(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 79 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 79 Answers – Welcome to episode 78 of Data Viz Today. We explore creativity in informative design from the perspective of some of the most creative people in the field! Let’s hear how Duncan Geere is doing with creativity. We dive into how to define creativity, why creativity requires different levels of risk tolerance, how to get the most out of creativity, and more!

Hey, you are listening to episode 78 of data viz today. I’m Alli Torban and this show is here to help you become a more effective knowledge producer. Thank you for joining me. We are in the fourth part of a new mini-series, all about creativity and information design, and we are exploring how to create data, define creativity, how to integrate it into practice and even how to bring ideas to the customer. And many others, these interviews are part of my research for a new book. It will be a very effective book about developing ideas, skills, and techniques to become a better communicator. If you want to have early access to chapters and exercises and to be a beta reader to help design the book as manually as possible, you can leave your email address at the link in the show notes, I it will be gone soon.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 79 Answers

Many thanks to the over 30 people who have signed up. I’m glad you’re excited to be a beta reader and about this idea. It’s good. Our guest today is Duncan Geere. He is a visual artist based in Sweden who works in images, text and sound. It is one half of the high quality, data sonification podcast in the studio. And a quarter of the data increase is in the academic area. Duncan always amazes me with his creative experiments in data mining, and he is a deep thinker. So I know he will have interesting answers to my questions about creativity and won’t disappoint. So let’s jump into it. It’s good. Let’s start with a question. How would you define gender?

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It’s good. Yes. So for me, creativity is about adding something to the world that doesn’t exist. And the first thing is the body, which did not exist before. If you’re following, I don’t know of a process that someone else does, I don’t think that’s particularly creative, if you’re breaking new ground and what you’re trying to do, if you’re doing something creative, so and I think you are creative. And I think the good thing about creativity is that you don’t have to create new things that no one has seen before, anywhere. Right. I think a lot of people see creativity as a kind of magic in your head, and you can draw ideas. But really in my work, at least, it’s like a pot that I pour things into and let them mix and cook. And then I, you know, I put together a bunch of things that maybe other people haven’t put together before. So maybe it would help to give two examples here? yes,

Yes. So, I, I mean, like last year I published, a data sonification podcast called high numbers. Right. and that’s the fifth part. We turn a lot of different data into music. We will explain the process as we go. It is interesting, but the original mix has sonification only with the prefix mm-hmm , which means that no one has already installed it. So, you know, write creativity or , I don’t know, maybe another example will let you know, the academic community that we work together, which is the audience that has the ability to know you from the events that have pass. In the mix there, like, you might think you’ve passed one, but that’s not unusual. As others have already done. So we added another feature, this idea is like creating creative information that no one else has a subscription targeting that.

So that’s a new thing that’s like creating and creating the system. And I think, you know, in some situations like maybe you’re standing in front of a bed holding a brush or in front of a piano waiting to sing. Then I think that creative mixing can be like a paint brush or a piano or a synthesizer or a camera or a code editor, I don’t know, or whatever method you use, and – You want life and your feelings and experiences . , cuz no one else, will ever do that mix because if there is no one else.

Yes. That’s true. I like to think of creativity as a combination of different things, because then it’s not scary. Thinking of new ideas.

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It shouldn’t be scary at all. Just mashing things and you know, sometimes it works and sometimes you don’t, but creativity is a process of trying.

Yes. Where does it fit in the difference of opinion about how much an idea should be creative? Because I feel like it must be worth it. However, if it is a creative idea that does not do anyone good, maybe that is a personal emotional issue as I told Mesa Schumacher in the last type, yes, there is creativity for expression, but then, creativity in words,

Mm-Hmm yes. And you think that an idea should have a level to make it seem like, yes, that’s a creative idea.

I mean, I think that if you put details and it will be useful for creating something, then many things that we think of as natural, will not be natural. I mean how did you bring up Leonardo DaVinci, right. He drew in his notebook, a plane that looked like a plan before it was possible at that time. completely useless. Nobody could do anything with that, but hundreds of years later, it was very useful. So I think it’s not so much about whether this is useful, it’s something else, this could be useful for someone mm-hmm like, I think it’s an interesting way to think about it, but, you know. , I, I don’t think everything will be necessary I think, you know, to create something good, it depends on what you mean by useful, right? And, in most of the world, information is useful because you can make money from it. But , you know, yes. Like, a beautiful painting is not useful because, if you don’t sell the painting, you have something to use, but it can be useful to someone because it creates a memory n ‘does them that makes them think differently about life. some ways. or whatever. So, I think there are many different ways that you can explain it well that will allow any meaning of creating what you want.

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That’s true. Maybe that’s what I’m struggling with. Cuz I feel you have to show importance in some way there. Otherwise, it’s just a text form, which is good, but then you can define the value as anything. How do you support ideas for me later. So, that I, what I did before, was useful, but actually I was, as you said, I didn’t know at that time. Yes. But it’s a good thing I did because a year later it was worth it

Yes, absolutely. I mean, you know, history is full of examples of things that were completely useless when they were made, but are useful now or on the other hand things that were very useful at the time and which are not useful now, you know? Yes. That’s how creativity works. Unh. I mean, I, I think, I think, you know, there is something useful, something useful and, and an idea or something or something like that, but something useless is created something without. creating value.

Yes. So do you think creativity is an innate skill or something you are born with or some of both?

So I think everyone can be really creative. How can anyone do what has been said. They can mix two things, two ideas and anything and make something new out of it. But I think there’s a big difference in the right people might want to show that creativity publicly or make it part of their work. because

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