(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2948 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2948 Answers – Ambrosia made with toasted marshmallows, shredded coconut, pineapple, tangerines and whipped cream is not considered a “salad”. After cooling overnight in the freezer, the dish hardens and turns into a depressing fruit mash. Despite its sweet ingredients, it is often served as a main dish at Thanksgiving and Christmas – rarely as a dessert, and often as a side dish.

This 19th-century dish is made with expensive-looking ingredients and takes its name from the dish of the Greek gods. After marshmallows were added to the recipe in the 1920s, ambrosia became a staple holiday treat. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients used in cooking today are unhealthier than most, challenging the millennial view of health.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2948 Answers

One of the most boring grains, bran cleans our intestines thanks to its fiber content. You can’t even combine it with marshmallow brownies to make a crunchy dessert! Although it’s high on the list of healthiest grains, things get even worse when raisins are added to the mix.

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Popular raisin bran cereals are very high in sugar, sometimes exceeding popular children’s cereals such as Lucky Charms. Gluten-free and diabetics are advised to stay away from grains. Because it contains a dangerous mix of high-fructose corn syrup and sweeteners, Raisin Bran’s heart-healthy benefits are overshadowed by harmful ingredients.

Just listen to these ingredients: cooked pork and beef sausage, covered with lamb intestines and preserved in chicken broth. I’m sorry? We must stay away from any sentence that includes both “rejected” and “mutton guts,” whatever that means. Vienna sausage, which is an unbalanced mixture of sodium nitrite and saturated fat, is one of the most unhealthy foods.

Fresh out of the can (problem #1!), Vienna sausages are slimy cold rolls that require a lot of patience and slime sauce to become edible. A typical bachelor meal, we can see the little sausages become the last food left during the zombie apocalypse.

Despite their appearance, sardines have heart-healthy and stroke-preventing properties, putting them at the top of the superfood list. Unlike most fish, sardines are low in mercury, making them safe to eat in large portions. Sounds bad so far, doesn’t it? To wait.

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Unfortunately, the canned type of sardine has a particularly unpleasant quality. From the smell to the mucus inside, if you have a weak stomach, stay away, stay away! Consumers who have problems with uric acid or salt intake should take more time to consider whether eating sardines is really the best option.

Tuna casserole is a classic “Welcome to the neighborhood!” completely hit or miss food. Traditional food, which is usually prepared from canned and fattening ingredients, is gradually approaching the old-fashioned way. Tuna, noodles and beans are not very popular among young people. Good luck, get the pot back from the neighbors… They never want to clean it, eat it!

Food is now primarily a nostalgic guilty pleasure for many boomers who are used to its negative effects. Would anyone suggest creamy fish noodles as their favorite Friday night meal? We don’t think so! Besides, mixing egg noodles, fish, condensed soup and frozen peas in one meal should be a crime.

Once a revolutionary alternative to high-calorie sugar, the artificial sweetener has gained a bad name over the past decade. “What sweetener do you use?” instead of asking. The question “Which sweetener is safe to use?” Look at the packaging of your nearest Sweet ‘N Low coffee shop and you’ll see the words “dangerous to your health” written in bold red in English.

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A number of studies have shown that minimal consumption of the product can help in losing weight, but its complete replacement with sugar can actually lead to malnutrition and rejection of healthy food. Rumors about the carcinogenic risks of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners have little support, but their association with heart disease and obesity is almost certain.

The bologna sandwich, also known as “baloney,” is a staple in the United States and Canada. The sandwich can be made in no time, making it popular with lazy cooks. In defense of bologna: it’s actually a quick option for incredibly busy people, not lazy people, which is why it’s become popular. But with advancing technology and food research, there’s almost no excuse to turn away from this unsavory sandwich.

A white bread sandwich, often topped with ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, makes it easy to forget about the health risks faced by boomers. What happens when you put cream cheese between corned beef and wonder bread? Boomers

The popularity of spam dates back to World War II. Almost as far back as his fat remains were used to lubricate weapons and boots for soldiers around the world. Canned pork, which originated in the United States, became famous in Hawaii. The incredibly low price and the possibility of replacing more expensive meat kept it on store shelves for decades.

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Dipping directly into precooked, slimy-tasting pork is doable for anyone, and even spam fans would call it unforgivable. Unfortunately, there is no action here. Either roast meat for Saturday lunch or buy canned food.

Snack cakes are an entire category of boomer food worth discussing, but for now we’ll focus on the most iconic treat. Every Hostess product is automatically guilty, and Twinkies are on the top list of packaged desserts. Full of creamy flavor and deep-fried, Twinkies are the perfect go-to for crunchy, sweet treats.

No one can deny that Twinkies are unhealthy, but boomers don’t care. After going bankrupt in 2012, Hostess was bought and revived, allowing the sweet snack to live in America’s kitchens indefinitely. What would boomers do if they didn’t always have something on hand?

Brussels sprouts get a bad rap as the worst vegetable, but they’re actually one of the best superfoods out there. High in protein and fiber and low in calories, kale has found its way onto tables around the world. The problem here is not just the vegetables, but the way people prefer to cook them.

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However, the popularity of boomers who prefer to cook Brussels sprouts actually undermines the taste and gives off a rotten smell. Not to mention the stomach aches and gas associated with the plant’s heavy carbs. It’s time to rethink the tactics of millennials – throw them in the oven!

Whoever thought of combining the sweetness of corn with the milky residue of the grain, did not really like the corn.

A lots of. Corn can turn an unpleasant color if not cooked properly, especially if the ingredients are taken from a can, so you can be sure that boomers are making bowls of cream right and left.

At the very least, those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy something “creamy” without the astringent effect of dairy products. Corn is fried, boiled, stewed, loose food… Why bother with it? Regardless of all the evidence, it doesn’t matter if it tastes good or not. The calorie content of corn mixed with cream is astronomically unhealthy.

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Any type of processed fish should automatically be cause for concern. Stuffed, breaded, fried and frozen fish fingers will grab your hand and give you a heart attack. Although the fish used in this fast food is low in mercury, the bread contains harmful trans fats.

We don’t even want to think about eating undercooked sticks, the results won’t be very good. And it is wrong to consider this unhealthy food as “baby food”. Sure, it might look like a delicious mozzarella stick in some ways, but one bite without the cheese core is enough to throw the box in the trash.

Liver is a list of nutritious superfoods that can help boost your immune system and strengthen your bones, hair, nails and skin. Again, the problem is how Boomers approach cooking. Are you sensing a trend here? With the right tools and knowledge, the biggest products can be the best for us!

Even though the meat isn’t particularly tasty, it’s hard to see the boomers when the kids eat the toxin-filtering organ because it’s not seasoned with the right spices or sauce. So why will this trend continue into the 2020s? Millennials would have a hard time using liver as a staple food, no matter how many vitamins it contains.

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An iconic dessert from the Victorian era, fruitcake has been a running joke since the 60s, when Johnny Carson joked that it was “the worst Christmas present ever.” Along with the idea that pies are commonplace, Carson perpetuates the misconception that fruit pies simply taste terrible.

Millennials have always disregarded and derided the thick sweet fruit and nut cake.

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