(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1776 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1776 Answers – Women in every state gained the right to universal human rights last century with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1920. Although women in Seneca Falls, New York started the women's rights movement in 1848 when they said that the Declaration of Independence was Regarding women in the sense of the Declaration, the first mention of women with women's rights occurred during the American Revolution.

Abigail Adams' call to “remember women” is well known. What is less well known is how her husband, John Adams, responded. The debate about the right to vote reveals the desire for freedom, meaning the role of party and class in society during the founding of the nation. Adams' device also displayed the kind of confidence that is still maintained today.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1776 Answers

Abigail often took the initiative and wrote to a London bookseller for her husband's request for support in England for the American cause. “I need not tell you, sir, that the dire state of this state requires every member of society,” Abigail wrote to Edward Dilley shortly after the battles of Lexington and Concord in April 1775. Her choice of words showed. its balance. “The spirit that reigns among people of all ranks, ages, and sexes, is the spirit of freedom. For this, they intend to risk all their wealth and lives and not bow down in fear before the oppressors.” [1]

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At that time, John and Abigail Adams were separated physically but not mentally. She lived as a single parent, fully caring for their four children in war-torn Massachusetts. Hundreds of miles from Philadelphia, John was full of his new passions—patriotism, public order, and politics.

John saw Abigail as spiritually right. Although women did not attend school at this time, Abigail learned to read and write at home as a child in Weymouth, Massachusetts, about twelve miles from Boston. Her father was a minister of the church and had a large library, which he encouraged Abigail to use. He loved books.

Adams looked at his wife with great respect and admiration. “I think you are excellent as a statesman, and soon also as a farmer. Pray, where do you get your principles of government, they are very useful.”[2]

Their relationship and chemistry was built on their shared intelligence. “It has been a pleasant comfort to my heart in my loneliest, darkest, and quietest hours. In this remote state I am largely deprived of this comfort. However, I read and re-read your charming letters, and in some measure take the position of the and the discourse of the author” [3].

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His longing during their separation due to the war made him write that he wanted to see his thoughts. Yes, see how he thinks. “Is it not possible for two good souls to communicate, even though the bodies are 400 kilometers apart?—Yes, by letter.—But I want better communication. I want to hear your opinion or see your opinion»[4].

I think he did. Abigail gave him honest opinions on many things, from the lack of money to the unfairness of the alcohol tax. He knew that he was thinking about the important question of declaring independence from England, so he thought about a question that meant a lot to him. “And by the way, in the new rule of law that I think is appropriate for you to adopt, I hope you will remember women, and be more generous and kind to them than your ancestors,” [5] he wrote to John. March 31, 1776. If war affected every member of society and everyone fought for freedom, then shouldn't all adults have a voice in who represents them? This was his natural conclusion.

Abigail could not resist. “Do not put that unlimited power in the hands of men. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could,' he continued, emphasizing his point with a joke and arrogance, about laws in which we have no voice or representation.”[6]

She wanted her husband to protect women against those who despise women like her. “So why don't we allow the power of the wicked and rebels to use us unpunished with cruelty and humiliation. Wise people of all ages detest attitudes that treat us only as pawns of your sex,” he continued, using a feudal term.

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To emphasize his theory that not all men were masters of all women equally. “Then, look upon us as creatures placed by Providence under your protection and in imitation of the Supreme Being, to use this power only for our pleasure,” he concluded. [7]

Abigail could trace her interpretation to Scripture and to John Locke, who noted in his famous work of the 1690s,

, that “all that God gave in the words of this permission, Genesis 1:28, did not concern Adam in particular, to the exclusion of all other people: whatever authority he had, was not a private one, but a general authority. .with other human beings” [8]

Locke saw humanity as people, men and women. God did not give authority to Adam alone: ​​”For it was said in abundance, God blessed them and said to them, ‘Reign.' God says to Adam and Eve: Rule. He asked this question about Eve: “Can it be said that God once gave a common gift to two, and only one benefited from it? [9]

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“America Triumphant,” 1782. Abigail Adams' call to “remember the women” came at a time when America was being characterized as a woman in newspapers and literature. In poetry, he was often called Columbia. This painting shows America on the right as a Greek goddess, while on the left is England as a woman named Britannia. (Library of Congress)

And playful jokes. “I cannot help but laugh at your extraordinary laws. We are told that our struggle has everywhere weakened the bonds of government,” he wrote to him on April 14, 1776. “But your letter was the first hint that another race, more numerous and powerful, it grew unsatisfied. It's the worst compliment, but you're too cheeky to erase it.” He tried to soften the blow. “Accordingly, we know it's best not to erase our male systems. Even when they have full power, you know it's just a theory.”[10]

James Sullivan, Governor, Supreme Court Justice, and Attorney General of Massachusetts, by Gilbert Stuart, 1807 (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Although Adams did not seem to take his wife seriously, he did think about her. In May 1776, he engaged in a heated debate with Massachusetts lawyer James Sullivan. Sullivan was upset because Massachusetts leaders were creating a new law that the king had previously repealed. “A new convention is at hand, with the most complete and equal representation this colony has ever seen. This convention certainly feels it their duty to find the future less humble and more equal than themselves,” Sullivan declared. [11] Every member of the community has the right to consent to the laws of the community, or he is not bound to obey them,” he wrote, noting that this was a true Republican principle. But Sullivan saw a serious flaw in the old system.” And yet a very large number of the inhabitants of this colony were always bound by laws which they could not accept, lest they should have property worth 40/year, &c.'[12].

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What was he talking about? To vote in Massachusetts one had to own land worth forty shillings a year. As a result, only sixteen percent of the population had the right to vote. Of all those elected, only three and a half percent of the population voted in the ten years before 1774, when the king imposed martial law under a British general.[13] Sullivan saw the confusion. If only landowners could vote, more than 80 percent of the people would have no voice in choosing their representatives. The resulting system favored only the upper class and excluded thousands of European men and women, free blacks, and slaves.

“But still, according to the myths of law, everyone must agree. Why should a person agree with the actions of a society that is completely isolated in this matter, only a lawyer familiar with the feudal system can say,” Sullivan criticized. The modern system could not see this injustice.

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