(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 412 Answers

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This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest “Confessions of Outlander”, which is the second quest in Chapter 2 – Act I: The Eternal God and Eternal Euthymia. Here you will find a complete overview of all activities.

(wow) Words Of Wonders Level 412 Answers

He reaches Ritou in Inazuma without any problems and meets his contact, Thoma. But it seems foreigners are far from welcome here…

Worlds Of Wonder

Now that he had finally arrived in Inazuma, Thoma suggested that he register at the border post. Before you go, get the two lavender melons in the boxes on the left, these are one of the new ingredients added to Inazuma, so follow the east path. As you approach the end of the trail, you will see border control on the left. Talk to Inspector Kageyama and he will ask you to provide some of your details, most importantly, why you are in Inazuma. Choose either option and Paimon will eagerly explain his reason to the inspector before Thoma sheds his shame and gives the inspector his documents. He will say that if you want to stay in Ritou, you must follow the instructions.

Continue east, loot boxes in your way, go up the stairs until you reach a rectangle type area, continue east, set the next set of stairs and south and talk to Inspector Yurika. She will tell you that the bill will be two million Mora, which surprises you and Paimon. Thomas tells him that he is good friends with him, and reduces him to 400,000 Mora. Although it is better, it is still rich for you, and Thoma convinces you to go with 600 Mora, it is more like that.

Yurika is trying to take advantage of it with high processing costs. Again, Thomas came to the rescue.

Paimon can’t believe it went from 2 million to 600 Mora like that, and Thoma explains that they always try to squeeze as much as they can, and most people get it because they don’t have much of a choice. After talking more you will tell Thoma you need to meet Raiden Shogun, he says he has the resources to help make that happen but needs a favor in return. He wants you to help the World Trade Organization, which has recently struggled.

Wilmington, N. C.; Do You Remember When?

When the cutscene ends, go west, down the stairs and immediately turn south, then east past Xixi and talk to Kurisu. Paimon will tell him that he heard they’ve been having a problem lately and he tells him that he thinks it’s because of Sakuru’s order, but he tells him that it’s not that, but the Kanjou Council. Apparently, they are responsible for overseeing everything in Ritou and they impose astronomical tax rates, extraordinary regulations, and worst of all, a recently enacted tax law that changes how they pay their taxes.

Mora has been looking for it before, but now they want to pay the money with something they call Crystal Marrow, which no one has heard of before, until they judge the new tax. Because of this, the price of Crystal Marrow has gone up and only one supplier has it in stock, and he charges a lot for it. If this continues, taxes will exceed your profits. Choose to check the seller and Kurisu will tell you where to find it.

When the cutscene ends, head southwest down the stairs and you will see the merchant under the trees to the east. Go to him for an event and Werner will say he doesn’t recognize you and ask if he’s new. You will just ask him where he got his products, and he will be surprised to ask such a question and will say that it is a trade secret. You will ask him to reduce the costs and he will click that he is here for Kurisu and the Business Team. He says the price is non-negotiable and tells you to leave. Paimon will ask what to do and you will suggest asking Thoma.

After the cutscene is over, head back to the Trading Post and Thoma can be found east of it, up the stairs. Talk to him and you will say you have problems. Thomas will give you some tips on how to talk to Werner, in addition to telling you that he is from Mondstadt. Also, you will find that you are part of the International Business Association.

Confessions Of An Outlander

When the cutscene ends, head back to Werner and talk to him again for another cutscene. He doesn’t seem too happy to talk to you again, but with a few wise lines that remind you of Mondstadt’s liberties, he’ll know that’s what you’re talking about. After the second dialogue option, give him the area priority, give him something from Mondstadt, and give him anything else you have.

What you do works and you start to reminisce about Mondstadt, followed by another line to make even more memories appear. He will know that you are pulling his heartstrings, but before he can complain, you will ask him to close his eyes and imagine. You will begin to say things related to different areas, making you miss them even more Liyue, and this time give him the importance of the area from Liyue, again, give him what he has a lot more than. She begs him to stop, saying that her poor heart can’t take it anymore.

(1 of 2) Dandelion seeds are great to use here as they can be obtained outside of Mondstadt.

Dandelion seeds are great to use here because they can be obtained outside of Mondstadt. (left), Any special area will work as long as it comes from the province, in this case Liyue. (right)

Homo Deus _ A Brief History Of Tomorrow

He wanted to tell him that this is exactly how Næringsforeningen employees feel. He told you that he always wanted to talk to them and get rid of the worry, but it seems that they always find a way to solve their problems, and he is always weak to do so. In the end, he will finally tell you everything, telling you that the Crystal Marrow fiasco was a trick by Keijirou and his colleagues in collecting the ashigaru tribute.

The trick is… They take a lot of money from the merchants, so they take the Crystal Marrow they make, when the merchants run out of space to buy it, they have to buy it from Werner, who is selling it at a high price. All the money is going to Keijiro and his friends, and Werner is getting enough to live on. You will tell him that you need proof and he will tell you that when you give Mora to Keijiro it always goes to the same place and he will show you where it is.

When the cutscene ends, go northeast, near the Trade Union, and you’ll have another cutscene, you’ll see Keijiro, Paimon will suggest following him.

Once the short cutscene ends, you must follow Keijiro again, this will enter ‘Stealth Mode’ and you must avoid getting caught. If you get close to him, the eye symbol above his head will start to turn red and Paimon will shout in his ear “You’re so close, so close! He’ll notice for sure!” If this happens, quickly get away from him and wait for the icon to return to normal, if it doesn’t, you will have to restart part of the mission.

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(1 of 2) Maintain the same distance as shown here to avoid alerting Keijiro that you are following him.

Keep the same distance as shown here to avoid alerting Keijiro that you are following him. (left), the eye icon will turn red the closer you get. Keep some distance from him if this happens. (right)

This also happens if you get too far away from him, Paimon will yell “You’re getting too far away. Let’s talk a little. stairs, go left and wait for him a few steps behind the top of the stairs.

After a second or two, he walked a little to his right and stood on the opposite side of the stairs, standing where he was until he moved again. When you land, go down the stairs to your right and head south around the wall. Follow him, but wait a bit before going around the wall, because he will stop again to try to catch you. When he stopped talking, he ran again, following him southeast along the dirt road, and he

Forge Ahead (level 90)

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