations in rural areas suffer more: although they respect the level of service that is more acceptable than older buildings, which require significant changes to reach the same level. Each, but they have cheap construction, including materials and labor. The logical form, or worse, the future, is irrelevant to their location [18].

Internationally, traditional architecture is an important part of a country's heritage, and its preservation is important because it defines its people. It is also used as a major tourist attraction and therefore a tool for local economic development. Therefore, countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Northern Macedonia, France, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, and Italy have made great efforts to protect areas with traditional structures [26, 27, 28, 29]. Measures implemented in these countries are aimed at strengthening restoration methods based on local consumption and customary reuse / strengthening of artifacts. In addition, their best practices are as follows: They outline solutions to problems arising from the use of the city network. Establishment of the types of construction materials permitted for construction repairs in each region of the country. Promote stakeholder training in the restoration of built heritage. And organize campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage of local people in leadership roles to ensure conservation and transformation [30, 31, 32]. In some cases, it depends on the past and political authority [27], especially in government involvement in the protection and restoration of heritage.

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