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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1413 Answers – September is the month of hunger This is a time when America's food banks work together to tell the story of food security I also think this is a good time to share that our staff is committed to making Northwest Arkansas a better place to live by getting involved in activities outside of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. Here is a partial list of the things we cover:

* Leadership roles in our respective churches including home ministry, church councils, youth leaders, small group leaders

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 1413 Answers

* Leadership roles in other 501c3 organizations; Ozark Literacy Council, Salvators Army, Network of Executive Women, Rotary International, Fundraising Professionals Association, Special Olympics, Miss Amazon

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I'm sure there are more, but this list gives you an idea of ​​how deeply our employees are involved in our daily lives.

A number of local activities are taking place as part of Hunger Month Be sure to check out our website or follow us on social media for more details on how you can support us through third-party events.

In case you forgot, in 2018 I started my “Orange Challenge”. To reiterate, orange is the color that represents food safety Our logos, No Kids Hungry, The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and Feeding America are all orange. Any chance I have to highlight a requirement Cash donations help pay bills Money helps put food on the table for those in need Advocacy is equally important Many people are hungry and few realize that the need is as great as it is I am proud to wear orange every September and I encourage you to do the same You can also pay attention while watching the local news station You will look a little orange

Thank you all for your continued support of Banco Alimentara and our mission Without your help, we cannot and will not serve our neighbors

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Northwest Arkansas Food Bank Feeds hungry Northwest Arkansas communities Phone: (479) 872-8774 Fax: (479) 872-8777 1378 June Self Drive Springdale, AR 72764

The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank has announced plans to open a full-service, customer-choice pantry at 212 South 13th. After renovations, the pantry will open in late 2021 or early 2022 FEED ROGERS will emulate the normal shopping experience and allow food insecure individuals to afford to consume food for their families.

“When we allow our neighbors to choose their food, we give them the opportunity to write their own stories We encourage a respectful experience where neighbors feel respected by staff and volunteers, and we hope to break down barriers between givers and receivers,” said Sabrina Thiede, director of programs for the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

Feed Rogers will be open longer days and hours to accommodate neighbors who work but need help putting food on the table, or open 5 days a week. The location was specifically chosen for its proximity to the nonprofit's center and community clinic, both existing partners of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank that provide services to improve the lives of neighbors who use the pantry.

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“The main idea behind Feed Rogers is to change the food pantry model from a temporary one to a transformative one. People living in poverty and food insecurity often feel isolated and full of stress and anxiety. Working with other community partners, we can work to create a safer environment. Closely with our neighbors where help and healing are partners and our neighbors are on the path to self-empowerment, Thiede added.

The pantry will be run by a combination of paid staff and volunteers The St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church of St. Vincent de Paul is a founding partner of the project and will provide many volunteers, but volunteering will be open to anyone interested.

“We are very excited about this partnership between the food bank and St. Vincent de Paul. They are a strong agency partner and excited about the potential of FEED ROGERS,” said Kent Ikenberry, president and CEO of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

According to Thiede, “Opening this pantry will give us the opportunity to test ways to improve the neighborhood pantry experience that can be implemented in our other 135 partner pantries.

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“Having a food bank-run pantry is part of our strategic plan, as we've seen what our sister food banks in Oklahoma City and Dallas are doing with their ‘learning pantries.' I want to assure our other partner agencies in Rogers that we will continue to work with and support them as they continue their mission to feed our neighbors. Unfortunately, as Northwest Arkansas continues to grow, more and more people are experiencing food insecurity. Feed Rogers will be a great way to test ways to better serve our community ” added by Eikenberry

The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank (a 501c3 organization) was founded in 1988 by concerned citizens who saw a need to help fight hunger in Benton, Washington, Madison and Carroll counties. The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank distributed more than 13.25 million meals in 2020. With over 130 partner agencies we are able to reach the people who need it; Providing nutrition to children, the working poor and the elderly The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank is an affiliate of Feeding America and a founding member of the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

Hunger Action Day is September 17 Plan how you can make a difference in someone's life in Northwest Arkansas today Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts!

The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Rogers was started about 12 years ago by a man named Tony. The Pantry is an international conference chapter of the Mother Teresa Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

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Pete Metzer runs the food pantry and the branch's responsibility is to help those who come to them. Yes, for example, they cannot pay their electric bills After prayers and home visits, they will likely pay that bill

Over the years, the pantry has grown from a shed property to a full house This growth allowed St The Vincent de Paul Food Pantry served about 40-60 people a day before COVID-19 and now serves about 20 people a day, according to Peet.

When COVID-19 hit, a pre-pack and drive-thru/pick-up system allowed customers inside the pantry building. With the increase in cases and the return of the Delta variant in Arkansas, Peet said he decided to stick with that system for now.

While the number of neighbors visiting the pantry has dropped during COVID-19, Peet said people are starting to come back.

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With the drive-thru system, food pickers arrive in their cars and line up to register, Peet said. If they are not registered with the pantry, a volunteer will collect their information and register them for USDA food where needed, as well as register with the pantry themselves. The pre-packaged food is then taken to the waiting car

USDA food is distributed once a month and cents Vincent de Paul allows less fortunate neighbors to visit twice a month

Pete said there is a bank of about 109 volunteers for St. Louis Food Pantry Vincent de Paul They do different things on different days and when the pantry is open Some of these tasks include restocking supplies, packing food bags, driving to collect donations and groceries, and grocery shopping.

“You know, as far as I'm concerned, it's an amazing job,” Peter said. “It's feeding the poor. And that's what we're here for And all the people, all my volunteers are very dedicated to it. “

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Those interested in volunteering fill out a form at the pantry, where they indicate their name, address, telephone, email and the day of the week they wish to volunteer. During the week, there are several volunteer trips that interested individuals can sign up for

Pete said 85-90% of the food from their pantry comes from the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. The rest of the food comes from donations from area stores and vendors, as well as donations from the center Vincent de Paul once a month

Individuals are also welcome to donate to the pantry “If they call ahead, they can schedule a time to drop off the donation,” Pete said.

Pete said the pantry also has a sharing and caring week on the last weekend of the month The week before, the congregation bulletin publishes a need for the food pantry and lists and donations are brought to the church to be shared and cared for on Saturdays. And on Sundays, the pantry van will make deliveries and pick up donations

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St. Vincent

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