(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 381 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 381 Answers – Against the backdrop of a nation preparing for all-out war on distant battlefields, professional baseball today enters its 67th season. He has survived other wars and plans to end this one as well. Even though the nation is in the midst of the greatest war effort in history, the public still has a soft spot in their hearts for the national pastime. An estimated 200,000 fans will turn out to watch the two major leagues flee their five-and-a-half-month campaigns, barring the weather and there are no signs the turnstiles will bang happily all season.

But the war brought many changes to baseball. Baseball will still be played next October, some may not be as well known. The Federal and Continental Associations fielded 62 players who appeared in at least one major league game last season, countless minor leaguers and more. Who and when will play a big role in deciding flag races.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 381 Answers

At the request of President Roosevelt, the FABL expanded its nighttime baseball program to allow more fans to attend games. The Continental Association will play 84 nights and the Federal Association 77 – twice as many games as last season. Twilight games are likely to be played in industrial cities like Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

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There will be new general managers (in Washington), new directors (in Montreal and St. Louis) and many new recruits. As the season progresses, more rookies will make their major league debut and valuable veterans will go to war.

Brinker’s Take: A global conflagration has spread across the United States, and now many citizens will serve the nation in a life-and-death struggle against tyranny. One industry that will try to carry on with a “sense of normalcy” thanks to President Roosevelt’s “green light letter” is professional baseball. The Federally Adjusted Baseball Leagues will release the full list of teams that will play their expected 154 games. But will this new baseball look like yesterday (like last year)?

In my opinion, the quality of the game will be a little less in 1942, but perhaps even more in the seasons to come. Who knows how long this war will last, let alone how many capable young people will be dragged into its mess? The number of capable shooters who were drafted or sent into military service, exchanging flannels for fatigues, is still relatively small. But do not doubt that it will become even bigger.

Now for the question on everyone’s lips: what will this dirty, war-torn FABL 1942 season look like?

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Short answer: expect crime to drop. I’ve heard rumors that cannons won’t be as lively as in previous years as rubber is a major resource in military areas. Remember, this is where you heard it for the first time!

1-Boston – still there. The additions made at the trade deadline last season will pay even bigger dividends this season.

2- Philadelphia – The Keystones were illegal last year, but this year the offense will be top notch with Koblenz and Barrell going far.

4-Detroit – see above, although the presence of Pestilly and the Big Bad looms as most teams will find it increasingly difficult to score.

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5-New York – the young Gothams will ride Bowman’s right arm (is he ready?) and Walt Messer’s bat. If they produce, it’s a five-team race

7-Washington – They’re advancing, but the military has hit them hard and the closet isn’t quite full to begin with.

1-Toronto – McCormick is likely gone for the duration of military operations, but the platoon is still there and the underrated throw is paramount.

2-Chicago – Papenfus will be missed by them more than any other team. It won’t be a shock if they do it again, but it will be hard

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3-New York – Barrett – so far – escaped the Army thanks to FDR. How often does the President of the United States intervene in the flag race? However, this may not be enough

4-Cincinnati – Throwing is a question and there were plenty of injuries in 1941. If Deuce Barrell holds his own and the other guys are good enough, Balls is in the running.

5-Brooklyn – The Kings are a bit of a mystery. Talented enough to win, but uneven play tests them. A day game for Tiny Tim, Wheeler and Rats will help a lot.

6-Philadelphia – Residents of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial are likely in the middle of the pack, missing trades and injuries that can always affect the race.

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8-Montreal – that’s it for the Saints who tore it down to the studs. Fans will need a lot of patience

Trying to predict the outcome of a 154-game baseball season is difficult, at least in normal times. We’re a long way from normal times, and you have to think that the outcome of the 1942 pennant races likely hinges on what mid-season calls players can get in the military. The previous year had been heavily affected by the war, particularly in the Continental Conference, where defending champion Toronto Wolves had lost excellent first baseman Fred McCormick, and that was undoubtedly one reasons why the 1941 champions hadn’t even landed first. division. . .

Unexpected events like McCormick’s departure cannot be planned for when judging teams on opening day, but even so, exactly half of the record 14 tipsters from a year ago successfully named the continental crown towards the Chicago Cougars. Our fearless 14 had little success with the Feds in 1941, as none of them saw Boston attack at the deadline to break the Feds’ two-and-a-half-decade title drought with a pennant victory. In fact, only one prediction, from BNN, predicted that Boston would even finish second, and Detroit World columnist Freddie Farhat was the only one to place the Minutemen in the top three.

So don’t worry, baseball fan, if your local back nine isn’t rated highly by one of the 7 men brave enough to record their 1942 campaign results calls. There aren’t many agreement among the seven predictors shown here. At the Fed, we preferred Boston to replicate 4, but the other three like Pittsburgh or Detroit. It’s a similar story in the Continental, with 4 winners with the New York Stars, two repeating with the Chicago Cougars, and one of our two New York Mirror commentators being the only one to see Toronto take the crown in California. .

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Arthur Mortimer of the Chicago Daily News sees the Chiefs finishing in the middle of the pack, but he’s very optimistic as he reiterates the Cougars in California: No fuss, no problem! The Cougars get their second chance after eliminating the Stars, while the Miners return to the top of the highly competitive Fed, where you can flip a coin to place the top five teams. Part of me wants to say Cougar at six, but another part of me realizes it’s going to be Miner at seven.

HOB4: The latest recap of baseball history dating back to OOTP2 and the old Scoreboard.

Perhaps after roaming the woods with dogs and shotguns all fall and winter, baseball players never realized that these are unusual times and anything can happen. Club owners and FABL president Sam Belton have been reporting for months that Big 16 teams are more or less balanced, with dramatic turnovers, due to the draft and one thing or another. don’t be unexpected

Apparently, the theorists did not take everything into account. Why, opening day felt like the season opening day a year ago! With the new emphasis on the Good Neighbor Policy and with hot water flowing in Vichy, President Roosevelt did not keep the traditional date at Washington’s Columbia Stadium on Inauguration Day. But the Philadelphia Keystones were there and, as expected, they lost to the local Eagles. In Boston, the defending champions had a pitching duel with Pittsburgh ace Lefty Allen. In Chicago, the Chiefs defeated the St. Louis and in Canada the defending champion CA Cougars defeated Montreal. Everything seemed the same until it didn’t.

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The Fed’s opening week confirmed that this really won’t be an old regular season. It was almost as if the world had been turned upside down, as if a look at the top of the Fed table somehow showed the New York Gothams leading 6-1.

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