How To Make A Patio Table

How To Make A Patio Table – This DIY patio table is the best, thanks to the centerpiece icebox! Follow these beautiful and convenient wooden table and bench plans to make your outdoor dining area this summer.

Heidi and Brent of the very talented Cruise Workshop designed and built a DIY outdoor table and benches to spruce up your backyard for BBQs and summer parties.

How To Make A Patio Table

How To Make A Patio Table

We teamed up with Amy from HerToolbelt to create woodworking plans so you can build your own ice chest table and match these simple outdoor benches.

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Greetings from South Dakota! I'm Heidi, and along with my trusty husband, Brent, we've been restoring and building everything from picture frames to dollhouses in our conveniently raised garage at Cruise's Workshop. We're excited to share our detailed plans that outline our process for creating an ice table that we call the “Patio Party Table.”

How To Make A Patio Table

Cruise Workshop to see Heidi and Brent's industrial iron pipe display and photo of the amazing Barbie house they built!

The finished patio table is 76 1/8″ L x 40 1/2″ D x 30″ H and has 2 drawers with lids.

How To Make A Patio Table

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Design table centers around these plants, which can be found at Home Depot or on their website in the outdoor/plants section.

At 20″ x 10″, these are the perfect drink container size to store most summer drinks and come in at under $10 each! (It won't hurt to buy a few spares if you need replacements down the road.)

How To Make A Patio Table

If you can't find these freezer boxes or don't have a Home Depot nearby, you can buy similar inexpensive planters here or here on Amazon – you just need to plan ahead and adjust the holes and supports to fit the little ones. . one. The length and width are the same, so be sure to check the wood plan drawings before you start building.

Easy Homemade Outdoor Dining Table Plans

(And scroll down to see how one clever reader modified the table to also store freezer serving plates!)

How To Make A Patio Table

There is enough room to add a hole in the middle of the table to hold an umbrella like this.

Check out the reader-made photos here to see how another reader added an umbrella to a patio table and ice chest.

How To Make A Patio Table

Diy Outdoor Table

With a few tools and a lot of patience, this job can be completed in a weekend, for only $150!

Cedar, the best choice for outdoor furniture, will cost more than Douglas fir, which we chose for the table you will see.

How To Make A Patio Table

Home Depot in our area carries Douglas fir, but in 2×8 and 2×6 sizes, so for the 4×4 legs we use cedar.

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No matter what kind of wood you choose, a few coats of a good sealer is essential to protect the table and matching benches, not only from mother nature but also from our children spilling dinner and dessert.

How To Make A Patio Table

We painted our table with American walnut and finished it off with a few coats of Spat Urethane Water Half Glass. (Read below for details).

How to Build an Outdoor Tub and Beverage Cooler Find instructions and measurements for building a similar table and benches in this woodworking plan.

How To Make A Patio Table

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We saw similar ideas, but we felt we could improve the design to create a stronger, more durable product that would withstand our harsh climate.

Therefore, we do not recommend cutting your wood to length prematurely. We think it's best to plan when cutting, which gives you the freedom to make a few changes if needed, to make sure the table is sturdy.

How To Make A Patio Table

As with any woodworking plan, be sure to read all the steps in the Cooler Patio Table and Bench Plan before you start cutting and building.

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For each step, start by cutting the end of the board by half an inch. Always do this first step when cutting a new board, as it gives you a clean, straight end to try.

How To Make A Patio Table

As you build, sand every part of the patio table, smoothing all edges, rough corners, and edges. It will be easier if you clean all the parts before assembling the table.

Most sanding can be done with an orbital sander with 120 grit sandpaper. Harder areas may require 80-grit sandpaper.

How To Make A Patio Table

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After sanding each part, we recommend painting the part. It is easier to paint parts than to put the whole patio table together.

Painting in the middle sections (as described in the wood plan) also helps the stain to do its job of protecting and protecting the water so that your table stays out in the elements.

How To Make A Patio Table

As you sew, pay attention to your pocket holes and fasteners. Place this bracket in your first hole to match the wood. Install your crag screw.

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Move your bracket and any screws you put in to make sure the pieces stay together. This is especially important when making a table top, storing pieces and even if the table is flat and small.

How To Make A Patio Table

It's easy to make your own legs using 4×4 posts, a table saw, and wood anchors. Woodworking plans include a lot of information, but we've summarized it here because it's a popular woodworking technique that saves money on table legs.

Make a leg, then put it on the table with diagonal supports and bolts. This system makes it easy to remove the legs for storage or driving.

How To Make A Patio Table

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To create a flat surface, turn your saw blade 45 degrees, make a pencil mark to determine the length of the pen. Place the table fence at 2 3/4 inches.

On the new flat surface, measure and mark the location of the wood anchors. (This will fit the support brackets in the next step.) Using a 7/16″ drill bit, drill about 1 1/2″ deep.

How To Make A Patio Table

To attach the legs, make joint screws that are attached to the joist, cut from a 2×4 at a 45-degree angle at each end.

Thrifty And Chic

In the middle of the diagonal piece, mark the location of the wooden anchors on the legs and drill holes with a 1/2″ drill. Attach the driver support with floor screws, then the legs with the diagonal support. Connect the bolts and washers.

How To Make A Patio Table

Since we are using Douglas Fir, which is a soft wood, we chose to use a wood chipper to get our stain coat to come on evenly.

After about 15 minutes of using the wood polisher and removing any excess, I applied a small amount of grease to the interior with a foam brush.

How To Make A Patio Table

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After the hair dried, I applied three coats of this water-based urethane, sanding heavily with a fine sponge between coats.

We'd love to see what you create using the plans! Tweet us @ or #ima or send a pride message here to showcase your work.

How To Make A Patio Table

Michael writes: “This was my first woodworking project. I started with the benches and moved on to the table. The benches worked well. I'm glad you mentioned not cutting anything on the table beforehand. Lots of pieces. were, which finally required a special size (ice cover).

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“I used mixed pine. It made the table very heavy but hopefully it will last a long time. Because of the weight of the table I added heavy duty rollers on the bottom. This allows me to move without Move in with the neighbors.

How To Make A Patio Table

I finished my first woodworking project – an outdoor table with a frosted center. Friday, July 17, 2015. (© 2015 Michael Connor / Connor Studios)

“I did some tightening on the long boards at the top. I added pocket screws that go from the ice frame to the outer cage and hold it all together. With the weight, I thought about adding screws. will help in the long run.”

How To Make A Patio Table

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Doug wrote: “I was looking for a project to raise funds for my daughter's elementary school PTO. Steam Table Tray Size Tray Tray These trays come in about 24 sizes, and in stainless steel and two types of plastic. Comes in. Trays can be expensive if you're not careful

“In addition to the rectangular trays, they have adapters that allow you to draw round containers of different sizes. These containers are great for making soups, sauces, chili, etc., but also for filling cold water and storing small bottles. Are good. Wine or

How To Make A Patio Table

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