(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 213 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 213 Answers – In today’s episode, head coach Mark Burik and founder Brandon Joyner talk about everything you need to know about vertical jumping. It is an important component of the spike, block, topspin and float serve. So let’s jump higher, win more, and improve your vertical in this episode to jump higher and win the beach volleyball tournament!

Head coach Mark Burik has coached the sport for 16 years and has over a decade of playing and coaching experience in softball. Burik has been a mainstay on the AVP Tour and also competes frequently on the FIVB World Tour. Known as one of the top beach volleyball players in the country, he has many championships under his belt and has won the legendary Pottstown Rumble three times. He was part of the Kare Gold Medal team that promoted the learning system developed by the national team coach.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 213 Answers

When Brandon was 16 years old, he started playing softball for his high school softball team in Chester, Virginia. As a senior, Brandon was named the Virginia State Player of the Year and has coached for over 10 years. He was successful as third in the National Volleyball League and also received the “Most Improved” award in 2016.

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When you sign up for some type of vertical program, you often work with percentages, right? We work with our own percentage.

Any advice on how someone like me can figure this out? Others who consider themselves athletes think they have a solid foundation, but suddenly their mobility is not good enough.

Welcome to the Better at Beach Podcast Show Recording YouTube episode. My name is Mark Burick and this is my host Brandon Joyner.

We are both top level competitive beach volleyball players and coaches and bring you as much beach volleyball information as you can get every week.

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What we want to do is dispel all the myths, give you great sound, biomechanics, and a very easy way to jump higher in your training.

I’m excited for today’s episode because I think I’ve always known your background in body mechanics and sports science and everything.

But I still have some questions, especially now that I’m older and trying to take care of my body a little more.

I’ll follow up when I get a chance, but I’ll try to ask some questions that I’ve thought about along the way or that I still have because we’re just getting started.

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Mark and I are doing the Max 60 day standing program which has been amazing so far.

My body already feels ten times stronger, but every time I work out, I get a lot of feedback from you.

And I asked questions that I never thought I would ask when I was 18, 19, 20, 21 years old, when I was generally stronger for the sport of softball.

So I’m happy to learn and be here to facilitate some questions that some people have.

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When I decided to go to college, college was automatic, but I was going to play sports.

I wish I had taken a few more courses in finance, accounting, business, but the knowledge I gained from sports science in college was very easy for me because after you learn it in class, you immediately apply it as an athlete. your sport.

So, I almost doubled the theoretical session hours because I applied everything I learned in the textbook in the gym.

So it’s a very easy topic for me to learn and think about because I’m surrounded by it not only in the classroom but also in practice.

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I minored in Nutrition, minored in Psychology and became a personal trainer or performance coach.

And I earned several certifications, including certified strength and conditioning specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and other personal training certifications.

So, I’ve learned a lot of research along the way, and hopefully we can dispel some of the myths about vertical jumping and really get closer to people who jump higher, jump higher without stopping, and it seems like what should it be? work. to increase.

And for me, I just know that you’re going to say polite, a little background for me actually and we’ll talk about that the other day.

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The practice was five minutes away from our facility and we had to do like a 30 minute practice.

For me, one of the biggest things I found that helped me stand up when I got to college, I think I touched about ten like 10 feet, ten inches, which is not bad by any means.

I think one of the biggest reasons I can stand up so much is basically doing it over and over again.

I think when I was younger or playing junior high softball, I was up to three practices a week, two hours of practice.

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When I go home I don’t train and I hit my vertical inches, but during training I will put myself in a position where I will jump Max every time I have a chance to train.

And I have seen my standing improve a lot, especially if you are a parent or a small child who does not have the ability to train on the sand all year round.

I always tell people that it’s good to play indoors because it will give your body the exercise it needs to feel the repetition of jumping over and over again.

Without talking about science, my contribution to this podcast episode is to jump as far as you can.

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Of course, there’s a technique behind it that we’ll talk about, but honestly, that’s 60-70% of my vertical growth in college.

But the fact is that I do it every day and I don’t take repetitions.

Fortunately, I’m a setter, so I don’t think too much about jumping and hitting.

I think if you’re looking for ways to improve your standing strength, if you’re in a colder situation where you can’t go outside or do anything, indoors will definitely help you, especially if you think about it. increase vertically.

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The nervous system builds pathways, and what people forget is that your body eventually finds a faster pathway for electrical impulses to travel from your brain to your muscles and do whatever you want them to do.

So whatever you’re doing with your body every day, you’re going to be better, faster, more efficient, and it’s going to take less energy because your body is better.

I think you’re saying something else that’s really important because sellers can’t do that.

Setters can potentially jump in more than anyone on the court, but they jump a lot.

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So the determinant can jump 50 60% instead of Max jump and your body will be fine with it.

But everyone remember that if you train 50% or go 50% fast, your body is very good at finding the zone, the comfort zone.

So, as Brandon said, when you jump, find a way to teach your body how to throw Max at speed and height.

And many people don’t realize that when you climb a spike, it’s usually not 100% jump, not Max effort.

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So in your training routine, your ritual, your training, your practice, I try to jump as high and as fast as possible, and we’re going to be focused during practice. part here.

And that’s Reid Hall, who has a great vertical jump program and a similar history with softball and vertical jumpers.

If you don’t look at yourself, if you see your weaknesses, your imbalances, it’s very difficult to tell yourself to give Max effort, it’s nothing.

Do you need to put weight on your back before squatting comfortably with your hips under your knees? It’s not good if you don’t have full mobility.

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I know at home this isn’t one of those easy tips you say, how do I know if I’m mobile enough? You want to be comfortable with the hip crease below the knee crease.

If you can’t do that without a straight back, straight lower back, you’re not ready for the weight in these squats.

If you, I mean, we’re talking like putting an empty stick in there so you don’t add a ton.

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