How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

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How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

At the beginning of January, I decided that my sewing room needed a major clean out/reorganization. I spent two weeks rearranging the furniture in the sewing room and adding some new pieces. I think it will work in the long run. (More on that in a future post).

Ironing Board Cabinet Diy Part 1

I got about 90% of the redesign done, and then I started working on it in succession, and the last 10% took longer to complete.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

But before I got busy, I managed to build a new ironing board! Yes, table! I will never use a baking sheet again! You may recall that for years I used the round end of my pan and ignored the pointy end.

I’ve always loved the big tables at the hardware store I work at (often multiple metal tables sharing a large space). It’s time to have your own desktop at home!

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

The Ultimate Diy Ironing Board Cover! Free Sewing Tutorial

Since I know all quilters will love it, I took lots of pictures so you can make one too. =)

I’m not sure how long IKEA has carried this, but I noticed it recently. It’s the exact size/height I want to use as my barrel table base and it’s solid wood. Plus, it even has pockets and storage space.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

So for $149.00 I have a complete desktop base and I don’t have to design anything from scratch. (I still love that the smallest piece of furniture in the sewing room is a cutting table!)

Best Ironing Boards

The NORDEN sideboard is 47½” L x 16½” W x 35⅜” H. The height is perfect but the top is a little small. I need something not too big to fit on the wall I installed with a chalkboard. Don’t block the cabinet doors. .

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

First, I built the side table following the directions in the IKEA comic, as I came up with a simple plan to extend the table without changing the original design.

I wanted a larger surface than my whiteboard, which is 13½” wide x 53″ (to the narrow end of the monitor). I decided that a 60″ length would be the right size for the space since I had enough length to attach the fabric to the scrap one side at a time.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Vintage Wooden Ironing Board

I’m also sure the 19″ width won’t take up too much space in my closet – I have to be careful not to clutter up my closet with other furniture accessories.

We cut each square dowel into 3 pieces 3″, 14.5″ and 18.5″. The smaller 3″ blocks are great for keeping the dowels out of the way of the painter in front of the sideboard. Size doesn’t matter as long as you can frame every corner of your existing table with dowels.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

We turned the IKEA unit upside down on the plywood and made a mark so that the base was centered lengthwise on the plywood. (NOTE: Be sure to remove the adjustable shelf before turning the table over!) We cut the side table a little closer to the front edge so that the pins are flush with the sides of the plywood (this way, better and easier to close). .).

Eli & Mattie Toy Ironing Board

Then we put some plywood on the floor underneath everything. This allows us to drill through the surface of the plywood without worrying about drilling into the carpet underneath.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Starting with the next two small dowels, we hammered them into the sideboard edge and drilled a hole through the dowels and the first layer of plywood that would be the new surface.

Then we remove everything and place the hooks from above (the part that faces the floor during drilling) and join them with the washers and nuts of the lower pins.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Household Essentials In Wall Recessed Ironing Board Cabinet With Storage Shelves, Wood

Then we do the same with a spike on one side: make a hole at each end since this part is longer.

We started drilling, loosening and fixing the studs one by one to make sure everything was nice and tight on the dresser.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Finally, we glue all the dowel frames. It doesn’t matter that the screw heads don’t line up with the surface, as I know the padding I’ll put on top of everything will make up for any difference in height. As long as the dowels are attached to the plywood, it’s perfect.

Mid Century Modern Vintage Ironing Board

At first I thought about attaching the plywood top to the IKEA sideboard after covering it with a suitable metal fabric, but it ended up being so comfortable that we didn’t need to. Every now and then, a crazy IKEA trick turns out to be easier than originally intended. victory!

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

You may have noticed that I moved the fabric piping from under the cutting table to under my new metal table. This was perfect as the pipe went a bit under the cutting table with my new set of tools.

Now comes the hard part: waiting for the special fabric to arrive in the mail so you can cover the top of the plywood.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Vintage Wooden Folding Ironing Board Solid Antique!

The best hardware store bucket tables are covered with a durable fabric called English jar. I read somewhere (I can’t seem to save the link) that it was originally used as curtains to wrap around British royals to better protect their mansions from the cold and damp.

I found some on Fabric.com during my first search and placed an order. Although the website said there were about 40 yards in stock at the time, I received an email two days later saying they were sold out. gram (I’ve had such bad luck with Fabric.com that I’ve completely finished my last few orders!) If you’d like to try it out, here’s the link to the Hanes curtain lining dimples listed as item # UK-528 .

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

When I knew I wasn’t going to get my first order of clothes, I started looking elsewhere. I finally found some on BuyFabrics.com and it was cheaper than Fabric.com! I quickly ordered 2 sizes (I plan to use 2 sizes to cover my plywood top) and they shipped within 24 hours. Here is a link to their English Classic Bump Natural Interlining.

Diy Ironing Table

While waiting for my jar, I went to my local JoAnn Fabrics and bought 2 yards of aluminum coated fabric in the fabric section. (You can buy it on their website.) I knew I wanted a silver plate like I used to have on my baking sheet because it was better for the height. Many sewing shops cover the ironing board with muslin, but a leaking iron can damage the muslin.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Nausea! Colorful muslins on the beauty shop table. Despite the occasional metallic flake, my silver lids have never lost their luster over the years.

Same as yesterday, Fabrique! (The fabric store where I work part time) also started carrying silver bucket fabrics! You can also order from the website. From what I can tell, the backing of this fabric probably sells for a bit more than JoAnn’s. Unfortunately, when I need something, I can’t buy it at work!

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Nbim Celebrates Black Innovators: The Black Dressmaker Who Transformed Ironing — New Britain Industrial Museum

If you already have furniture and don’t want to buy a NORDEN sideboard, you can cover any wooden table to make a metal table by following these steps.

I cut two mason jars slightly wider and taller than the plywood top and placed them on their sides (slightly ribbed/up) on the paper covered work surface below. Then I put a plywood table on top of the fabric.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

I then folded and nailed both wetsuits (simultaneously) to the plywood, starting with one long side and joining the other to make sure it was tight. The metal handle end of the nail gun allows me to drive the nails right up to the edge of the dowel. After securing the long sides, I folded the corners well and put the rest in place.

Lehman’s Folding Wooden Ironing Board, Amish Made With Ironing Board Pad And Cover, Dark Finish

I found that even after separating the torn shirts, there was still a lot of shrinkage when I painted the tops. So I pushed the excess to the front of the table while my husband took the spring and tied the excess.

How To Make A Wooden Folding Ironing Board

To fix the crease, I pushed more fabric to the front and did it. Then

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