How To Build Entryway Table

How To Build Entryway Table – I love coming up with simple design ideas for my projects that end up turning out to be even more amazing than I imagined. The entryway to my house is a wide and deep room, which makes it difficult to decorate without disrupting the flow of the room.

I had an old table that I made about a year ago. The table was placed against a wall that was too big for the table to sit on, it didn't fit in the space well.

How To Build Entryway Table

How To Build Entryway Table

I decided to scrap some of the plans and build a large entryway table that would suit the wider area better. The angular design and the alternative finish add some change to the style of the room and give the room lightness and a nice slowness.

How To Make A Diy Carved Entryway Console Table

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How To Build Entryway Table

First, I cut four (4) 8″ long 2x6s with a table saw to be 5″ wide. I removed a little on each side to remove the rounded edges. These panels will form the top of the table and the legs.

Before I cut wood, I sanded all the wood with my orbital sander. With face sanding, I had to clean up the carved edges as I went.

How To Build Entryway Table

Easy Parsons Table / Console / Entryway Table

The first thing I did was make the table top. I cut two (2) pieces of 2×6 wood 6 inches long. These can be trimmed down to a small table…I needed a tall table to fit my entryway.

I drilled the pocket screw holes using my kreg and attached the two boards together using wood glue and pocket screws. Since the boards are 1-1/2″ thick, I used 2-1/2″ pocket screws.

How To Build Entryway Table

Unless you run the boards using a leveler first, or have great fighting skills, it's not easy to plan the boards perfectly. One of the boards was sitting a little lower than the other. I fixed this by using a hand trowel to level the two boards. It can also be done with more sand.

Diy Entry Table

Using the two remaining pieces of 2×6 that were broken, I cut four legs. I cut the top and bottom of the legs at a 15 degree angle with my miter saw. The legs were 31.5″ long (this would make a 32″ long table).

How To Build Entryway Table

With one remaining, I cut off the two bottom supports. These were 7 inches long. To get the outer edge of the support to follow the angle of the legs, I ran them both with a table saw at an angle of 15 degrees using my pump block. I kept the bottom support the full width of the tree.

At the bottom of the table top I marked 19 inches from each end. This is where the outer edge of the legs will sit. Then I attached the legs to the top using wood glue and pocket screws.

How To Build Entryway Table

Practical And Attractive Narrow Console Tables For Your Entryway — Trubuild Construction

I decided to use premium pine 1×4 for a high finish. I filed the edges (I cut them at a 45 degree angle) for a neater look. Both sides were 6 inches in and the ends were 10 inches in.

I attached the trim to the top using wood glue and trim nails. I also nailed the decorative pieces to the corners.

How To Build Entryway Table

With the decoration attached to the top, I flattened the top one more time using the spatula in my hand. Once everything was smooth, I sanded the table with my orbital sander and 120 grit sandpaper. I finished it with 220 grit sandpaper.

Handmade Live Edge Walnut Narrow Console Table

Using wood filler, I filled all the gaps and gaps at the top. This will give the entry table top a nice smooth finish.

How To Build Entryway Table

As with all my paint projects, I started by applying a wood conditioner before painting the table. A wood conditioner will help prevent the stain from looking stained.

Although I love the look of painted wood, I wanted something different. I've been wanting to try a twisted stain for a project and I thought it would be perfect.

How To Build Entryway Table

Best Diy Entryway Table Ideas With Tutorials

I applied one thin coat of Sunbleached using a rag. It goes on like a gray milky finish and adds a lot of character.

After the sun dried, I applied two coats of polyurethane to the table and lightly sanded between coats.

How To Build Entryway Table

I absolutely love how this table turned out! I didn't need it, but my hallway looks so much better with it. It filled the space, brightened up the room and looked great against my current headboard and wall. Add storage space to your living room or entryway with a DIY console table. Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts takes you step by step through her creations.

How To Build A Diy Ballard Designs Inspired Console Table

Maybe it's because you know how much hard work went into it, or maybe it's the fact that DIY allows you to make your furniture perfectly match the beauty of your home. Whatever the reason, there's nothing better than being able to proudly display something you've made with your own hands in your own home. It's better if you can save money along the way.

How To Build Entryway Table

So whether you're new to the world of DIY furniture or looking for a new project to spruce up your space for the season, you should check out this fun DIY console table tutorial. Whether you're using it as a TV stand, bookshelf, or entryway table, a DIY table is the perfect way to add a little storage to any room that needs it.

We love this farmhouse console table design for its style, versatility, and affordable price range. You can find tons of ways to use a DIY panel like this in your home, and everything on our shopping list is under $50. Plus, it only takes an afternoon to put together, making it a great project for DIYers of any skill level. let's get started!

How To Build Entryway Table

How To Build A Diy Farmhouse Entryway Console Table

You may be interested. If I build a DIY console table, can I use it as a sofa table? Before we get into DIY, it might be helpful to go over the differences between the two terms so we're all on the same page.

Some people may use “sofa table” and “coffee table” interchangeably, but they are definitely two different things, even if they look similar at first.

How To Build Entryway Table

Console tables are often placed on the wall and are used to store small jewelry or provide additional storage. Sofa tables are designed to be placed behind the sofa, especially if you place the sofa in the middle of the room (and not against the wall). Because of this, coffee tables are often shorter in length than console tables and often do not provide additional storage.

Diy Narrow Entryway Table

Finally, the DIY guide is incredibly flexible, so it can be used however you see fit. No matter what space you want to fill in your home, a DIY console table will definitely be a great addition.

How To Build Entryway Table

***Important note: Always use extreme caution and common sense when using power tools. Follow all manufacturer's instructions, wear safety equipment, and build at your own risk.***

When it comes time to cut wood for your console table, you may be thinking: How long should my desk be?

How To Build Entryway Table

Diy Farmhouse Sofa Table

Panel tables can vary in size, but for this tutorial you will first need 5 foot pieces of 2×4 board for the top. FYI. I used 1x2s as braces for the panels. You will need six of these 10 ½ inch sections.

While my comforter was cut, I drilled my two tools under the top of the panel. They are placed ½ inch from the edge, leaving 1¾ inches on each side. I used 2 ½ inch premium screws to hold it in place. These screws are a little expensive, but with their smaller head I think they look better and are almost invisible.

How To Build Entryway Table

Pro tip: always drill a pilot hole before drilling screws into the wood. The pilot hole will prevent the tree from splitting.

Entryway Key Throw Table

Okay, now back to the woodwork. For the two bottom shelves, you will need three pieces of 2×4 board 59 inches long. It has six members in total.

How To Build Entryway Table

You will need four 32 ½ inch pieces of 2×4 for the legs. After that, I washed all my parts with hand sand.

When it comes down to it, the type of wood you use for your console table doesn't matter; just choose the type of wood that matches the home aesthetic you want.

How To Build Entryway Table

Small Entryway Console Table

Hardwoods like oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and walnut look great and are often widely available if you don't have a type of wood in mind or don't know where to start.

I have already shown how I put my table together. The legs were the second thing we attached.

How To Build Entryway Table

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