How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick – For those of us who work in small shops such as garages and homes. Problems with mobility, accuracy and usability are problems we face every day. All machines need maintenance. Assign important and important tasks and keep them out of the way

I’m always looking for ways to save space and increase the efficiency of office and storage areas. I’m also tired of the wrongness of the small market. and was constantly looking for ways to improve my process. I don’t have the luxury of a static machine. Special tools for specific processes Or add another tool to see if it can improve my productivity? And I used every square inch above to assemble it. My two car garage One car can be parked all night, space is running out, and in my old age, I am not willing to spend a lot of money on engine modifications.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

However, I need a better shredder for my table saw. And this leads to many events and purchases. There are many things that are beneficial to the market. It cost more than I thought. Is it worth it? bet

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I have an old SawStop table, I bought an extension table and a dolly to use together. And I have to say that both are the best. The dolly only moves in a straight line. And the table continued to be uneven and began to separate in layers. And the barricades must be constantly adjusted forward and backward to ensure accuracy.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

In the beginning I replaced my old dolly with a new SawStop dolly with success. I bought a new SawStop sliding miter table but never installed it. I refuse to use my existing eyesight. Because I’m not sure if the new arrangement will fit the narrow space. me or not and I want to use it or not So I went to AWFS in July with a new fence in mind. Hoping to find something to replace the old fence and add its own facade.

The problem or benefit of going to the show is that you see a lot. I didn’t go with the idea of ​​getting a digital fence. I found it very expensive and paid more than I thought I would. But I couldn’t find anything that gave me hope that the front end problem would be fixed until I stopped at the TigerStop booth. But I keep asking myself what my purpose is. If I want to cut clearly can cut as many times as needed And don’t waste your time messing with the fence. It will pay off every day.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

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Of course, this purchase leads to a series of repair shops that take a lot of time and effort. Such as having to pay your own expenses But I am satisfied with the result. Even looking back I still think it was worth it.

I started by taking the saw to the top of the machine. Remove the wing from the left side and remove the seat extension from the right side. I installed a sliding table on the left and built a new extension table on the right. I use the same size but build the top from 1/2 “surface material. I bought a new Incra Master Lift, lift-top IIR router, of course, none of my routers fit it, so I had to buy a Milwaukee 5625-20 router. This is a good setup: it fits in the old dust box, which I put under the new table. And I can fix the high from the top of the tablet, Incra brought with some inserts, which is a combination.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

I replaced the bar on the back of the saw with 1/4″ x 2″ x 2″ angle iron and cut the relief so that the miter bar that came with the saw slides back. I also added the Extruded aluminum pieces in the front and back that support Kreg and Rockler hold downs for the router fence. The new fence only uses the edge of the blade. It’s not like my old fence so it’s not double the fence router.

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In front of the table saw A friend doing the same upgrade suggested that I add a heavier metal plate to protect the TigerFence from the slope – the tablet is 1-1/2 inches hand thick, while the TigerFence is 4 inches from top to bottom, so I screwed in the middle piece. . That is 1/2″ thick and 4″ wide of aluminum before screwing to the TigerFence. It’s a great idea and really helps with security. Please note that adding this fence style will cover the right miter hole on the table saw. the left hand will stay This configuration gave me the same 48 “extension table. Immediately and is the place of Rip Fences and our decimal modification, in this case, I added a piece of leather on the edge of the sawtooth blade. by tightening the screws with nylon Nothing can damage the teeth or disable the safety of the saw, wow, what a change.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

As usual, there were a few ripples in my transition. I don’t want to waste the miter space on the right side and try to do that. And I was successful to some extent. but not recommended The new fence protects the blade height to change the wheel. So I had to replace the old wheels with the smaller ones they made for the contractors to see – no big deal. But he can heal some broken bones. and all the weight of the extension table routers and elevators and the fence allows the new doll to rock. So I added a caster on the support side of the extension and a 50lb weight on the left side of the chain and it works great now.

The last problem is one that comes with the SawStop sliding table, the miter guide does not have a preset angle, for example stop at 90 or 45 degrees, which means the product is square at any time of the chain. I had no choice but to buy a better model from Incra (Miter 3000SE). Of course, the bar will not fit the SawStop members to use on the table, but I make a great help out of the sticks. Ebony I saved from an old project specifically for this. I borrowed some of the SawStop bar that was built from extra angles. And it works like a charm.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

Uhmw Precision Milled Bar 3/4

All of this adds up to small changes. But my new device is beautiful. It’s easy to spin. This gives me a router that doesn’t take up any extra space. It has a 6″ flat die, allowing me to cut across 48″ wide with a sliding miter table. and provide true ripping Use it at any time without worry or doubt. If these are evil spirits that affect your business. You can imagine all these things. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Andrew Glantz is the owner of Zenith Design in Scottsdale, Arizona and former president of The Furniture Association.

How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

The sander is a simple machine. Another machine that can work in a way that saves a lot of energy. And it can easily scale or smooth rough data. When I started to build this mobile workbench I focused on three main tasks that I wanted to improve: the use of wood, sand, and assembly, using the T-Track, I can use many tools that will keep my project where I want it. I use two sliders. Place the hose and vacuum cleaner next to the vacuum cleaner. With a few large drawers and sliding trays So I can store equipment and other electronic items. Almost everything needed to work on this bench!

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How To Make Table Saw Top Slick

This project was made out of plywood as well

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