(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 296 Answers

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 296 Answers – “) is a classic board game created by Klaus Teber. It is probably the most successful of the Euro-style games, and spawned many expansions. It is very good and versatile, but always used board know. I have played it all. time. year. 10, my first 3D album release.

Play. The rules are explained very clearly in the game itself and are available for free online. This guide is to help people who already know how to play, but want to compete privately, online, or even against evil bots. It is divided into sections: the first configuration of the settlement and the route, the ability, the development map, looters, five test matches (

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 296 Answers

), game night, problem solving and a few last words. It took longer than I originally expected and involved too much checking. Suggestions are welcome.

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. There are different levels of difficulty, starting with the basics and moving on to more detail. Good players consider all of the following, and how much weight is given to each in a game depends on the actual layout of the tiles and numbers.

1. Get one of everything. You will need everything from wood, bricks, grain, sheep and food, so why not make sure you have it all first? Plan your first payment so you have 3 different locations, and have 2 last with your final plan.

2. Add water pipes. Each number has a tube on it that has the turning time of the stone (out of 36). Plan your decision so that you have a chance to get a lucky card (if you score according to the offer, the best you can do is 13 taps, say 5/6/9) . To improve the pipeline, you must avoid the desert and the coast. See the second photo above.

3. Port. The option to return to the other side usually leaves you with good options, and if they come with a port, the options on the beach can be interesting (although remember that it is close to two the powder, not one). Ports that best match your pooled resources are fine.

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Prepare as much as possible. This may seem a little difficult, but it is good for experienced people because it keeps them in the game no matter how they swing. The first order of dreams is something like 4/6/9 and 5/8/10 … 2/3, you get a lucky card, and you mix it all up.

5. Equal resources. Try to get the same kind of pipes and bricks, as well as ore and grain. Combining data like 9 wood and 9 brick gives you a quick boost every time you roll a 9, and this combination is powerful.

6. Where to go next? You should think about the interesting options, and if you think that the two settings are the same, this can be a good tie for decision. Look at the road, the next step.

7. Put the food and rice first. Brick and wood have very competitive ideas that are very desirable. But no idea is complete without food and grains, so if you don’t start with them, it’s better to plan how to get them…

How It All Ends

Obviously, the order you enter will affect your chances. There is no better way to go 1/2/3/4/4, although players who prefer a strategy may want to go early. Personally I like to go to the second or third – there are always three good places on the board to start, but when the tar gets full, the options get worse, and the latecomers leave you with bad choices.

You should tell this to the person you want to build your second home. This almost always seems to be off the board. Don’t bother showing it at the empty 5/9/10 intersection – someone else will take it. Is it a 4/9 port? Total Routing is about second-guessing your opponent: how easily you want to show your route (

= number of jobs left. This is difficult in stage 1 placement for obvious reasons, but gets easier the more placement, and if you go first/last, it should be an important part of your placement – your second place should be good. place. This will lead you to other relevant sites and hopefully influence others.

If your strategy does not involve the longest route, try going to two open intersections. Then you can destroy it and create two more addresses instead of 3 instead of 2.

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The last 4 images show the roads, buildings, cities and development maps that need to be created. Rice is a specialty of 3 different models, so it is an accessory that everyone should have. You always need grain to play mining. Wood and brick are often used equally, so try to balance them. If you exceed multiple resources, your plan should include a better port. Each game requires an equal amount of bricks and wood, but having more wooden tiles than bricks means that bricks are more valuable due to the rarity of bricks. The base game has an additional sheep, so the business is the easiest. Ore is the most powerful resource and it is difficult to win without its necessary components. At least try to go with rice.

Using counting words, all the numbers created from 2-12 have the difference as shown above. There is only one way to roll a 6, but there are 5 ways to roll a 6. In the game, there are one to five taps above the numbers, which represent the chance that 36 of the This special resource will be drawn on the given. roll However, the game always has a small amount of work, and the distribution is not consistent with the above. Sometimes, it is the difference between the medium that angers the players. More than 6 to 12 seconds in the game? No 5s in the whole game? You will see them worse. The second figure shows 9 simulations out of 72 rolls (average number of one game), the red dots show the predicted distribution and the blue bars the observed results (created using Excel .

To work. If you want to play this game, this simple recipe is added at the end of this step. Click “Save” if you want a new list). For example, the “game” on the left has 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11 and 12 lines or more. The catch is that the thief only has 6 turns in the entire game.

These differences are found in small samples. Your task is to reduce the luck as much as possible, and play as much waste as possible while leaving your place (to increase the tap and get good spread points ).

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No matter what your photo is, it’s a good idea to show it as the passenger sitting in front of you. You don’t want a thief sitting on your tiles, so it’s best if you block him with winning numbers.

Knights: Knights are powerful – they protect your most important tiles, block other players’ most important tiles, give you free cards (so you only use two cards, refuse your opponent!), and lead you to a bigger game. . Military. If the thief is on one of your tiles, it’s always good to play a *knight* before rolling if you don’t have 7 cards (the other thief gives you 8 cards, if so if you roll seven, you lose half of your cards). Instructions for installing the spoiler follow. They will follow even if you move to roll 7 or knight.

Winning Points: The person with the most unimproved cards in front of them is a dangerous opponent – whether they have more firepower or they are closer to won.

Close game information – when you are not sure who has what, it is possible to know which cards are out, but only a real card counting shark can do that. But when you have Monopoly cards, you have to pay special attention to the rolling dice. Also, check the stack of certificates – if one is missing, tap it. A lie is a lie

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