(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 685 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 685 Answers – Record of all podcast episodes + more For a record of all special episodes, click here.

812. Can you pass the British citizenship test? (with Cara Leopold) – To qualify for British citizenship, one must pass the “Living in the UK” test. The questions cover subjects such as British history, British life and culture, British politics, British geography and the study of modern English life. What do you think, what do you think? Can you pass the test?

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 685 Answers

811. Appeal for the Earthquake of Turkey and Syria / What is happening in Iran? (Subject and Vocabulary) – An event about two (unrelated) situations, 1) the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria where many people need immediate help, 2 ) the humanitarian crisis in Iran. During the event, I read different stories and explained some words. Videos are available.

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810. Ambient Music with James – A conversation with my brother about a type of music “Ambient” and comments about Brian Eno, Eric Satie, Aphex Twin, The Orb and others …

809. Toilets, Titanic and TikTok with AMBER and Paul – An uncensored conversation with AMBER and Paul about toilet behavior, Titanic (1997), weird videos on TikTok and YouTube and more. High quality audio samples with POD-PAL. Videos are available.

808. James Harris returns to talk about his book – Writer/comedian James Harris returns to talk about learning Chinese, marrying a Chinese woman and his semi-autobiographical book, “Midlands,” which to tell funny and touching stories about two exes. . Potts lives in Germany. James reads several parts of the book during the episode. Videos are available.

807. Dylan, Lennon, Marx and God (with John Stewart PhD) – A conversation with pop-star guru John Stewart (guitarist in The Wedding Present and Sleeper) about two strange people of popular culture today, Bob Dylan and John Lennon. Videos are available.

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806. Patience, Excellence and Learning with Santiago Ruiz de Velasco from Oxford University Press – Santiago is the Director of English Studies at Oxford University Press. But their first language is not English. He learned that as an adult when he moved to London in his twenties. This discussion explores the challenges, failures and successes he faced in learning English and what he learned about teaching. because of the language. Videos are available.

805. A New Year Ramble 2023 / Learn English with LEP – It’s a great thing about starting a new New Year, and I have to tell you about listening to Luke’s English podcast to use have the podcast app on your phone. Tangent I hope you like it! Videos are available.

804. The Missing Masakio by Peter Carlson (Learn English with Text Adventure Story) – The third (and last) example in this series of little mysteries in LEP. Can I improve my detective skills to reveal the disappearance of an expensive painting and a series of gruesome murders? Peter Carlson’s story and video are available at textadventure.co.uk.

803. Agraham by Peter Carlson (Learn English and Storytelling) – Second in three series of stories by Peter Carlson. We’re on the hunt for a gruesome killer and he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. Do I have the detective skills to solve the mystery and avoid death? Videos are available.

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By Peter Carlson 802. The Unpenned Safe (Learn English and Practical Fiction) – Let’s do another mystery story by Peter Carlson. . Listen to me read the story and decide to solve the mystery. You can read the story with me or play the game yourself. This is the first in a series of 3 stories from Peter’s play “Victorian Detective Interlude” available at textadventures.co.uk.

801. 2022 World News Quiz with Stephen from SEND7 – Stephen from the SEND7 podcast asks Luke 20 quiz questions about 2022 world news. Do you know the answers? Can you beat Luke in the quiz? Hear some serious moments, some fun moments and a recap of some of the highlights of the year. Videos are available.

800. [Part 3] Episode 800 Ramble (Last Part) – Why is this the last part of Episode 800, why was there a delay between Part 2 and Part 3, some information about the Flu and quick coverage about the World Cup 2022. Videos are available.

800. [Part 2] Episode 800 Ramble / Lapster Q&A – Celebrate episode 800 by answering a long list of questions from listeners. This section covers topics such as improving your speech when you live in a non-English speaking country, headphones and microphones that I use, my favorite eat now, the afterlife and the spirit world, my favorite genres, tea, my favorite video games, vs. Dad and the series new Star Wars.

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800. [Part 1] Episode 800 Ramble / Lapster Q&A – Celebrate episode 800 and answer many of the questions posted on social media. Expect questions about my bad music career, grammar, my favorite author, my daughter, life as an English teaching podcaster and more. Videos are available.

799. The True Story of the Lepster’s Waking Sleep (And How LEP Was Saved) Email Story – Share a disturbing true story that a Lepster sent via email. The event has some scary details and descriptions of scary visions, apparitions, hallucinations, and nightmares, but it has a happy ending. Videos are available.

Ramble Message / Episode 800 Plan / World Cup? – Bonus little tease about my plans for the 800 episode (get your questions) and why I haven’t done a World Cup event, but could hear me talk about it with Zdenek on his podcast (link available).

798. Mysterious AL (Street Art & Graffiti) – In conversation with Mysterious Al, a London-based contemporary artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Videos are available.

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797. Luke Interviews SEND7’s Stephen LEP – Stephen from the SEND7 podcast hosted me to discuss how I started LEP, the experiences and results, as well as some of the benefits and challenges of podcasting for English learners. Videos are available.

796. Local English language and identity with Mark Steele – Join guest speaker Mark Steele to discuss cultural and linguistic diversity in the between the UK and France, highlights in the UK and a short tour of some places in the UK you might not know. . There is also a debate about obscenity and profanity in the UK. Videos are available.

795. DOPPELGANGER (Learn English with a short story) – Learn English with another short story. There are actually two stories in this section. Listen to the end for 2. Repeat after me to practice your pronunciation. Learn vocabulary and grammar in the second part of the show with an explanation of past and present declension verbs. Videos are available.

794. The Surprising Power of Reading A Lot (Essay) – Reading out loud has many surprising benefits for our memory and mental health. How can it help your English too? In this section I will read you a story, help you understand it and express silently and aloud the importance of reading. A video is also available.

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793. Tour the streets of Paris at night on a bike (with a special guest?) – Last week we had a special guest visit our show. fun in Paris. I was given tickets to the show, so I decided to record a podcast as I wandered down the street to the show, wondering if I could interview this guest at LEP.

792. Rick Thompson’s Report: LIZ TRUSS (16 October 2022) – My dad is back to talk more about British politics, this time explaining how Liz Truss’s policies have been a disaster and its Chancellor (Minister of Finance) Kwasi Kwarteng. English Listening Practice – A complex topic, but keep listening to improve your English skills and keep up with what’s happening in the world. British politics. Videos are available.

791. Orientation + Orientation with Amber and Paul (A+P and A&P in LEP) – Amber and Paul went over everything with me in my room! Added a grammar comment about the meaning + coordinate word. Listen carefully to the sentences and try to find examples in the description. Videos are available.

790. Talk with Mom on the Farm (Listen to Q&A) – My mom is back on the podcast to answer listeners’ questions about books, cooking, her relationship with Luke and her granddaughter, the war in Ukraine, John Lennon, the song Imagine the Family. Game, when he fell off his horse and more…

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789. 50 Random British Facts with James (True or False Quiz) [Part 2] – James and Luke discuss some “facts” about Britain, but can you guess whether they are true or false? Learn interesting facts about life in the UK and improve your vocabulary in the process.

788. 50 Random British Facts with James (True or False Quiz) [Part 1] – Can you guess whether these “facts” about Britain are true or false? James and Luke read the facts and discussed them individually. Learn interesting facts about Britain, pick up words about laws and customs

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