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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 430 Answers – The latest Guidehouse Insights Home Energy Management (HEM) panel ranks the privately held Atlanta-based interactive company in the top four out of fifteen companies. Although the playing field has become much narrower in the last two years, it has overtaken the giants of the energy industry and surpassed eleven other suppliers. Most notably, the company earned top marks in critical categories such as go-to-market strategy, technology, manufacturing strategy, and product quality and reliability thanks to its customized artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform and customer engagement. The study is based on primary research obtained from telephone and face-to-face interviews with industry leaders, including executives, engineers and marketing professionals from all areas of the value chain, including technology companies, utilities and other service providers, industry associations and agencies. The government and the investor community show significant growth in the HEM market since 2018 in terms of players and market size. It is recognized for providing software tools that deliver personalized and predictive digital communications to customers using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to deliver timely and relevant messages. These messages help customers manage their home energy use and support our transition to a greener energy future. In addition to reports and notifications, it uses custom videos that explain energy bills, invite participation in a DR event, and provide alerts for large and medium bills. These videos are interactive and allow consumers to choose viewing options during the video that are related to their interests. The company has also developed an Amazon Alexa skill that explains the customer’s energy bill and offers saving tips. The report calls its position in the market enviable, saying: “As long as it maintains the quality and variety of its offering where it ranked exceptionally well, it should be well placed to maintain its position or even rise in the rankings.” Going forward, the company will serve some of the largest and most advanced IOUs in the leading industry, as well as hundreds of smaller cooperatives and municipalities through bulk purchases of G&T and cooperative offices. The key to success is the creative use of the industry’s most accurate and advanced predictive energy modeling engines, powered by artificial intelligence-based segmentation algorithms and offering a full range of applications and services. What started as a much-vaunted “virtual” energy reading has now evolved into personalized video messaging and advanced tools. which helps customers understand energy consumption, ways to save and how to optimize the performance of their home. According to CEO Susan Gilbert, “We are excited to surpass our category competitors and be ranked in the Leader quadrant in just the next two years. I am especially proud to be ranked among the best suppliers in the market. to be involved. Four other critical performance areas are among the best. Only our geographic focus in the North The American market is slowing us down, but we see the international market as a future growth opportunity Technology was another evaluation criterion in which it excelled, and gave the highest marks for “development and technology that has a significant business advantage over competitors and is likely to have a lasting impact on its success.” Higher scores are given for proven success in the market or offering unique product features Click here to access an overview of the Guidehouse Insight Scoreboard report About Interactive: Intera ctive is a leading full-service provider of proactive customer engagement software services for utilities. Since 1993, hundreds of water utilities have used its digital engagement platform. And North American electricity is used from coast to coast, including leading utilities, municipalities and investor cooperatives. His clients include Consolidated Edison, Southern Company, Tampa Electric, NextEra, CenterPoint, Xcel, Columbia Gas, Exelon, DTE, LADWP and Jackson EMC. For more information, see LinkedIn.

Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of energy analytics and customer engagement software for utilities, today announced record performance and results for its utility customers in 2022.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 430 Answers

This year it was recognized with the prestigious EMACS Chartwell Awards, and Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) won the 2022 Best Practices Award for Gold Communications for its use of personal video communications. It was the electricity industry’s first personal video communication that communicated household reliability. Customized video reliability reports show each customer’s electricity reliability compared to the previous year. The results showed that more than half of customers had a more favorable view of ComEd after watching the video.

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His clients include many of the country’s largest, most innovative and forward-looking water and power companies in the investor-owned, municipal and cooperative sectors of the water and power industry. In 2022, energy companies started pilot projects, upgraded subscriptions to include personalized video messages, or decided to implement large-scale solutions, allowing millions more utility customers to receive messages. Be relevant because companies see the value of proactive and personalized communications.

Recent case studies have shown that companies that have partnered with 2022 have benefited from a robust digital communications platform that provides year-round support and includes tailored marketing strategies that meet and exceed their goals.

