(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 437 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 437 Answers – I’m not sure if it was a late night, but we had the most perfect and empty night here in Cleveland. It seems that whenever I go outside, I like to look up at the sky and see planets, constellations and stars. And not only the usual ones – Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, Orion – but other, more diverse stars. I’m lucky to be where I live. We have a natural center, with an interesting planet inside. It’s fun to watch a show or speaker and learn more. I especially love hearing about the kids and their oohs and aahs. I did some digging to see if I could find out more about the most famous constellations and the stories and legends behind the formations. Seduction, goddesses, queens, romance, snakes and more – enjoy, and thanks to interesfacts.com for the info and YouTube to enjoy while you read.

Every constellation in the night sky has a fascinating story of its origin. From the 48 constellations mentioned by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in his 2nd century book Almagest to the several created by astronomers in the 16th and 17th centuries, their names reflect the heroic stories of Greek mythology, gods and goddesses, and various animals. Today, the International Astronomical Union recognizes 88 major constellations in the northern and southern sky. This is how some of them got their names.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 437 Answers

Seven stars make up Ursa Major, the back and tail of Ursa Major, but you may better recognize them as Ursa Major, named for its resemblance to a gourd or gourd. In his book

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Ovid tells how the hunter Callisto swore chastity to the goddess Artemis, but Zeus, disguised as Artemis, tricked her into seducing Callisto. She gave birth to their son Arkas. When Zeus’ jealous wife Hera fell in love, she turned Callisto into a bear. Years later, Arcas hunted a bear, not knowing that it was his mother. To avoid further disaster, Zeus moved Callisto to Ursa Major and Arcasi to Boeotus, a shepherd constellation.

Cassiopeia is a constellation named after the famous Sin Queen of Greek mythology. Cassiopeia claimed to be more beautiful than the sea nymphs known as Nereids, a slight pride that offended the sea god Poseidon. He sent a demon (registered in the sky as the constellation Cetus) to punish Cassiopeia and her husband King Cepheus. They tried to appease the demon by sacrificing their daughter Andromeda (a story with its own constellation). Cassiopeia is one of the most recognizable and visible constellations in the northern sky. Its five brightest stars are:

Poor virgin Andromeda had the misfortune of being the daughter of Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus. They chained him to a sea cliff as a sacrifice to the demon Cetus. All was bleak for the beautiful Andromeda until Perseus, a demigod warrior who had just killed the gorgon Medusa, swooped down from the sky and rescued her in one of the most romantic scenes of Greek mythology.

Pegasus is the legendary winged horse of Greek mythology. After Perseus kills Medusa by beheading her, Pegasus pounces on her bloody neck and flies away. Some say that Perseus was riding Pegasus when he rescued Andromeda, but in legend the horse is more closely associated with the hero Bellerophon. Zeus also uses Pegasus to carry his thunderbolts. Although the constellation usually represents only the front half of the horse, Pegasus is the seventh largest constellation in the northern sky.

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The famous space hunter is easy to spot in the night sky thanks to his three stars close together on his belt, as well as the bright stars Betelgeuse and Rigel near his right shoulder and left leg. Orio opposes the constellation Taurus, the Bull, suggesting that Orion may be based on the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh or the Greek hero Heracles, both of whom fight bulls. Orion boasted that he could kill any animal on Earth, much to Earth’s displeasure. The earth opened and released a scorpion that gave Orion a terrible sting. As a result, the constellations Orion and Scorpius are at opposite ends of the sky, so Orion appears to run across the sky while Scorpius rises in the east.

Ptolemy identified Hydra, the water serpent, as one of the longest constellations in the southern hemisphere, and also the largest constellation. In Greek mythology, the Hydra is a terrifying water serpent with many heads, one of which is eternal. (The five stars at one end of the line constellation represent the serpent’s head.) The hero Heracles was tasked with killing the Hydra as the second part of his 12 labors, but every time Herakles cut off one of the monster’s heads, two more grew. . its location. Heracles’ nephew, Iolaus, suggested that they should be burned after having their necks cut off so that they could not be reborn. They finally killed the beast, and buried its remaining immortal noggin under a rock. Heracles then dipped the tips of his arrows in the Hydra’s blood, killing it.

According to Greek mythology, centaurs were half-horse, half-human creatures with a reputation as violent drunkards, but the centaur Chiron was an exception. The wise Chiron taught medicine and music, and among his students were Greek heroes such as Achilles and Jason. Chiron was mortally wounded when Heracles accidentally shot him with an arrow, which he dipped in the hydra’s blood, causing the strike to kill. But since Chiron was immortal, he could not die from his wound. Zeus took pity on Chiron and released him into space, where he became the constellation Centauri.

Sailors Pieter Dirckzoon Keyser and Friedrich de Hutmann led the first Dutch expedition in 1595 to what is now Indonesia. Petrus Plancius taught and instructed Keyser to make star charts in the Southern Hemisphere, and de Houtman served as Keyser’s assistant. They eventually discovered 12 new southern constellations and named several of them after the natural history of the region. Located near the constellation Aridanus, the phoenix refers to a mythical, multi-colored bird that can rise from the ashes of its predecessor. The Dutch couple may have been inspired to write Phoenix after seeing the Birds of Paradise, a group of hummingbirds native to Indonesia described by Europeans in the 16th century.

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When Heracles was temporarily banished by the goddess Hera, he killed his wife and children. To pay for the murder, he is given 12 seemingly impossible tasks. The first was to kill the Nemean lion, a ferocious animal with impenetrable skin that enjoyed attacking the local villagers. Heracles managed to kill the lion by catching him in a bear hug and crushing him. Leo’s constellation echoes Leo’s fierce attitude. A group of six stars is arranged in an arch, representing the front body and head of the animal, which is about to fly. The brightest star in Sagittarius is called Regulus, which means “little king.”

Many objects can be seen in and under water. But the biggest thing that happens on a lake of any size goes unnoticed by all but a select few. Are you interested? Read on, my friend.

I really like to look out my office window and see the lake. The bright sun shines on it. Fall cloud formations make me reach for my cell phone camera, and rain and thunder always make me happy. I’m not a big fisherman (those who know me understand why) so I don’t follow the different fishing seasons, but one thing I learned recently is that my wonderful and beautiful Lake Erie really turns, especially . In spring and autumn. My friend said to think of walking around like a dog learning to walk. (It made me think of my brothers sitting on the couch trying to roll over after Thanksgiving dinner at Big Kowalski’s). Wanting to learn more, I hopped online and found some great information. To my fellow fishing followers, I’d love to hear how you adjust to changing weather and water temperatures (email me at skowalski@). Special thanks to cleanlakesalliance.org, lakes.grace.edu and outdoornews.com for the information.

The thickness of the lake has three layers: epiimnion – in a lake with a warm layer, the upper layer of water contains the warmest water and has a normal (constant) temperature; Hypolimnion – cold bottom water, and the metlimnion layer (or thermocline) – a layer of water with a rapidly changing temperature.

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The cycle of autumn and spring is a natural phenomenon that causes the high level of the lake to exchange with the low level. This rotation is essential to the health of the pond, like rolling chocolate chips into cookie dough (yes, I eat the dough when Jackie isn’t looking). In autumn, this phenomenon occurs when the air temperature decreases. The epilimnion then cools to a temperature that balances the density of the hypolimnion, allowing them to “mix”. (The opposite happens in the spring: the temperature of the air increases, the temperature of the surface water, while the ground cools).

Water is unique because it changes density at different temperatures. Unlike almost all other liquids, water is higher

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