(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1718 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1718 Answers – Have you had enough vacation? Rarely. Looking to do something super wild this New Years? Me too.

The CIA code I'm talking about is contained in many MKULTRA documents that have been released to the public. According to Google, the project I am proposing has never been done before. If we can do that, and I think we will open a whole new portal into the secret world of MKULTRA.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1718 Answers

You heard it right. We are. Do you remember us? Who do I think first put two and two together to reveal Commander Robert Jay Williams as the former coordinator of Project ARTICCHOKE? The world was first informed about the MKULTRA connections of St. Petersburg. Claire Switzer? Why was the FBI so shocked when they discovered that Ron Tammen's fingerprints had been cleaned 30 years ahead of schedule? We are able to do this. We submitted. The good news is that we are not even starting from square one. I think I understand some of the code. And the good news is that the code I found says that St. Clair Switzer did indeed work for the CIA at one point in his career. That's what they said. Let's do it!

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At some unknown time, one or more individuals within the CIA reviewed every MKULTRA document in existence and in most of them wrote a letter of the alphabet and sometimes an accompanying number next to important parts of the redacted text. The alphabetical list is not very long. It starts with A and ends with H.** As far as I know, only three numbers are used: 3, 6, and rarely 1.

Letters or letter-number combinations appear to refer to a person working in an organization, a general organization, or more generally, domestically or internationally. The CIA declassifiers, as we refer to them, did this because many names were left out of the CIA records. It's helpful to have more identifying information about who Joe Blow is and what his role is in the grand scheme of things.

I do not know the intended audience for this useful and categorized information or who it is. CIA agents of the future? The guys and gals who keep the books in the business wing in Langley? (You'll recall that most MKULTRA documents were destroyed by 1973, so the remaining records were made with people in the accounting department.) Because of the opposition of the CIA for the Freedom of Information Act, I doubt they did. help you and me.

But there is poetic justice in all this: while someone in the CIA was weaving names and positions and residences and such, someone else in the CIA was actually the definition of a certain identity of a person. Very, very cool for you, CIA.

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Do you know the letter that Louis Jolon West wrote to the CIA on February 6, 1957? In this letter, a person who I believe is Jolly West refers to another person doing research for the 1956-57 school year. It was (I think) West's intention in the summer of '57 to create a hypnotic messenger and help his assistant with exceptional skills. I think his assistant was St. Clair Switzer, who was Ronald Tammen's psychology professor the semester Tammen disappeared.

At that time in our country's history, the CIA and the US military wanted to learn as much as possible about interrogation techniques used on prisoners of war, such as hypnosis and drugs. They wanted to know how to extract the treasure of intelligence from the prisoners captured by the Americans and, conversely, how to ensure that the American prisoners did not give the stocks to the captors. The interrogation aspect of the CIA's mind control experiments later became known as Project ARTICHOKE, which expanded its scope beyond prisoners. Creating a hypnotic messenger who could be hypnotized to deliver a highly sensitive and detailed message to an intended recipient without them knowing what the message was would have been right up the CIA's alley at the time.

We begin by reviewing this letter sent to Morse Allen by the CIA with the proposal of the hypnotic messenger. The author (I think it's Louis Jolon West) wrote a C next to his black name. The letter number written next to his employee's name is H-B/6. If we can learn the meaning of H-B/6, we can further strengthen or weaken our argument that Jolly West was his assistant St.Louis. Claire Switzerland.

After re-reading many of the MKULTRA documents, especially those related to the ARTICHOKE project, and comparing the notation from one document to another, I think I understand the meaning of H-B/6. And (spoiler alert!) I think our argument just got stronger. In addition, I am the CIA St. Claire welcomed Switzer into their ranks of hypnosis researchers.

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Letters and letter-number combinations used by the CIA in MKULTRA documents, some more frequently than others:

This list may not be too daunting, but there is a reason why (as far as I know) this project has never been done by a normal person. MKULTRA docs are always boring to read. No one does this for fun.

A – Agency itself. Anyone with an “A” next to their name works for the CIA. It is written next to many important job titles in the “To” and “From” lines of a CIA memo, and is often written next to the writer's name at the bottom of a letter written by the CIA. It was written next to the names of people like Morse Allen and Robert Jay Williams, who were known CIA operatives. It's simple: if you have an A next to your name, you, my friend, are in the CIA.

B, I believe it refers to a or organization that does the kind of research that the CIA is particularly interested in. In the early to mid-1950s, the CIA's Artichoke program was primarily interested in hypnosis and drugs. As you can see in the letter of February 6, 1957, the address on the upper right hand side is black and marked with the letter B, which could be Jolly's business address West.

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Here, B is a chart that clearly shows the organization of the research, as opposed to C, which is…

C stands for consultant. Anyone with a C next to their black name works for another organization, perhaps a university or research organization. They may be partially supported by the CIA through a grant or contract or other temporary means, although not all C-ranks are paid. Some offer their expert opinions for free. In the February 6 letter, Jolly West was apparently considered a C, but her job was classified as a B.

F is for outside. The letter F is used to indicate a newly named country, sometimes as the site of the QQAĂCOħA experiments or to indicate other related foreign travel or consultation.

Clever, huh? Our friends at the CIA came up with an alphabetical shorthand that uses the first letter of the word it represents. Not sure if this applies to all categories, but it's a good way to start. As you can imagine, the letters A and C are used mostly in QQQQOC documents.

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B and H gave me the most trouble because they only appeared as numbers. I also knew that the three main branches of the military were very involved in QAQOQA, but I had a hard time deciding which branch to represent with the appropriate letter. I won't bore you with why I thought that, but for a while I thought the B stood for Navy, the H for Air Force, and the G for Army. But this system did not play in the documents.

Then I started thinking like the bean counters at the CIA. You know what? If they can bring together all the investigative agencies and they can bring together all the consultants and they can bring together everyone in the CIA, they can bring together all kinds of people. I concluded that the B/3s and B/6s were part of the military because of their “tour of duty” and war stories and they tended to run hundreds of hours a day. At that point I discovered that B/3 meant a military base and B/6 meant an officer attached to a military base. In relation to the H before B/3s or B/6s,

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