How Much Energy Does Dyson Heater Use

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How Much Energy Does Dyson Heater Use

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Dyson dropped a refreshed line of vacuum cleaners on us this morning and managed to squeeze in a new Air Multiplier. Dubbed the AM09 and sporting the same space-age look as its predecessors, the new bladeless fan chases hot and cold, giving users the choice between a focused airflow or a wide, full range.

Although very solid, the AM09 outperforms cheaper competitors by a wide enough margin to justify the price difference. If you misplace the remote, you won't be able to access common controls like the oscillator and sleep timer.

If you're not a die-hard Dyson devotee, you can find better values ​​by shopping around – including Dyson's own AM05.

Like most Dyson products, this is a beautiful and functional device. It costs $450, or AU$769 (strangely there is no UK price for a UK product, but the US price changes to £295) – which is $50 more than the original Dyson Hot's starting price. Although it offers a classy look and year-round climate control, spending on a space heater is a bit steep. If the price doesn't really put you off, this is a great device, but if you're paying for a luxury brand – understand that it's not a great heater.

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Like the rest of Dyson's Air Multipliers, the AM09 is a very clear design play. If you're buying this because you think it's hundreds of dollars better in heating and cooling than the competition, you're wrong.

Imagine the same device with the same performance and features – but a boring, generic design. Not an ugly design. Besides that

. Actually, ditch the Dyson name and replace it with something bland and generic. It's the same heater, same features, blows hot in winter and cool in summer. But it's not Dyson. Would you spend another $450?

Of course not. It is a creative play, pure and simple. You're going to buy it because you like the way it looks and you like that it's a Dyson product. Remember, there is nothing inherently wrong with this. It's one of the top brands we're talking about, and for good reason. Over the years, Dyson has brought amazing and innovative designs to common household appliances and transformed them into functional luxury items. Apart from the inevitable breakdowns, there's nothing else like them – that's why you pay more.

Dyson Am05 Hot & Cool Fan/heater

Since you're going to pay a lot and expect clean design for this thing, the AM09's deserves further scrutiny. And like the versions that came before it, it mostly passes the test. It's a beautiful design with virtually every feature you'd want in a space heater. The remote adds another layer of convenience and, thanks to a magnet, sits neatly on top of the fan when not in use.

But while I can say all that about the last generation of Dyson heaters, I can't say that this new generation adds much to the conversation. Dyson points to bumps in performance and efficiency, but not drastic ones and not due to any kind of compelling innovation. There's a new feature that lets you choose between a focused plane and a wider, more evenly distributed stream, but I don't think it's particularly useful, except in a few specific situations.

With the AM09, you can choose a wider airflow or a tighter, more focused jet. Tyler Listenby/

The only new and useful feature is a dedicated button on the remote that puts the AM09 into cooling mode with the push of a button. In older models, you had to dial the temperature down to at least 32 degrees F (0 C) before it would pass.

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This is a welcome addition, but I balance that with the fact that the AM09, unlike the AM05 that came before it, has no additional controls on the fan body other than the power button. Misplace the remote (or worse, lose it), and you can only turn the fan on and off or hold down the power button to dial the temperature up or down. You won't be able to turn on the oscillator, you won't be able to switch to more concentrated airflow — you won't even be able to adjust the fan power.

In the end, AM09 feels like an incremental step forward from AM05, and it doesn't necessarily fix everything. If you like the design, I can't imagine why you would use the similar and cheaper AM05 over the AM09.

I use a Lasko 754200 space heater in my apartment. It's a smaller heater than the AM09, but has a similar 1,500-watt power draw, and Sweethome recommends a less detailed space heater. Last year, it even beat AM09's predecessor, AM05.

Comparing the two seemed like a good place to start, so I brought the AM09 home to my cool apartment for the evening. It did a great job of heating my room and seemed to raise the temperature a bit faster than my Lasko heater.

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The next day we tried to compare one of the climate control sections on our test deck. For each run we cooled the room to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, removed the heaters one at a time, and watched how quickly they warmed up.

The results matched what I had experienced the night before. The AM09 raised the temperature to 70 degrees in about 10 minutes – the Lasco heater required 30 minutes. The AM09 reached 75 degrees after 45 minutes and the Lasco heater required an additional hour.

This isn't meant to be a criticism of the Lasko heater, which is only $25 on Amazon, but it does speak to the AM09's performance claims. For pure heating purposes, this is a very good space heater and a more feature-rich choice than the Lasko 754200. Unlike my Lasko heater, I appreciated that it shuts off automatically if tapped.

It is also strong in terms of stability. In heating mode, you can set the fan power on a scale of 10 points and the desired temperature. Just like your thermostat, the AM09 only turns on when the temperature drops below the desired level. When I tested it in my apartment, the temperature readings matched what my thermostat was telling me—though that may speak to the small size of my living room. Your mileage may vary greatly.

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus Am09 Fan Heater Review

Also worth noting: you don't get thermostat mode control over the AM09's cooling capabilities. In cooling mode, you can only adjust the fan power in a scale of 10 points. The fan will not be turned on when the temperature rises above a certain level.

A possible solution is to automate the AM09 with something like a WeMo switch and IFTTT, but you won't be able to do that. An automatic switch can turn the AM09 off, but the thing has no physical dial to turn it back on, and it doesn't turn on automatically after you plug it in.

One last point — the AM09 makes reasonable noise. It's not unreasonably loud for a space heater and runs quietly on low settings. However, turn it up to 10 and you'll hear more spin than a Lasco heater at maximum settings. This was somewhat surprising, as the AM09 received the “Quiet Mark” from the Ear-Aware Noise Reduction Association.

Dyson's Air Multipliers aren't as impressive as they were when they first appeared, and for that reason, I'm a little surprised that the Dyson AM09 didn't help it stand out more than what came before. Still, it's definitely a cool device. The mechanics, while precise and fine-tuned, are actually incredibly simple – a fan at the base blows air up through a hollow ring and so through airwheel-like ridges that conduct heat.

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If it's elegant engineering that you're willing to spend a fortune on, the Dyson AM09 might be for you. Really

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