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(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2608 Answers – Herbalife's (NYSE:HLF) annual report on total revenue distribution shows a distribution of fees that is heavily skewed in favor of top recruiters. But due to the limited data and the absence of reliable data on the costs of managing distributors, the 's data does not tell the whole story.

SA Contributor Jon M. Taylor, MBA, PhD and President of the Consumer Awareness Institute has published the most comprehensive MLM research available to date. The 2014 edition of his 449-page report titled Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked includes the loss of participants in 50 MLMs. His analysis showed that Herbalife participants had a 99.2% success rate in 2011 (7-20).

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 2608 Answers

Using another method of analysis, SA Associate Robert L. FitzPatrick, author and president of Pyramid Scheme Alert, SA Associate Douglas M. Brooks, an attorney specializing in MLM and franchise law, and SA Associate Bruce Craig, Assistant State Attorney of Wisconsin, Retired. published a white paper on the Pursuit of Alpha on March 17, 2014, which details the total income of MLM distributors. Their analysis showed that 99.6% of all participants in Herbalife, NuSkin and Amway were underweight in 2012. Although MLM proponents have been quick to criticize the work of Messrs. Taylor, FitzPatrick, Brooks, and Craig, no one has published a study that refutes their findings.

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This article examines the potential of Herbalife's business opportunity as a full income service for qualified sales managers (ie, managers) and sales managers who are defined by Herbalife as “those who generated at least 2,500 volumes in 2011 as a manager.” ” It does not include more than 74% of salespeople who are below the level of sales director and all groups that remained at the same time near the beginning of 2012. An example of this analysis is based on the IRS statistics for 2011 (the most recent year at the time of writing), Herbalife data of the 2011 dividend and its 10-K from the same year, carefully printed.

The IRS reports annual statistics compiled from randomly selected tax returns in North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) section 454, “Non-Commerce Retail.” This analysis uses these industry statistics for three reasons:

Income and expenses figures for other direct sellers are not available from the Tax Administration. However, the Census Bureau reports income figures based on IRS records for businesses classified as companies with sales of $1,000 or more in 2011, as well as non-retailers. Of the 796, 334 were outside retailers, 667, 187 or 83.78% were other direct sellers. The only retailers not included in this industry category by the Census Bureau were the 3,195 “retailers”, none of whom are MLM distributors.

The Census Bureau report also showed that private businesses account for 639,728 or 95.88% of the 667,187 direct sellers. The remaining 4.12% had 17,041 companies and 10,418 companies.

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The employment of sole proprietors of other direct sellers was also determined using the Census Bureau which reported the number of non-retailers divided by their income and the same figures for other direct sellers.

The correlation coefficient of 0.9989 shown at the bottom of the table is a measure of the degree to which two parameters are correlated. Correlation coefficients can range from “negative one” to “zero” and even “one”. A coefficient of “zero” indicates that there is no correlation between two sets of data. “Negative” refers to the opposite positive correlation. A coefficient of “one” indicates a direct correlation. Coefficients between 0.5 and 0.9 are considered “high”. This 0.9 or higher is considered “very high”. The correlation between the net income of non-traders and other direct sellers in the same sector is less than perfect.

Taken together, all of these facts suggest that the IRS's net worth of non-retailer businesses correlates well with the net worth of MLM distributors. The analysis was based on this.

The IRS shows the total income, deductions, and amount of the refund on all returns, including the 1040 EZ return, and separately for those who reported gross income. Subtract the totals of profitable businesses from all the businesses that lost money. Then the averages were calculated for the reading groups taken. The average cost provides two factors for the total income and the deductions, from which the income was calculated.

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The average operating income was $9,640 for non-profits who reported a net loss and $43,469 for those who reported a gain. The average business deduction was $14,466 and $33,617. The average of the output curve is the curve and approximates the zero return.

Assistant to SA Dr. Kay Herbert generously offered her expertise to increase the accuracy of the images through mathematics. The actual limit he calculated was $20,763.

This figure was combined with Herbalife's “Statement of Average Gross Compensation of U.S. Supervisors – 2011” in the next step of the analysis.

The percentage of what Herbalife defines as “Leaders” (distributors who reach Supervisor level or higher) and “Active Leaders” (those who generated at least 2,500 Volume Points in 2011 after becoming a Supervisor) is the Herbalife Performance Median Reward Statement. and statistics related to this analysis. Herbalife executives who made it to the “Get Team” group earned $19,417, which is 93.5% of their $20,763 income. The error resulting from this error can only benefit the calculated number of trades that make a profit.

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“Medium income” can be defined as the minimum compensation that Herbalife pays to the top 50% of employees. Expressed as a percentage of the members of the Get Team (50% x 2.6% =), 1.3% received an income that exceeded their income. Among the members of the Active Get Team (50% x 6.5% =), 3.25% received more than zero income.

Among the top executives, both the median income of members of the president's class (0.2%) and members of the millionaires' class (0.7%) exceeded their average income. These percentages were added to Get Team Leaders' 1.3% for a total of 2.2%. This equates to a financial crisis of 97.80 percent.

Among the top managers, members of the President's Team (0.6%) and the Millionaire Team (1.7%) passed the break. These percentages were added to Get Team Leaders' 3.25% for a total of 5.55% due to a financial error of 94.45%.

The North American market leader's 48.6 percent retention rate, which Herbalife reported on page 13 of its 2012 10-K, was revised and analyzed, increasing the number of financial errors to 98.94 percent and 97.34 percent. These percentages do not include the unknown number of sales candidates who abandoned their efforts before qualifying in 2011.

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An important figure included in the IRS statistics is the total loss of non-commercial businesses that fail. They were worth $4,783 despite the millions of other direct sellers who made $0.0 and chose not to lose. The issue of Dec. 23 SA “Herbalife and the Economic Black Hole” by SA contributor Rogier van Vlissingen clearly explained the impact of the total loss of MLM distributors on US GDP. How this loss affects GDP should be discussed separately outside of this article.

It should be noted that the results of this analysis are surprisingly consistent with what Dr. Taylor and Messrs. FitzPatrick, Brooks, and Craig. This consistency, despite scholars using different methods of analysis, serves as an important validation for all three analyses.

The 98.94% financial failure rate is not only a disaster for aspiring entrepreneurs who quit their traditional jobs to pursue the Herbalife dream, but also the dream of stay-at-home parents who just want to help pay the bills or pay for a family vacation. the safety of military families and retired people who are struggling to make ends meet, and the hope of disadvantaged refugees who want to return to their homeland. Based on this, Herbalife and their employers continue to market their business opportunities as “…a solution to difficult economic times”.

At any reasonable level, Herbalife's rosy representations of US “business opportunities” are misleading and contrary to the UDAP prohibition of Section 5. This is consistent with Douglas Brooks' January 17, 2013 article, “Herbalife's Problem with Misleading Acquisition Claims, ” which covered the issue in great detail from a lawyer's point of view. In addition, this analysis shows that Herbalife meets the most important standard that the FTC sets for consumers to recognize a pyramid scheme: “

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“Herbalife's own record, which is supported by its cost and compared to the IRS's figures, should be enough for the FTC to intervene.

In an era of murky transparency, the FTC cannot afford to continue inaction. Herbalife Life is a “business opportunity”. Whether the FTC takes action to limit Herbalife's continued recruitment of salespeople or shut down the 's operations in the US, the result will be the death of Herbalife in the US.

Unfortunately, Congress has only authorized the FTC to apply Section 5 to illegal trade in the United States. But the world is watching; and if the FTC takes action against Herbalife's consumer abuse, regulators in other countries may follow suit.

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