How To Make Highchair Banner

How To Make Highchair Banner – In the spirit of party preparation, I began to devise an exit plan. I came to the conclusion that the JDab chair needs home decoration. We plan a fun cake at home with the family. You know this mom, I need everything to be cute. I scoured Pinterest and Etsy for ideas and decided that a colorful birthday chair banner would be the perfect project.

Measure the jute string as needed to secure it to the dining chair. Find the center of the cord and secure the cord by folding the ends and stapling.

How To Make Highchair Banner

How To Make Highchair Banner

Then measure our ribbon and cut to desired length, I want my ribbon to hang under the pen. Find the center of the ribbon and secure the string with a simple knot.

Amazon.com: Highchair Banner 1st Birthday Girl

You can place the ribbons in a pattern or randomly. I have role models from both sides.

How To Make Highchair Banner

When finished, tie the ribbon and twine. Place a sheet of paper under your pen, this is a wide texture through which the paint goes to the surface behind it. I put our 1 hand in place with a simple brush. I then used the tip of the brush to create polka dots.

I love all the photos of our fun cake experience and the banner was just the extra touch we needed.

How To Make Highchair Banner

Ribbon Garland + High Chair Banner Tutorial

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How To Make Highchair Banner

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Amazon.com: Little Cutie Highchair Banner 1st Birthday Girl

I want to make an avocado banner for Aiden but I can’t find it anywhere! So I decided to make it myself! Here’s something you might not know about me, but I live for DIY projects and don’t have much time these days. This banner is very easy to make! The most time consuming part is drying the paint.

How To Make Highchair Banner

The banners I bought came in sets of 15, so before painting I measured the length of rope I needed based on our dining room chairs. The banner is tied with a rope. I used 3 banner panels

First, I googled avocado images (I’ve included the one I used below) and printed 3 copies and cut out the 3 sizes of avocado I needed.

How To Make Highchair Banner

Diy Cute Shabby Chic Highchair Banner Tutorial For Baby’s First Birthday!

I actually used the scale on the print screen to print the original image several times until I found the size I wanted.

I was going to use the stencil to paint the letters on the banner, but I realized that the green might come off, so I decided to use the same dark green felt to cut out the letters.

How To Make Highchair Banner

After the banner was completely dry, I used a hot glue gun to attach the letters and avocado. Be careful not to put too much glue or it will show.

Boy You Are My Sunshine High Chair Banner Baby Blue Yellow 1st

I chose three shades of green for the ribbon, similar to the color of the avocado, and all you have to do is tie it to the banner! This is! As my twins’ first birthdays approach, I am full of emotions! These are our last babies and I really want to grow up!

How To Make Highchair Banner

For me, that means doing everything – or as much as possible! (Of course we still buy dishes and silverware at Sam’s Club!)

I know not everyone has time to DIY so I was looking for something similar to my high chair banner. I found this and it’s beautiful! Maybe you checked Pinterest for inspiration at the last minute and then got overwhelmed, or maybe you just prefer to pick fights for your birthday! Anyway, check out this super cute baby girl first birthday chair!

How To Make Highchair Banner

Amazon.com: Daisy One Highchair Banner

This inspired me to make a rustic (but cute!) highchair banner for my twin girls!

Not only that, but I can’t wait for the little girls so I can incorporate sunflowers into their birthday theme!

How To Make Highchair Banner

I’m a big fan of sunflowers and you might see more sunflower inspired crafts here over time!

One Boy High Chair Banner Greenery Birthday Decorations Green

This is the fabric I used for the high chair. The yellow is the color of the high chair itself (yellow is one of my three colors) and the sunflowers are just right for my theme!

How To Make Highchair Banner

Mine was a hit at our party and I’m sure yours will be a hit too! I accented my theme with sunflowers to match the rest of my theme, but this works with many themes!

If you make any of these, I’d sure like to see them! Even if you agree, I’ll add them to this post to inspire others!

How To Make Highchair Banner

Boho Daisy High Chair Banner Picnic 1st Birthday Highchair

This is a stylish high chair banner and I love it! If I haven’t done my job, I will!

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How To Make Highchair Banner

I’m the voice behind the site and I hope you found what you were looking for! I’m a married outdoors mom from Wyoming and I love creating resources that make camping and other outdoor activities easier! Planning your child’s first birthday party and looking for ideas to decorate their chair? Can’t find a banner to match your party theme and need to make?

Daisy One High Chair Banner

With a DIY highchair banner, you can personalize it however you want and maybe even save some money. But how do you make these Pinterest-worthy highchair banners… especially when you’re not a geek at all?

How To Make Highchair Banner

In this post I will walk you through the exact steps I used to make my son’s highchair banner so you can recreate your own highchair. I’m also including two more examples of highchair 1st birthday banners that I made myself.

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How To Make Highchair Banner

Sunflower High Chair Banner First Birthday Decorations Sunflower Highchair Banner Crown One Cake Baby 1st Birthday Party Supplie

Here are the steps I used to make my son’s high chair banner and how to make your own:

The first step in making your own highchair banner is to decide on a theme for your baby’s first birthday. We did a cat theme for my daughter’s birthday and a polar bear theme for my son. Here are some examples of other themes you can choose from:

How To Make Highchair Banner

Once you’ve decided on a theme, think about the colors, characters and shapes of the banners you’ll use. From there you can start collecting materials. To make a DIY dining chair banner, you will need the following items:

Ways To Make A High Chair Tutu

Once you have all the materials ready, you can start creating. Take your umbilical cord and measure how you want it to wrap around your child’s seat. Make it bigger so you have more room to use it. You can always shorten it at the end.

How To Make Highchair Banner

Next, take your felt and start cutting out your banner shape. You can make simple pencils (basic triangles), central dovetails or pencils. Here are some other flag styles.

To cut out my pen, I folded my felt into a hotdog shape and used my ruler to mark a diagonal line from top to bottom. My felt was a bit long so I had to pull the ruler down when stroking. After drawing the line, I simply cut it. It’s like cutting out a crumpled heart like in grade school. Very simple

How To Make Highchair Banner

Boho Wild One’ Birthday Or High Chair Banner

After you have cut out all the banner/flag shapes, you need to decide what you want to put on it. You will have characters on it that spell out the number 1 or just the number 1 in the center. For my son’s birthday, I painted a number on the middle flag and a polar bear on each of the outer flags.

Once you know what you’re going to use to design your highchair banner, start Googling to see if there are designs you can print. I find that printing the image as “3×5” or “4×6” works best, but try different sizes to see the effect.

How To Make Highchair Banner

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