How To Make A Lego Table

How To Make A Lego Table – White Lego Desk with Storage Divider and Hidden Tray for All Your Lego Instructions – Woodworking – Philip Miller Furniture – Etsy

I love Legos and so do my kids. I’ll show you how I made my DIY Lego storage table and give you all the information you need to make your own DIY Lego play table. This kids Lego table has removable legs and storage dividers for your Legos, as well as a drawer for all the Lego instructions, or “builds” as my son calls them. Be sure to watch the YouTube video How to Build a DIY Lego Table to see how this Lego table was designed and built using tools and supplies you can find at your local hardware store and on Amazon. This Lego table was made for the Rockler Plywood Challenge and to organize and organize my son’s bedroom.

How To Make A Lego Table

How To Make A Lego Table

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How To Make A Lego Table

Step 4 – Print the plans and measure everything and cut the birch plywood and MDF using your table saw and miter saw.

Step 5 – Once all the pieces are cut, you need to cut the grooves for the partitions and drawers.

How To Make A Lego Table

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Step 6 – Make the base plate by joining the long sides first. Be sure to raise the top of the table 1.5 inches to join the sides, this can be done with two scraps of 3/4 wood. You use the Kreg Jig R3 to make the pocket holes you need to attach the sides.

Installing the sides on a Lego table using the Craig Jig R3 – Philip Miller Furniture – Etsy

How To Make A Lego Table

Step 7 – Once the two long sides are joined, join the two short inner sides. Be sure to glue each one and staple them to the large, long side.

Prekandksharing: Build A Lego Table For Your Classroom!

Step 8 – Once the long sides and short inner sides are joined, it’s time to join the outer side. Make sure there is a ¼ nut cut at the end. This is where you install the bottom of the storage room. It is recommended to use glue and nails to hold it together, and don’t forget to clamp and leave overnight.

How To Make A Lego Table

Step 9 – Next you are ready to install the bottom of the storage room. Be sure to apply glue and use a brad nail to attach the bottom.

Step 10 – Now you are ready to make the drawer. Take all 4 sides and apply glue and slide down the ¼ groove you cut with your blade. Use the Craig Jig to make the pocket holes to install the screws and don’t forget to tighten and dry overnight.

How To Make A Lego Table

Custom Lego Table

Lego Desk Drawer Opener Cutout – Philip Miller Furniture – Etsy

Step 12 – Paint the top of the Lego table white. Painting the hubs is optional. I like to keep them in their natural MDF color for contrast.

How To Make A Lego Table

Step 13 – Install drawer slides leaving enough room for proper alignment.

Diy Ikea Lego Table With Storage

Step 16 – Number each leg 1-4 and mark the leg that corresponds to one of the four corners of the table. Removing the legs will help with installation later.

How To Make A Lego Table

Step 17 – Attach Lego table legs 1-4 using clamps and then drill holes on both sides of the table top to attach the legs.

Step 18 – Insert the hex bolt through the drilled hole. Once the bolt is installed, remove the clip and repeat with both sides and legs.

How To Make A Lego Table

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Instructions and projects for building a Lego table can be downloaded from my Etsy shop. If you don’t feel like making a Lego table, you can always order a custom made table from my Etsy shop. If you’re a $10 Patreon supporter, you’ll get these build instructions for free.

Congratulations on building your first Lego table, and building a Lego table is easy. I hope you had fun making this project and that you or your kids will enjoy it for years to come. This table is unique because it contains instructions. In my research, I never found a good solution to this problem, so I made this tutorial and video. Please subscribe and follow me on social media and if you have any questions please send a message or post in the comments below. Happy Lego building. If you have kids, you probably have LEGO! And if you own LEGO, chances are you’ve stepped on these LEGO pieces from time to time. Save the legs and the vacuum cleaner and make one of these DIY LEGO tables for kids. We have two LEGO tables and my boys use them every day. These are the best things we’ve ever done!

How To Make A Lego Table

I know that as my boys have gotten older, it has become more difficult to know what to get them for birthdays and Christmas. Also, one of the questions I get the most in my community of moms of boys is what to buy for older boys! This is indeed a challenge that many people face. If your child likes LEGO tables, these DIY LEGO tables make a great gift. All you need is a table, some basic LEGO plates and glue. Some of these LEGO tables can be built in minutes. I also love that there are LEGO tables for older kids! My older boys love their big Lego buildable table.

Diy Lego Table

I love how creative all the LEGO DIY tables are! It definitely gives me gift ideas.

How To Make A Lego Table

And if you’re not feeling crafty, don’t worry! There are so many great LEGO tables that you can buy! Here are a few we love:

Duplo Compatible Blue, Green and Gray Premium Stackable Base Plates 2-in-1 Building Table with Kids Tot Instructors Tool Kidcraft Lego Compatible 2-in-1 Activity Table Duplo and Lego Compatible Building Table with 2 Separate Chairs for Lego Chever Road Play Built-in Storage

How To Make A Lego Table

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How To Make A Lego Table

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How To Make A Lego Table

Non-necessary cookies are all cookies that may not be specifically necessary for the website to function and are used exclusively to collect the user’s personal data through analysis, advertising or other integrated content. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before using these cookies on your website. If you have little boys obsessed with Legos (or even little girls like our almost 2-year-old daughter), you’ve probably seen Lego tables. …and shocked by the prices. Fear not, we have found a way to make your own Lego table easily and very cheaply.

We bought 10 x 10 Lego plates from Amazon for $4.99 a plate. Depending on the sale, you can find plates in this size at Toys R Us for $4.99-$6.99.

How To Make A Lego Table

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We used contact cement because we had it for another project, but I’m sure there are other types of glue you can use to attach the lego tiles to the table top. You can find contact cement in many places (especially hardware stores), but we bought ours at Wal-Mart. If you are doing this indoors, I recommend using low VOC contact cement as it does not contain hazardous fumes.

Step 2: Assemble the table. We used wood glue to attach the table legs. One time

How To Make A Lego Table

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