How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table – Grade 1 students create their own periodic tables Projects based on imagination or reality are inspired by the International Year of the Periodic Table 2019. 22 August 2019.

We are all familiar with the periodic table to some extent. For scientists, it is a concise arrangement of chemical elements organized by trends and properties. For others, it’s mostly a colorful memory of high school classes and chemistry textbooks.

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

But have you ever thought of trying to use the periodic table as an organizing principle? The freshmen in Courtney Hoffman’s English 1102 class did just that last summer – they made their own periodic tables.

Periodic Table With Atomic Mass

Hoffman’s freshman English course focuses specifically on 18th-century science and the periodic table of elements. It inspired her to highlight the science icon as part of the campus celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Elements.

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

In Hoffman’s course, students studied the periodic table and its organization, structure, and composition. From reading about the discoveries of the elements to studying alternative structures of the periodic table, students gained a deep understanding of the periodic table and the efforts to create it.

The class also read and drew inspiration from The Disappearing Spoon, the best-selling book on the periodic table by author Sam Keen.

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Free Printable Periodic Table Of Elements Flashcards For Kids

During the course, Hoffman also emphasized the anthropology of the periodic table. “It’s not just about the science of it all, it’s about the humanity behind it,” he says. “It’s really about the social context and the people behind the discovery of the elements, the design of the periodic table, and how it all fits together.”

“Having to study the elements helped me realize that the periodic table deserves more recognition and praise for how cool and perfect it is in organizing trends and patterns.” Diana Kimova

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

For the final project of the course, students designed digital versions of the periodic table using whatever they wished as elements of their predefined structure.

Groups Of The Periodic Table (video)

One group created the Fruity Table as an educational resource about healthy eating and the properties of fruit. Chemistry and computer science majors Asia Taylor and Diana Kim collaborated on the idea.

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

As a chemistry major, it was easy for Asia to incorporate her own interests and experiences into the project. But even with her previous knowledge of chemistry, she says she learned a lot about the organization of the periodic table.

“When I look at the periodic table, it’s amazing that every single thing has a place; every line, every dot and every number counts,” says Asia. “It was a challenge to repeat because you don’t always know how to make everything fit in the periodic table. I would encourage others to better appreciate the organization and the idea behind it.”

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Identifying The First 20 Elements Periodic Table Activity

In the same project, Diana spent time drawing detailed icons for each fruit on a digital fruit table that was shaped like the letter F. She incorporated her artistic interests into the design components of the project. “It’s hard to replicate what the periodic table has done,” Diana says. “You don’t really appreciate it until you sit down and try to do something like that and organize things so that it makes sense.”

Asia and Diana also took into account the trends among their items, organizing the fruits in order of acidity, nutritional value and popularity. “It’s amazing how perfect the periodic table is and how almost everything is in ascending order,” says Diana. “Having to study the elements helped me realize that the periodic table deserves more recognition and praise for how cool and perfect it is at organizing trends and patterns.”

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Sean Alexander, business professional and Harry Potter fan, joined the group to create a Harry Potter wand chart for super fans interested in categorizing and understanding wand types. Melanie Su, a biomedical engineer, drew inspiration from the world of fantasy to help create a table that organizes League of Legend heroes – or champions – to help players efficiently decide which character to play as in battle.

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Other groups have taken more reality-based approaches. Christopher Saetia, an electrical engineering major, helped create a table of phone apps organized by category and location. One of the group members called the apps “Modern Elements of Our Lives”.

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Christopher believed that the periodic table was the only accepted method of representing the elements, although many different organizational structures did not follow the conventional format. “We like to think of science as logic; you follow the steps and get a number, or you follow a series of equations and get a unique answer,” says Christopher. “However, we have to look at things a little differently. Not everything in science is immutable.

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How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Periodic Table Science Poster Laminated Chart Teaching Elements Classroom White Decoration Premium Educators Atomic Number Guide 2022 Up To Date (18×24) Young N Refined

Be sure to cite your sources. Cite information from your sources IN YOUR OWN WORDS and let us know where you got your information. Many databases will provide you with properly formatted citations. You just have to know where to look. The default offer icon is a check box.

Here’s where to look for citation information in Britannic Online (Change the citation style to ‘APA’ as this is the format used by scholars)

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR OFFER, use the offer generator to help you create one. Copy the full URL of your website (don’t forget to click the URL box to get the full URL before copying). Go to and paste the URL. Easybib will only create an MLA citation for you (APA citation requires a subscription, which we don’t have, so use MLA for easybib citations). When easybib creates a citation for you, it will ask you to fill in the information it can’t find. Look at your pages again and add the information you find. If you don’t find anything, leave the field blank. ALWAYS check the “Include URL in citation” box so we can easily find the page again. Easybib also generates a citation for each book you use. Just enter the ISBN number from the barcode on the back of the book (not the library barcode, the store barcode). And now Disney (not content with trying to take ownership of all the stories) has introduced its own version of the periodic table.

How To Use A Periodic Table Of Elements

At least it looks like the original, all the symbols are theirs, correctly numbered and arranged in a familiar way. But symbols no longer represent elements. Instead, manganese became Mulan, neon became Nemo, and lead was replaced by Winnie the Pooh (the two are pretty close anyway). The only element that survives intact is copper, either in the form of a dog or where cobalt should be.

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Now I’m of two minds on the subject. On the one hand, this could serve as a way to get some chemistry on the walls of Disney fans, and maybe then they’ll upgrade to the real version. But on the other hand, it makes me a little sick :-/

So what do you think? Is this a clever way to get those who would otherwise be more interested in fairy tale princesses interested in chemistry, or is it just gross?

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

Ptable An Interactive Periodic Table For Teachers And Students

Mark Lorch has a PhD in Biochemistry and is Professor of Chemistry and Science Communication at the University of Hull in the UK. As well as researching, teaching and blogging, he can sometimes be found ‘science bus’ on the streets of Yorkshire. Oh and tweets @mark_lorch The printable periodic table is an important tool for students studying chemistry. A helpful way to learn and remember the periodic table is to make your own periodic table! They’ll enjoy learning about the elements and their symbols with these free printable, create your own periodic table activities. Use this to create your own regular activity with 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, you’ll love these regular worksheets to help students develop science skills and learn about the different elements that exist in our world. This free periodic table pack is perfect for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Use this to create your own periodic table activity in science centers, to practice at school or at home, or as part of studying the periodic table with elementary, middle, and high school students. With this pack, kids will learn about all the different elements of the periodic table for kids and

How To Make Your Own Periodic Table

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