By using our proprietary communication and engagement platform, institutions increase customer awareness, increase participation in programs, reduce expensive calls and improve customer satisfaction.

It has continued to successfully expand its communications platform over the decades, including tools that inform customers about important topics such as payment and pricing options, reliability, electric vehicles, renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. New features coming to existing customers in late 2022 include an energy monitor and an advanced EV counter.

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Jim Malcolm, CEO of Interactive, said: “We are delighted with the results our utility customers have seen in 2022 and look forward to larger, full-scale trials in 2023. Our strong digital platform, personalized strategy and ‘ongoing support’ have proven beneficial to our utility customers.”

Interactive, Inc. A leading provider of customer engagement services to utilities serving the energy industry since 1993. The customer engagement platform helps companies build ongoing digital relationships with customers, help them engage and educate customers, reduce costs, achieve behavioral energy efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. . Its solution enables customized, relevant and video-based communication in several channels, promotes self-service and improves operational efficiency through marketing automation. His loyal customer base includes Commonwealth Edison, Liberty Utilities, ConEd, Duquesne, Tampa Electric, People’s Gas, CenterPoint, Xcel Energy, LADWP and hundreds of IOUs, Municipals, Cooperatives and Gas Companies. For more information, see LinkedIn.

Interactive, creator of the Envoy communications platform and personalized video bill statements, is proud to congratulate Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) as a recipient of the 2022 Chartwell Gold Communications Best Practices Award. ComEd receives a prestigious award for PRR’s personal reliability reports. ), developed to inform customers about their outages. The 2022 Chartwell Best Practice Awards recognize the excellence of electricity and gas companies in projects, programs and service initiatives aimed at improving customer experience, communication and awareness.

ComEd’s Wendy Hines, Senior Business Project Manager and Project Champion, will present the case study on the 25th.

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. Hosted by Chartwell, the conference attracts more than 300 attendees from 65 institutions across the United States.

ComEd, which provides electric service to more than 4 million customers in northern Illinois, recently spent $2.6 billion to upgrade its electric grid. Although reliability has improved by more than 60 percent since 2012, research still shows that most customers were unaware of the impact of upgrades on the reliability of their electricity service. As a result, ComEd partnered with Interactive to create custom reliability reporting (PRR) videos to improve customer understanding and overall customer satisfaction.

From March to mid-April 2022, ComEd emailed 2,113,393 PRR videos to residential customers. The video shows the customer their actual reliability for 2021 compared to 2020, notes that their March bill includes a detailed personal reliability report, prompts them to download the ComEd app, and then asks them to vote on the video.

ComEd’s custom video trust reports achieved a unique 45.14% open rate and 3.63% unique clicks, a significant improvement over ComEd’s internal benchmarks. Most importantly, survey responses indicate increased understanding and a more favorable perception of ComEd:

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Co-Founder and CEO Suzanne Gilbert emphasized, “We are thrilled that ComEd is receiving this well-deserved recognition as a leader in the energy industry and honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an advanced tool. Personal and relevant information is delivered quickly to improve customer engagement and increase satisfaction.”

In addition to the top awards in the communication category, ComEd also won bronze in customer service and digital experience.

Interactive, Inc. is a leading provider of electrical customer engagement services, serving the energy industry since 1993. Its customer engagement platform helps companies build ongoing digital relationships with customers, helping them engage and educate customers, reduce costs, achieve energy efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. . Its solution enables customized, relevant and video-based communication in several channels, promotes self-service and improves operational efficiency through marketing automation. His loyal client base includes Southern, Liberty Utilities, Duquesne Light, Tampa Electric, People’s Gas, CenterPoint, Xcel Energy, Exelon, NextEra, LADWP and hundreds of IOU, municipal, cooperative and gas companies. More information can be found at

Interactive, Inc., a leader in digital engagement and customer engagement strategy, announced

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