How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse – So my desk has been around for a long time… When we bought this house about 9 years ago, most of the new furniture we bought was all black. I slowly started thinking about my style and working on my space to change it to better reflect what I want my space to look like. One of those things was changing this big black table.

I liked the light and bright place. The black counter height table is heavy and dark and the look just doesn't work for me. So I changed it.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

I wanted a rustic look, so I painted the table white and replaced the top with a fresh new wood top. Even though the table and my space are lighter and my current style, it's still a tall counter. I found out that I hate counter height tables! They were hip, and that's what they've been for a while, but I hated them. Inconvenient and painful to use. Also, I think the field of view is great.

Faux Planked Table Transformation

I decided I needed a high end table in May and sold my table. I have a plan that I like, but I'm not sure I'll be back in months with what I want to do. Can't decide between a pantsuit style table, all stained, all painted, farmhouse table… what kind of chairs? I bought a friend's farmhouse style table and 8 matching chairs, painted it and brought it inside, but it was too small. I finally decided, after looking at many inspiring images online (Google Image is my total best friend) – I want one long farmhouse table, wooden, and off balance – lots of chairs. Then I understood! I want to finish this table before the holidays – I haven't had a table since May, so it's time to do it 🙂

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

This is what I came up with… my personality has changed and grown since we bought this house, and I think that's what I want. Of course, I still have many projects that I want to make, but I think I'll do it well 🙂  I especially like white backgrounds and then many colors: simple and pastel colors. My heart aches for mismatched fabrics, antiques, everything, things that have been loved, bright colors — things that have a history. I like my house, even if it looks new, it has a story 🙂

**These photos aren't the best: it's cold and cloudy here, no sun, better photos when I post more kitchen projects!**

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

Are Farmhouse Tables In Style? A Guide To Farmhouse Tables

Creating a table is very simple. My daughter and I worked all day. We went to the shop in the morning to build and paint, then went home and put everything together. And thanks to Facebook, I know the questions that are asked most often, so it's easier for me to #everyone and go to the list!

I started with my table legs, wood for the top, and 3 8-foot 6-by-6 pieces of pine (not pictured.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

I cut my top to size and laid it on the ground. We measured from the sides/top to figure out how much suspension we needed – it's just a matter of how much you want. I extended my table, but when I got home and put everything back together, it was cut so low that I cut one of my planks. I figured I'd leave it longer at the ends because I wanted to add little shelves for some features.

Diy Farmhouse Table / Trestle Table

After all the edges and ends were trimmed, I cut 2 stringers from the 2x4s. This will give you something to add to the wood top, which will make the table stronger. I also cut a corner for each leg. Corner points are just 45 degree angles. It is very important to follow the corner sections – it ties everything together and is very stable.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

Then, to connect all my parts, I used my Kreg Jig to make pocket hole connections. If you are building anything, you must have this tool! I can't tell you how much I use this stuff and how easy it is to use!

All the circles are where I made the pocket holes. The ends where the legs meet the skirt, the corner brackets, the 2×4 brackets to secure to the skirt and then the ends to secure the top.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

How To Create A Farmhouse Look On A Budget

After my table was set up we started joking! I wanted the dark wood to show when the paint chipped, so I painted it with Varathane Ash. Once the stain was completely dry, I gave it three quick coats of Rustoleum Lacquer. If I didn't seal the raw wood, my milk varnish wouldn't cut. Lacquer works well to make my paint look nice and shiny 🙂

I didn't photograph the pictorial part, but we used Baked Bread – delicious Miu Piko of course! Flour bag is the brightest of the whites and works well with dark stained wood. I painted over 2 coats of varnish – no Extra Bond was used. Look how bright it is!

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

As for the top, I'm lucky, my tree is back, it's not moving and I don't have to plan. The wood was pretty smooth so I brought in my 120 grit orbital sander and gave it a light sanding. I didn't take a photo of that part, but this is the tree after. As you can see from the side test section, I tried many different colors, but in the end I left the natural wood and I'm very happy! The wood looks great – I think all the black stains left by whatever was covering it were oil or clay. Has old nail holes and marks from old saw blades – amazing!!

Union Rustic Fiecke Abstract Coffee Table

After the table was built, sanded, painted, we loaded everything into the truck and drove home to pack! The paint was already dry when we got home, so I gave it a good shot at removing the clear coat.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

I didn't take many photos of the stage – I had so much fun doing it! Even at night I'm tired 🙂  I took this photo – Zailee wrote a little story about all the projects we worked on together – so cute!

We connect everything to the studs. I used wood glue for everything. After all my base assembly I put on the top and attack it from the bottom. I added the top to the center 2×4 and then had pocket holes on the ends, it was very secure.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

Diy [ Farmhouse Distressed White ]

After building my table, I sealed the top with 3 or 4 coats of Varathane Floor Finish left over from my shop shelves. It is very light weight and dries down to a long finish. The top is quite shiny so I used sandpaper and sanded it when dry.

Then the worst thing happened: the seats…uhhh!! Chairs are the worst thing to paint!!! I painted them all our tart colors with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. I used Sweetie Jane, Patina, Oh Olive!, Tickled Pink and Love Bug. The seat is already painted green, the yellow is original paint and the short is original paint – I will paint that seat anyway.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

And it's done! I still have to clean my seats – I think I'll take a day and do it 🙂

Farmhouse Graywash Technique

The top is so beautiful!! It's very smooth, precise and looks great – I love the little paint streak on the side! Clear Varathane brings out all the characteristics of the wood.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

As you can see from this picture, there is a small gap between the planks, but it's not perfect 🙂

Oh – and one of my favorite parts!! How sweet are these little corbels at the end – nice touch! I found them at Home Depot.

How To Make A Table Look Farmhouse

Diy Farmhouse Style Dining Table

I think so! Hope this covers everything. Overall, it's very easy to build and if you have building skills, it's easy – just adjust the sizes and shapes to your liking. The kreg jig is perfect for things like this so I highly recommend it,

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