(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 155 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 155 Answers – When you think of Detroit music, what comes to mind? Motown, Berry Gordy, techno, The Belleville Three. Another popular sound emerged in the mid-90s to early 00s: ghettotech. “Detroit's local music,” as one artist and resident put it. Parties, radio mix shows, strip clubs, jit dances, record stores and television have brought DJ Assault's Ass N Titties scene into a more complex musical ecosystem than his perennial calling card.

Before producer Disco D and journalist Hobie Echlin gave the label an exportable label in the mid-90s, ghettotech was known for mixing Detroit classics with the latest dance sounds. . For many in Detroit, it's just techno.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 155 Answers

It started with Jeff Mills. Impressed by Magic's 30-minute mix shows on WDRQ and WJLB in the late 1980s, Detroit DJs began imitating young Mills' extraordinary style. Discs were loaded or played at 45 RPM, whichever was faster. After a burst of bubbles and rhythm, each song was played for 45 seconds before Mills broke into the next section. The mix was symbiotic and aggressive and hard to tame. . In the early 90s he was the leader of the Witch.

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Talk about ghettotech often revolves around anthems: “Ass N Titties”, “Player Haters at Dis House”, DJ Assault and Mr. rhythms with music. These records were inspired by the mix of local radio and club DJs, where 2 Live Crew and other rap records were thrown over accelerated techno and electro. After Dj Assault and DJ Padri realized that these mixes could be a stand-alone record, they created them.

Soon it was everywhere. DJs played bootleg records on the radio, in warehouses, cabaret parties, family gatherings and strip clubs. The selectors were so open to new music that even tracks designed for techno and house DJs were sped up on a Technics 1200 turntable adapted to push past the standard 8% threshold. Underground Resistance's “Millennium to Millennium” and Dj Rolando's “Jaguar” on 45 RPM were Detroit classics. Electro records from Aux 88, Mike Banks, Ectomorph and Drexciya added conceptual weight and musical intelligence to these DJ sets.

The DJs and producers were serious and sincere about their craft, capturing the imagination of the ghetto to perfection. It's rude, it's insulting. Courtesy is hard to maintain in a , especially when there are women in that . So why is it a popular party song? Misunderstandings about sexist lyrics are becoming less common in club arenas, where morally questionable music caters to drunken audiences' desire to have a good time.

Other explanations are simpler. Gettotech has blended Detroit music with years of live radio and television exposure. Detroit's long jams were fueled by DJs playing songs with speed and skill. Most dance music is played by DJs – ghettotech was ultimately a product of the DJ. There are few genres in dance music where these relationships are inextricably linked. The same can be said about ghetto and Detroit technology. The scene flourished in the city and later internationally. We asked the artists there to tell us in their own words how things are going.

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What did you think when you made Ass N Titties when people started talking about it? “I don't know! It was the stupid shit you said at the club. It wasn't deep thoughts. It was about asses and breasts.”

It was universal; every city loved this road. Even if you weren't a Gettoch DJ, you had to have it on hand or you'd be kicked out of the room. People wanted this way.

It was desine from the beginning. It was so big in town that Assault released a single CD. Detroit Singer is probably the greatest record in the history of Detroit music for me.

I uploaded it to YouTube two years ago. This crap gets a million plays a year and counting. It has 2.2 million views since November or December 2014 and counting. I said, “What?” I didn't know, man. I'm glad people like it, but… People ask, “Can you put the words in the description?” I had to write the words for the people in the statement.

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They still ask. They have a radio version. It's called “Come N Weave”. If you're gonna play gettoch music, you gotta play Ass N Titties or Come N Weave.

Why do people like it? I do not know. The first version was very confusing. It didn't go well. People love remixes, remixes are really catchy. More clearly. Straight to the adults…it starts with “Ass, shit,” you know, that's how it starts. Another started to dream. I also changed the font. I think these are the words. I changed the remix a second time to make them a little crazier. With all the “ice and tissue” and “soap and water” and “ass and shit” my folks know and remember, it's like a lot of hookups. Because the parties are so ignorant, people remember them because it's crazy.

Do you know why music is so popular and always will be? Women love it. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Women like to feel sexy and dance in these. Whatever women do, men follow.

Every week when I played the residency [Club Zippers], usually the women in the club danced. The women really liked this [cheesy] style of music. This is 92, 93

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People looked at [ghettotech] as something, not about that, just a bunch of dirty records with donkeys. It never happened. There are many posts that talk about this, but then there are also posts that talk about footwork, nerves, and dance. Performing various dance forms. Most of the lyrics don't even have words.

It is designed in a completely offensive and positive way, and I think it is designed to be heard while drunk. What goes through your mind when you are drunk and high?

Jeff Mills, Magic. He started it all. It made all of Detroit happy. I've been listening to Jeff Mills since '83.

Jeff Mills was great. I went to Nectarine Hall in Ann Arbor every Sunday to see him.

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I heard this guy on the radio and I was like, “Man, it's like there are eight turntables or something!”

Every time we got a record from [the local store] Buy-Rite, we took it home and it wasn't the way Jeff did it. I said, “Jeff, what's going on?” He said, “Man, turn on the Technic turntable. There's a blue button on there called ‘tone', plus and minus – go up.”

Let's say the record is 128 to 130 beats per minute. Detroit DJs 150, 155 will perform. They will have to edit the turntable to make it faster.

His radio program lasted only half an hour. So he had to play the things he wanted to hit a little faster. But look at it this way: he wanted something different. Each had 1,200 men. Everyone had these things. Here is how to play it.

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I came to listen to the witch and the witch would cut your ass in another room. In my day, if you wanted respect, you had to be pretty much no better than a witch to get people to respect you.

I remember watching Magic play at a club and someone walked up to the dance floor to sing and when they got on the dance floor the song changed.

No one had ever seen such energy. The way the discs were cut was like splitting an atom or something. It caused problems everywhere. I lived in Ann Arbor, where I ended up going to school, and they had this anti-racism law:

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