(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 110 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 110 Answers – If you have $1mUSD to build a watch collection in 2020, you are ready for the finer things in life. But what would you do if you could only choose the watches that were released this year? That is the question of the T+T team, and in this article the team will explain how to build a $1m watch collection in 2020. Here it is

Enamel dial updates mid-century-era watch after 70 years. Purists love the black color, but I love how this simple change can give the whole watch a modern feel, especially for a case size of 41mm. Few movements in the world can compete with this split-second chronograph for elegance and sophistication proudly displayed on the clear caseback. Price: USD $260,000

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 110 Answers

The title is the H. Moser x MB&F Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon, because it is such a novel and equally handcrafted spectacle. But the heart wants MB&F Legacy Machine 101, and now, one can stand in a blue pool of visual serenity; Classic fume moser dial. Since the Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon is a hair less than 20mm thick, the 40mm wearable LM101 is likely to get a lot of hands-on time. Price: USD$80,000

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A deep dive into this model with Michael Friedman and Eric Ku sealed the deal, but I was hooked. There’s something empowering about the unique way Audemars Piguet has put together its extraordinary catalog – the same way that a classic song reimagined can be confidently carried into the present, and into the future. , it’s totally 2020 as of now. Construction With several brazenly modern touches like the self-winding, this watch is a great vibe in terms of beauty. And – as Eric says – a watch you can wear every day, while you run, in the rain, with complete confidence. Price: USD $55,000

Finissimo or anything really, for me, but the stunning fit of this very complicated model wins the day, as there is a limited production of 50, which means it’s worth it when you meet your fellow wearer in first class. There will be a moment of peace. a resting place. Price: USD $150,000

The Girard-Perregaux Quasar Lite is of exceptional importance when compared to models such as the Laureato Absolute Lite, whose non-sapphire bridges seem too abrupt to defeat their purpose. While I’m here, the iconic three golden bridge design – which lines up the barrel, central wheel and tourbillon on a vertical axis – shines like never before with the dazzling sapphire crystal, a spoiler for the watch and mechanism. Can you imagine wearing this and holding it back several times a day? Me too. Price: USD $300,000

There is something about this combination of rich navy dial, pink gold, and heavy brushing of the bracelet and case, that brings to mind the contrast of the mirror polished Maltese cross cutout bezel. And that’s before you even get a sense of the sleek profile and everything that lives inside. When I first saw it at the Watches & Wonders edition of Watch & Chill, it appeared to be a genuine feel of the model. And I still feel the same way, even with an open version in the mix. Price: USD$88,500

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This is as good as it all comes out, and communication problems with IWC waves for the first time this month, but here it is because — fangirl moment has arrived — kind CEO Christopher Grainger-Herr’s many It is often joked that “it is a tide + tide model”. To respect! Price: USD $34,000

Cartier fans got hungry in 2019 when the French company launched the Cartier Santos-Dumont collection, thanks to low prices thanks to its quartz movement. Twelve months later, Cartier has left Micron with an expansion of the Santos-Dumont line that includes three new mechanical references and four very special limited editions. My favorite is the limited edition Cartier Santos-Dumont “La Demoiselle” in platinum. The woven pattern on the dial and strap was inspired by the Panama hat of Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was a friend of Louis Cartier, and named after one of the South American aircraft. Platinum is a metal reserved by Cartier for exclusive watches, and although it is limited to only 30 pieces, it contains the finest materials for Cartier watchmaking. Plus, the ruby ​​cabochon on the crown is to die for. Price: $43,600.

German watchmaking sometimes doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Take A. For example, the new Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater. Housed in 44.2mm white gold, it offers two different ways of telling the time, neither of which use the hands to communicate. The digital time display is as you would expect from A. Lange & Söhn, surprisingly limited to including a small seconds indicator and a power indicator, set on an attractive blue dial. Below the hour and minute displays is a two-minute repeater hammer, always ready to strike the clocks visible on the dial. It’s technically impressive, and it looks great. Sorry for the pun. Price: €449,000.

In a year of uncertainty, Patek Philippe is set to cancel its new releases in 2020 after closing its factories due to the global pandemic. But to the delight of the watch world, the Genevan watchmaker managed to release several new references this year, including the Patek Philippe Ref. 5270 J Perpetual Calendar, first time in yellow gold. It is a reference that has appeared in several different Precious Metals since its release in 2011, although the release of ref. The 5270 in Yellow Gold feels like a return to the classics that the brand is known and loved for. Perpetual calendar chronographs are an integral part of Patek Philippe’s history and identity, and the 41mm Ref. The 5270J is a continuation of that journey. Price: $168,970.

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To kick off my $1,000,000 fanaticism, let’s start with a fun watch that’s sure to bring a smile to onlookers’ faces. The Hublot Big Bang Succeem is a watch with a lot of technology packed into the case and movement (based on the famous Zenith El Primero frame). Few other brands have mastered the art of sapphire watches. Hublot, a pioneer in the field, has truly mastered the material – to the point of creating a green color that is more subtle than the typical sapphire. Price: $116,000.

I mean… do I need to explain this option? As I’m writing this, I’m using all my energy not to drop my keyboard. This is how class and complexity come together. While there is a lot of functionality packed into this watch, it still has a clean aesthetic that is very legible. This is a complicated watch. When explained to one by the frosted golden gear city rotating and vibrating behind its display, it becomes clear just how much horology this watch is. Price: $134,000.

As a former Piaget employee, I have a huge soft spot (overwhelmingly strong and understated) for the brand and his creations. Ultimate Concept is the best release of 2020 in my mind. It holds the world record for thinnest watch at only 2mm, which is thinner than most types of ultra-thin movements! Equally impressive is the level of customization this ultra-thin horology watch has. According to Piaget there are over 10,000 possible configurations of the watch, which can be designed according to the customer’s request. Very nice of course wow. Price: Approx (depending on configuration) USD$400,000.

Speaking of this kind of money, it makes sense to scratch the tourbillon itch. Although the problem of unnecessary wristwatches is technical (wise words from Philippe Dufour) the truth is that all watch lovers are fascinated when brands create unnecessary features and functions in the name of art and high horizons. This flying tourbillon by Audemars Piguet places the saint in the holy trinity. That’s great. Excellent build and mechanics. Price: $263,300.

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Each collection calls for an everyday wearer ready to dive into a desk full of waves. With not one, but two, precious metal submariners, I could go the subtle route with the Sport Flex in white gold, or the yellow gold version. Although different in tone, both are some of the most durable watches in the industry and have dominated the wrist since 1953. Price: USD$36,950 (Yellow Gold), USD$39,650 (White Gold).

Full size 40 mm, here is presented with a Grand Seiko Mini case in 18 ct yellow gold with a Silver dial. A perfectly proportioned reminder of Grand Seiko’s cool beginnings in the 1960s, with a handsome brushed case back and Zaratsu-polished yellow gold. perfection comes at a small price

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