(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1098 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1098 Answers – Apollo 11 Day 6, Part 3: Boarding Columbia and LM Jettison Text corrections and interpretations Copyright © 2009-2021 by W. David Woods, Kenneth D. MacTaggart and Frank O’Brien. All rights reserved.

128:05:44 Collins: Roger. I’m supposed to set the oxygen flow in this machine to six tenths of a pound per hour, but since the converter isn’t working properly, can you give me an updated number?

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1098 Answers

128:06:59 Collins: Houston, I did, and I believe we got oxygen flowing, but the gauge went down to full scale.

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128:07:32 Evans: Columbia, Houston. I have a new LM scale for you when you’re ready. [Pose.]

128:08:56 Collins: Houston, Apollo 11. I let the P47 run longer than it should have. I can make our state vector worse.

This is Apollo Control. Communication with Apollo 11 was a bit awkward. Columbia and Eagle are now reunited to become Apollo 11 once again. Our best estimate of docking time is about 3 minutes after a pre-mission time of 128 hours. Continue to monitor the 27th lunar orbit for two-way communication between the two spacecraft.

128:11:07 Evans: Roger. Your LM balance, 5785. For R1 we want 61102. R2, 01111. Use B/D roll. Above.

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128:11:35 Collins: Roger. I am now configured on panel 8 for B/D coils, and I have closed C4 and B3 thrusters, and I copied register 1 61102, 01111 and LM 5785 scale. Thanks.

Page F8-3 of Mike’s Checklist has this table that shows the values ​​in verb 48 when configuring the Digital Autopilot (DAP).

128:14:13 Collins: I say the leak check is done, and I open the valve to flow.

128:20:08 Collins: My hatch is removed. You can open your content and I will start transferring the content to you.

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This is Apollo Control. There is still some rather noisy communication going on here on the 27th lunar revolution. There are still 39 minutes left before Apollo 11 returns to the moon. We’ll put the orbit up and try to monitor communications between the two spacecraft or between Apollo 11 and Earth for the rest of the passage – try to control the situation on board until we get the crew and stuff back to command. module. Clearing in LM that clears all items before returning to the command module. In 128 hours and 25 minutes time passed on the ground and standing. This is Apollo Control.

128:30:17 Evans: Roger. Each time before casting there, we want to align AGS to PGNS: 400 plus 30 000. Done. [Pose.]

128:30:47 Aldrin: No. We got nothing. Can you give us the gimbal angle to move the PGNS to and then align the AGS to the PGNS. Above.

128:30:58 Evans: Roger. Eagle. We agreed to stand in the corner of the gimbal. And also, Eagle, while we have direct command module O

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There, if we take off with a cabin pressure of about 5.4 or 5.5, chances are your cabin assist will be reduced. [Pose.]

128:32:11 Evans: Roger. All our efforts are to coordinate PGNS and AGS. It makes no difference in gimbal angle. [Long pause.]

128:32:44 Aldrin: Now, you might want to consider what happens when a CSM is launched on an attitude basis.

128:32:56 Evans: Eagle, Houston. We don’t care – all we’re trying to do is get a drift rate and see how long it takes to break even after you send.

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128:33:08 Aldrin: Okay. Are we going to give up on this attitude? No problem. I coordinate AGS with PGNS. If you need help you can let me know later.

128:36:31 Collins: Houston, Columbia. Do you want me to roll and get high profits or something?

128:36:38 Evans: Columbia, Houston. I can give you some reak angles for high use in LM jettison attitude. Then you can go there whenever you want. Angle is pitch minus 50 and offset is zero. [Pose.]

128:40:18 Aldrin: Roger. Red Hose is not a competitor to the leading vacuum cleaner brands. Above.

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128:42:05 Evans: Roger. Just a reminder to make sure and zero the AGS error before you activate the AGS attitude, keep it there after you are in burn mode. [Long pause.]

AS11-40-5923 – When Eagle was on the Moon, its steering antenna was held back toward Earth as seen in this image just behind one of the LM’s four thrusters. Image credit: Image Analysis and Science Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center.

128:45:22 Collins: Okay. Stand up. [pose]. Above.

128:45:43 Collins: Okay. Eagle says they have room for that there, so no problem.

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128:47:07 Evans: Roger. Neil, your order is good. Can you set your song mode to slow and high bitrate. Above.

128:49:36 Evans: Roger. Neil, I will remind you again, there is no ACA limit, to zero AGS error only if you go to Attitude Hold soon.

128:53:54 Evans: Roger. The ACA doesn’t do it because the mode control switch is off. Request steering control to PGNS and then to AGS, where it resets AGS. Above. [Pose.]

128:54:39 ​​Aldrin: And I think I’ll just take 5 seconds here and see if I can get 000, because we’re close to gimbal lock now.

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This is Apollo Control. There are still about 6 minutes and 40 seconds until Apollo 11 passes behind the moon on its 27th revolution. The signal from the passive seismometer left on the moon by the Eagle crew was lost for 30 minutes starting about 5 minutes before Eagle took off this morning. The signal was lost due to an equipment problem at the Canary Island tracking station. Seismic equipment is now back online and starting to record the Moon’s daytime surface temperature. The dust detector recorded zero dust after the eagle took off. The laser ground station has not yet received a return signal from the laser rangefinder. We were five minutes from losing the Apollo 11 signal. As the spacecraft passed over the hills, we watched the air toward the ground. The crew is now engaged in decontamination procedures inside the lunar module before transferring back to the command module.

AS11-40-5951 – Buzz Aldrin with the Apollo 11 seismograph Image credit: Image Analysis and Science Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center.

AS11-40-5952 – Integrated Laser Range Reflector, a 100 cube corner reflector array designed to measure the Moon-Earth distance with high precision. Image credit: Image Analysis and Science Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center.

128:58:03 Evans: Columbia and Eagle, Houston. About 5 more minutes. Your LM jet time is 131 plus 52, and I have the remaining maneuver PADs if you want them now, or I can give them to you later. [Pose.]

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129:01:52 Evans: Apollo 11, Houston. About a minute and a half to go. You look good. It was a great day.

This is Apollo Control. When Apollo 11 went behind the moon on 27 orbits, we experienced signal loss. In about 45 minutes, we’ll be shopping with Apollo 11. In – let’s see – do you think they don’t have the next schedule for the next round. Anyway, 45 more minutes. And at 129 hours and 4 minutes, that’s Apollo Control.

129:04:08 Aldrin (passenger): Now, these are some bags — and I think what’s in them is pretty clear.

129:08:54 Armstrong (Occupant): Do you want to clean up one of the — spills or something?

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AS11-40-5957 – The Apollo Lunar Near Surface Camera (ALSCC) on the edge of the West Small Crater during the Apollo 11 surface EVA. Image credit: Image Analysis and Science Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center.

AS11-45-6707 – Sample image from the Apollo Lunar Near Surface Camera. It is provided as a stereo crossover. By crossing your eyes to connect the two images and focusing them, the three-dimensional nature of the image is revealed. Image credit: NASA/JSC/ASU.

129:12:58 Armstrong (passenger): Okay. If you want to see the moon, you can open it and see. However, do not open the bag.

Apollo’s control was 129 hours and 13 minutes. Apollo 11 is now 36 minutes and 40 seconds from the far side of the moon for recovery at revolution 28. Right now, behind the moon, we are nearing the end of the 27th revolution. Armstrong and Aldrin will be involved with Mike Collins in preparing the transfer back to the command module, and they will clean the equipment and remove any remaining dust particles before transfer to the command module. About 15 minutes after reacquisition, we expect Neil Armstrong to be ready to transfer to the command module. Aldrin again

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