How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets – My goal is to teach the proper magazine DIY builder with confidence. I used to be afraid of electrical appliances, so I’m sure anyone would be.

Growing up, we had an old pool table that we got off Craigslist to get together. When my mom moved to North Carolina, she didn’t have room for a pool table in her new house, so she gave it to me and Andrew.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

We were so excited to find a nice pool table for free, but…it just didn’t fit the style of our game room. The classic look and feel of red will stick out like a sore thumb in a modern blue room.

Pool Table Drop Pockets Vs. Ball Return

So what do we choose? Change it! Painting, painting and replacing the legs will definitely cost more than buying a new table. So we took the plunge (with absolutely no plans) and created something better than we thought possible!

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

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Pick up 4x6x8 and 4x4x8 boards at your local hardware store. Please note that they need time to dry. We like to dry our wood 2 weeks before we plan to use it (technically you should let it dry longer than that).

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Right On Cue

We were lucky enough that ours came apart, but if yours is already assembled, start by removing the bumper, removing the flannel and mudguard, and removing the legs.

Carefully remove the base plate from the pool table. Our pool table got water damage, so part of the pool table came out when we dusted it off. Fortunately, it will be protected so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the plants.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Remove weeds from your yard. Remove the felt from your fence using the pliers to remove any material. Some may even get out of debt. However when you remove the staples, be sure to remove them all.

D.c. Bars With Pool Tables

If your fence has a sign board, open the sign and cover it with sandpaper to smooth the surface. The sign will be partially covered by the metal strip around the fence, so it’s best to remove it completely for a better look.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Trim the excess wood from the fence. Each of our fences has a slot for connecting a hook. When cutting, get close to these parts, but make sure you leave them well enough so that the fork can slide forward.

Cut a sheet of paper to the size of the fence with a hacksaw. Measure the depth of the pool table from the bottom of the front pocket to the bottom of the frame and cut 4 pieces of metal to size to fit the corners of the pool table.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Diy Pool Table • Woodarchivist

Cut your boards to fit the center of the metal. You can mock it up by placing (or turning) the corners of the metal and measuring the distance. While mocking up the cutting board, mark the top of the blade to find the right angle you need to cut.

Place the googly eyes on your free table about 3 inches apart. To speed up the process, use a ruler to find the distance on the board. Then use this board as a guide and line up the googly dots on the other board with the googly dots on your first board.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Cleans your pool area, mat and fence to remove debris and prepare it for painting. We chose chalk paint because it doesn’t require sanding the surface before application.

American Heritage Billiards

To prepare the 4×6 and 4×4 for painting, fill all the sections with a cover. We used spackle because it doesn’t shrink, but wood chips work just fine. Be careful to fill the sections beyond the knot if you are using wood. Then sand with 120 grit sandpaper and work up to 220 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. Yes, chalk paint does not need to be sanded before use, but you need to sand this wood because treated wood is usually very hard and has chips when you buy it in the store.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

While the paint is dry, cut the dots on the fence of your pool. I cut them out of chalkboard vinyl with myCricut. You can use regular vinyl, but I wanted to add a chalkboard vinyl texture.

Place a dot on your pool fence. You can use a ruler and be precise or you can try my method – I use my finger as a distance from the difficult area and then rotate to reveal the line of old dots.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

How To Measure A Pool Table?

The water is attached to the metal plate to the bottom of the pool table. Use clips to secure while drying.

Add the legs using the Bolt from your first leg. Pre-drill the bolts using a bit that is slightly smaller than your bolt.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Measure the distance between the legs and cut a 4×6 to size. Drill six holes (3 on a side) in the bottom of the 4×6. Pull the 4×6 into the legs over your height. Place the board on top of the 4×4 to make sure it stays level.

How To Clean Pool Table Felt

Put the board on the pool table and pray that his legs stay intact! (just kidding – they are so loud). Place the table in order.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Make sure the pool table is level. If not, you can use a car jack to raise one side of the pool table to get a level footing. Once you’re settled, you’ll need to make sure that all the pieces are lined up together, both on the side and the suspension. We used cut aluminum as a shim to connect the parts.

Use wax to fill the gaps between the pieces. We found it was easier to put the wax on the line and then melt it. Note: safety! Always practice fire safety and have a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Diy Pool Table Plans You Can Build Easily

Remove any excess wax with a razor blade. Check your seal in the wax and repeat the melting and wiping process as often as necessary to ensure a smooth finish.

We are almost there! It’s time to experience the pool table. We’ll have a full post dedicated to crocheting next week, so stay tuned! If you can’t wait – is Google serious?

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Once everything is in place, it’s time to assemble the pool table. Start by assembling half of the fence (3 total) and the vase. Put it up. Cut a few pieces of each fence without washers to help stop the fence when you roll it over.

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Turn the assembled rail upside down and assemble it. Make your way around the pool table and hit the fence with balls and discs. Be sure to remove all the bolts you added in the previous step and put it back together with the washer. Repeat on the other side.

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

If you want to go further, you can sand between the legs with a 4×4 and paint over it. You can also fill nail holes in the dressing table and paint.

We’ve reached the most important step – prepare the balls and start playing pool! These are big changes so throw a party, have fun and show up at the pool table!

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

How To Build A Pool Table Guide

We’ve had a lot of interesting ideas about changing pool tables on Instagram (@), but the most common thing is that no one has thought of changing the pool table! It’s like any other device you can install. There is always a way to renew it and give it another life.

Are you ready to overcome your problems?? Post your photos and questions on Instagram. We want to see your changes and make you happy!

How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

3D view, detailed trade list, cut list shown in two formats (both sketch), AND bonus SketchUp files. Printable plans don’t get much better than this one.

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How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

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How To Make Your Own Pool Table Pockets

Diy Pool Table You Can Make At Home

Changing the feel, or rather the swimming pool clothes, is often left to the professionals, but the equipment used is not

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