(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 438 Answers

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This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “Confessions of a Salesman” which is the second quest in Chapter 2 – Act I: The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia. Here you will find a complete overview of all questions.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 438 Answers

Ritu arrives safely in Inazuma and meets her contact, Toma. But it seems foreigners are far from accepting it…

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Now that he had arrived in Inazuma, Toma suggested that he check in at the border checkpoint. Before you leave, grab the two lavender melons sitting on the crates to the left, this is one of the new food items added to Inazuma, then follow the eastern path. As you approach the end of the road, you will see a border checkpoint on your left. Talk to Inspector Kageyama, and he will ask you to tell him some details, mainly, his reason for being in Inazuma. Choose either option and Paimon will tell the inspector why he’s worried before Thomas saves his embarrassment and gives the inspector his entry documents. He will say that if you want to stay with Ritu, you have to follow the instructions.

Continue east, loot the crates on your way, climb the stairs until you reach a square type area, continue east, set up the next set of stairs, then go south, that’s it said Inspector Yurika. He will tell you that the bill will be a whopping two million Mora leaving you and Paimon in shock. Thomas tells him that he is a good friend and takes him down to 400,000 Mora. Although it’s better, it’s still very rich for you, and Toma convinces you to get to 600 Mora, which is more.

Yurika tries to capitalize on that with insulting accusations of grooming. Again, Thomas came to the rescue.

Paimon can’t believe they went from 2 million to 600 Mora like that, and Toma explains that they always try to charge as much as they can, and most people get it because they don’t have much of a choice. After some more conversation, you tell Toma that you need to meet with Raiden Shogun, he says that he has the resources to help do it but needs a favor in return. He wants you to help the recently struggling International Trade Association.

Level 198:

When the scene ends, go west, go down the stairs and turn immediately to your south, then go east, past Xixi and talk to Kurisu. Paimon tells her that he heard they had been in trouble recently, and tells her that he thought it was because of Sakura’s orders, but she tells him that it wasn’t, it was the Kanju Council. They are clearly responsible for overseeing all things Ritu, and they impose astronomical tax rates, outrageous regulations, and worst of all, the newly released Tax Law that changes the way taxes are paid .

It’s already in Mora, but now they want to pay with something called Crystal Core, which no one has heard of, until the new Tax Order. Because of this, the price of Crystal Marrow has increased, and there is only one seller in the stock, and he is hunting. If this continues, taxes will exceed their revenues. Select to check the vendor and Kurisu will tell you where to find it.

When the scene ends, go southwest, down the stairs and you’ll find the merchant under the tree to the east. Approach him for a scene, and Werner will tell you that he doesn’t recognize you, asking if you’re the newcomers. You ask him bluntly where he gets the goods, and he is embarrassed to ask such a question and tells you that it is a trade secret. You will ask him to lower the prices, and he will insist that he is here on behalf of Kurisu and the Business Association. He tells you that the price is non-negotiable, he tells you to leave. Paimon will ask you what to do, and you suggest asking Toma.

After the level, return to the Trade Association, and Toma will find it to the east of it, up the stairs. Talk to him and tell him you have a problem. Thomas will give you some tips on how to talk to Werner, and also tell you that he is from Mondstadt. You will also know that it used to be part of the International Trade Association.

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After the scene, return to Werner and talk to him again for another scene. He doesn’t seem too happy to talk to you again, but with a few clever lines reminding you of the liberties of Mondstadt, he’ll know it’s you. After the second chat option, you’ll need to give him local priority, give him something from Mondstadt, and give him whatever you have.

What he was doing was work, and he began to remember Mondstadt, followed by another line to make the memories clearer. He’ll know you’re drawing sentences, but before he complains about it, you tell him to close his eyes and think. You start saying things related to some places, which makes even Liyue miss, and this time, prioritize the place from Liyue, again, give him what you have rather than that. He begs you to stop, and tells you that your poor heart can’t take it anymore.

(1 of 2) Dandelion seeds are great to use here as they can be obtained outside of Mondstadt.

Dandelion seeds are great to use here as they can be obtained outside of Mondstadt. (left), Any special district will work as long as it is from the province, in this case, Liyue. (right)

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You will tell him exactly how the Union employees feel. He told you that he always wanted to talk to them and relieve his sadness, but they always found a way out of their difficulties, and he was always too weak to do so. Eventually, he finally spills the beans and tells you that the Crystal Core failure was a hoax by Keijirou, and that his companions are collecting tribute for the ashigaru.

The trick… They pay the merchants, then they take the Crystal Core and collect it, when the merchants run out of space to buy, they have to buy it from Werner who sells it for cheap. All the games went to Keijiru and his teammates, and Werner just did enough to survive. Tell him you’ll need proof, and he tells you that every time you put Mora on Keijirou, he always goes to the same place, and he’ll show you where it is.

After the scene ends, head northeast, near the Syndicate, and you’ll get another point, you’ll see Keijirou, and Paimon will suggest you follow him.

After a short area you will have to follow Keijiru without being seen, this will put you in ‘Suspicious Mode’ and you will need to avoid getting caught. If you approach him, the eye symbol above his head will start glowing red, and Paimon will whisper in his ear “You’re so close, so close!” He will definitely notice! If this happens, quickly move away from him and wait for the icon to return to normal, if you reach the end, you have to start the quest part again.

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(1 of 2) Keep the same distance as shown here to avoid letting Keijirou know you’re following him.

Keep the same distance as shown here to avoid letting Keijirou know you’re following him. (left), the eye icon will fill in red the closer you are. Stay away from him if this happens. (right)

This happens and if you’re too far away from him, Paimon will yell “You’re even worse.” Let’s add, he went down the first stairs, he will go to the left, waiting for him a few steps back from the top of the stairs.

After one or two, it will move slightly to the right and stand opposite the stairs, staying where it is until it moves again. When you leave, go down the stairs on the right and go south, around the wall. Keep going with him, but turn around a bit before going around the wall, because he’ll stop again to try to get you out. When you stop talking he will run again, follow him southeast along the dirt road and

Forge Ahead (level 90)

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