How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools – While I was in Greece my husband Greg got to work on the long list of things we needed to finish for the YBC Home/Office tour. We bought bar stools when we moved but couldn’t find anything we liked at a price we were happy with. Greg felt he could do whatever we wanted, so I told him to do it. The result is amazing and since we feature DIY projects here I thought I’d invite Greg to guest post explaining how he made it. I hope you like it.

After moving into our new home, we’re still trying to put the finishing touches on it. We have the necessary things like a couch, a bed, Candace’s desk and an office chair, and then on the list is a place to sit. I chose these bar stools because I thought they would look good in our industrial space with high ceilings and exposed pipes and such. I can’t believe how easy these bad boys are to put together. The only drawback is the price. One of the reasons we did DIY was to save money, but they were about $110 each so we didn’t really save any money. Well they are still good.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Place a 12 inch pipe inside a shirt. Add a narrow nipple to the end of the tee facing the 12″ pipe. Add a 90° angle to the closed nipple. Add a 3 inch pipe. Add another 90° angle. Add a 12″ pipe (here you can replace the 12″ pipe with something shorter like a 5″ depending on how tall you want your stool to be). Add a cap.

Vintage Industrial Diy Bar Stools

Add tight nipples to the open ends of the shirt on each leg. Join the two legs of a tee in the middle of the adjacent nipples you added.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Use a 4 inch pipe to connect the two leg sets. If you are building a larger stool like I did in the post. I would recommend a 5-6 inch pipe in this step to create a wider base for better stability.

Apply glue to the floor flanges and attach the wooden seat. (Option to purchase wood screws and screw seat with bottom flanges)

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Diy Industrial Bar Stool — Yogabycandace

These stools were very easy to make and I was surprised at the cost. Depending on how tall your stools are, you can build a stool about 21 inches tall for about $55. The one I built for the project here is 31 inches tall and cost me about $110.

When deciding on the desired height of your stool, just know that the 4 inch bottom base height pipe will increase the stool height to around 21-22 inches. I used 12 inch tubing at the bottom base of the legs to make a stool about 29-30 inches long. In this post we cover all the details of the industrial style bar stools built by our client Dan of Oakdale, Minnesota. We’ll also talk about the accessories Dan used to create these one-of-a-kind bar stools and give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your own. So, without further ado, let’s get to the point:

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Dan designed these bar stools because he wanted stools that would match his open kitchen counter and be able to watch TV from the room while eating. He found our website after looking for ways to make bar stools with pipe connectors and decided to build his own stool using Kee Klamp.

Mainstays Fully Assembled 29

Unlike traditional hose fittings that connect your hose with a threaded connection, Kee Klamp fittings slip over your hose and lock into place by tightening a set screw on the fitting (this can be done with the allen wrench). This generally makes Kee Klamp fittings easier to use for several reasons:

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

So Dan decided to do his project with Kee Klamp and was very happy with the results.

Finally, to complete the look of the bar stools, Dan paired the stools with custom wood seats and backs. He then sprayed the fixtures and pipes to complete the look.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Inch Barstool Plan/island Bar Stool Plan/bar Stool

Below you will find all the accessories you need to make a bar stool like Dan. However, you are welcome to change the design if you wish. If you don’t want to enclose the backrest, simply subtract a flange, sleeve tee and two 90 degree elbows from the list below. Check out this list of ideas for more pipe and chair ideas.

61-5 – Flange, 3/4″09 x $13.05 $117.45 10-5 – Single socket tee, 3/4″01 x $15.74 $15.74 15-5 – 90 Elbow °, 3/4″ 02 x $15.26 30-5.26 $30-5 5.26 Cross with four sockets, 3/4″ 01 x $31.75 $31.75

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

As with any project created using Kee Klamp fittings and hose, the exact order in which you assemble your project is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. With that in mind, however, we’ve listed what we think is the easiest way to assemble these bar stools. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get help.

Counter Height Bar Stool » Rogue Engineer

First you want to start assembling each bar stool leg. When all four legs are done you can connect them.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

To assemble the first bar stool leg you will need two flange fittings and a three socket tee. Alternatively, a single socket tee can be used instead of three socket tees. Both can be used in the same way. Typically, an outlet tee is used when a piece of pipe is to flow through an open outlet. A three socket tee is typically used to connect two separate pieces.

In this case, Dan used a three leg t-shirt, but it looks like the leg is one continuous piece of tubing.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Commercial Bar Stool With Back

Follow the diagram above to assemble the bar stool leg. Once the tools are in place, secure them in place by tightening the set screws on each fitting.

Repeat this process until all four legs are done. Make sure to put the same three socket length shirt on all four legs. This fitting is used to connect them all. Also remember that one of the legs should also have a cutout T added to the top of the leg. This will be used to attach the backrest. Don’t forget to add this fitting before adding the flange on top of this leg.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

When all four legs are done you can connect them. To do this, you need to use the Four Socket Cross. Follow the diagram above to connect the legs.

Diy Grain Sack Kitchen Barstool Cushions

You can attach the chair to the bar stool frame. Place the seat over the flange fittings. Each flange fitting has four countersunk holes for mounting. Use the holes to attach the seat to the frame.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Finally, you can add the backrest to the bar stool. This is entirely optional. However, the backrest uses two 90 degree bends and a flange mount. This connects to the single socket tee that was previously added to one of the bench legs. Follow the diagram above to assemble the backrest.

You should now have a complete bar stool like the one Dan made for his kitchen. If you’re having trouble assembling your bar stool or choosing the right accessories, don’t hesitate to ask our team for help. Our design team will assist you in any way they can, even helping you design a custom solution to suit your application. There are several reasons why you might want to make your own do-it-yourself bar stool for your living room. Maybe you’re a budding carpenter looking for an inspirational furniture project. Or maybe you want to save money by building it yourself instead of buying it from a store. Or maybe you prefer the look and feel of a wooden bar stool over a bar stool made from other materials.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

Diy Bar Stool Metal Foot Rest Tutorial (hack)

Whatever your reasons, building a do-it-yourself wooden bar stool is a relatively simple process that anyone with basic woodworking skills can handle. This article will walk you through the steps required to build your own custom bar stool from scratch.

I built this DIY bar stool using less than $15 worth of materials. You can make the top in any size and shape that suits your style.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

This PDF download includes section diagrams, accessories list, and 3D illustrations with detailed steps to create the project. Measurements are in imperial, not metric. Does NOT include SketchUp/CAD files.

Free Bar Stool Plans You Can Build Today

The plans are made for free on the site, but if you want to support the site, you can pay a small fee to purchase the printable PDFs.

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

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Start by making the top panel of the bar stool seat first. Depending on what tools you have, there are multiple ways to do this. If you

How To Build Your Own Bar Stools

How To Make An Easy Round Stool

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