How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

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All 115 pieces of wood went through my Ryobi router at least twice, some requiring 4 passes.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

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How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

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How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

Arwen's Meanderings: How To Build A Kentucky Stick Chair

Wooden chairs that are really comfortable. All three started out as ice wood and had to be resized with a Ryobi table saw. Using my Ryobi wall saw, I cut everything to the required length and drilled all the holes. All 115 pieces of wood went through my Ryobi router at least twice, some requiring 4 passes. Installation was easy with vinyl covered clothes wire. Finished Thompson's Pacific Redwood Water Seal Hello everyone and welcome to my sailing blog about my John Welsford designed “navigator” called Arwen. Arwen was built over three years and launched in August 2007. He is 14'6″ standing. This blog describes our cruises together in the coastal waters of South West England.

Arwen has a YouTube channel so visit www.YouTube.com/c/plymouthwelshboy to see our latest parodies and subscribe.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

On this blog you will find yacht charters, descriptions of our trips, maintenance tips and “How To's”, from outfitting stationary yachts and building boat boxes to using anchor assistants and taking pilot notes. I hope you find something that inspires you to get out on the water with your boat. Give us a comment and happy sailing.

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If you haven't read the first part go to it here https:///2020/11/building-kentucky-stick-chair.html and it links to the two sites that helped me the most and where I got the measurements for the chair..

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

This is my first attempt at a Kentucky Stick chair and I am happy with it. One or two of the holes I drilled had odd “torn” pieces in the bottom – they had to be filled with natural colored wood filler. probably because my bits weren't sharp enough and because I didn't support the base of the part enough to drill.

After all the parts are assembled and glued together, do a rough build to make sure everything is in place before you start painting.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

A Cape Cod Stick Chair Takes Shape From Detritus

Putting all the pieces together seems complicated, but it really isn't. It just requires systematic thinking, a slow pace and regular self-examination.

Assemble the different parts as shown above. Now I used 12mm sisal wire instead. I taped the cut ends with electrical tape about 5 cm deep, which made it easier to slide them in and out of the drilled holes. This requires a suitable surface, either a large work table or a clean floor with an old chipboard to protect the raw wood.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

The two diagrams below show the initial assembly steps on a smaller scale. Don't worry about how long the sisal ends are, you'll trim and lather them at the end of your next assembly. Just make sure you leave about 10 inches of sisal on each end (because you have to hold things really tight so they dry out and eventually break).

The Stick Chair Book By Christopher Schwarz

First, take the top pieces of wood and secure them with sisal through the top holes – they are 1 1/2 inches down from the top of each piece of wood.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

The second is connecting clutches. These are very short episodes. Connect the upper holes of the nuts with the lower holes of the seats and secure them with sisal. Remember to leave enough space at both ends.

Now it's time to assemble the seat back and arrange the pieces as shown in the picture above. Again, make sure you leave plenty of “spare ends”.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

Piece Eucalyptus Bistro Set

The next task is actually less difficult than it seems. Remove the seat back from the seat you just created above and place it on top of the seat you created earlier. Make sure you line everything up correctly – use the short sockets to help. The image below the diagram will help you visualize it better.

Then – now comes the hard part – put the screws in the right places and make sure all the holes line up. I found the easiest way to do one joint at a time, put it on the sisal and then pull the sisal with another piece of wood and over the other joint. Just slowly and methodically.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

You should end up with something that looks like this. Four pieces of sisal and everything is pretty smooth.

Diy Kentucky Sticks Chair — Our Old Place

Now comes the “energetic” part. To get the basic structure and shape of the chair, you pull sisal and glue different pieces of wood.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

First I tied the top sisal strip to the top knot on the left side – in the hole in the outermost wood. I then raised the seat to an upright position by simply tying both ends of the upper sisal line to the top of the upper seat back. The weight of the chair, resting lightly on the legs, began to pull the sticks together in front of the knot on the left side, and when they were all packed tightly together, I tied the other end with a similar knot. If you do this, try not to have any slack between the sticks.

The second part was then to repeat the same process with another inner row below and then another and so on. Either way, you're trying to get between different pieces of wood, and the craftsman will knot both ends to the outer pieces of wood nicely, but not too tightly.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

Classic Kentucky Stick Chair

Now remember, resist the temptation to cut the sisal off at this stage, UNLESS you're going for a raw, bare wood look, in which case you can cut off the end of the sisal ring.

As I mentioned above, the fourth task depends a lot on whether you want to leave the chair empty or not. If you do, it's time to wash the end of the sisal. it is a matter of personal choice when to leave the “label” behind the parent node. I left about 3.5 inches. What matters is how you end the weft thread. You can just stick them on. Or you can finish them by regularly tying the dark blue ends, which is what I decided to do.

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

I could have used shiplap for this – white shiplap that comes in different thicknesses. I found the white to be too bold against the warm color of the sisal thread, so I chose light brown thread. That way the whip worked better.

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I'm used to whipping the edges of broken gearboxes so this seemed easy. If you're not familiar with the technique, try the sisal box a few times until you get the hang of it. Use a sewing needle to open the inner thread so you can insert the binder easily. Sailors use fidi!

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

Maybe you want to paint your chair like I did. He has to disassemble the seat again. I used Ronseal exterior stain – antique pine – 10 year warranty and applied three coats to the wood, leaving 24 hours between coats, making sure I sanded each piece very lightly with very fine grit sandpaper before applying the next coat. the depth turned out to be very good. However, I ran into a few that were hard to get rid of. I think it might be because of the way I hung the tree on the wire. The coloring part was the least successful part of the whole experience for me and I'll have to think about how to go about it next time.

The least successful part of the project in my opinion is getting the colors right

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

How To Make A Kentucky Stick Chair

I am currently working on another chair. I have to design and then build

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