How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

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Learning this Christmas tree napkin folding technique really upped my holiday spread game and I want to spread the (napkin) joy. The following super easy steps will result in nothing less than a stylish, modern, and dare I say, interesting way to incorporate the napkin into the dinner mix.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

All you need is a perfect square* green towel (I used a 20″ x 20″ towel, but any size 16″ x 16″ or larger will work well). I prefer to use 100% natural fibers such as cotton or linen, but using a poly/cotton blend does not affect the success of the warp yarn.

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I like to iron the towels before I fold them. This is optional, but results in a fresher looking tree.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Again, make sure the corners are aligned with each other. Flatten it and turn it so that all outer corners are facing you.

One at a time, fold each top outer corner to the opposite edge so that the top is parallel to you, creating a downward-facing triangle.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Take Your Table Settings To The Next Level With This Diy Christmas Tree Napkin Folding!

Starting at the top, fold up each wing. Fold the second fold over the fifth fold above it, hiding the pointed corners.

After setting the table, place the napkin on the empty plate and make sure all the pleats are in place.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

I chose to leave my tree bare, but feel free to add stars and/or edible glitter or any other small non-toxic bits you can think of! I’d love to see pictures in the comments section if you try it!! This deal was compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers. All opinions are my own. #FamilyPizzaCombo

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The holidays are usually the busiest and most expensive time of year for most families. While we’re trying to get everyone on our list a nice gift, and we’re still trying to complete our daily tasks, like cooking a hot meal for our family, we can definitely relax.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

I’ve put together a simple tutorial showing you how to fold napkins into a Christmas tree to bring Christmas cheer to the dinner table as well as the perfect dish for those busy holiday nights.

When my family goes holiday shopping, time flies and before we know it, it’s time for dinner. Instead of going home to drink or worse, we decided to go to Sam’s Club and pick up a Sam’s Club Cafe Pizza and a pack of Coca-Cola.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Diy Christmas Tree Napkins Tutorial And Free Pattern ⋆ Hello Sewing

The cafe’s combo pack is perfect for takeaway and you won’t find a better deal for such a complete meal. Complete in minutes with a 16-inch pizza, cheese sticks, brownies and (1) 2 liter Coke.

My favorite thing about this meal is that it comes with a delicious main course, side dish, drink and dessert.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

In addition to this quick meal, a great way to brighten up your dinner is to set your table with napkins folded into a Christmas tree.

Easy Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Tutorial

It is very easy to make and I made a collage to show you in pictures exactly how to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

The first step is to fold the napkin in half lengthwise. Then fold it again, it should be square. Then turn the napkin over so that the loose edge is at the bottom. Start folding the loose ends until the end is folded in, leaving space between each fold.

Turn the entire napkin over, being careful not to open the stuck edges. Fold the bottom corner into the two top corners. Turn the napkin over again, being careful not to open what you did.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Sew This: Christmas Tree Shaped Napkins

You can do it here, or you can finish it by folding the top triangle up, then folding the other side in and folding it into the fold above until it reaches the bottom. Add a bow or ribbon and the napkin folds into a festive Christmas tree!

Head to Sam’s Club and start a new holiday tradition with your family by serving a simple meal and decorating your table with these Christmas tree napkins. What are your family’s favorite traditions?

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

[…] Forget how to fold napkins into a Christmas tree to set the table. This simple step-by-step guide shares how to make your desk more […]

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The napkin folds remind me of when I worked in a restaurant. They taught us how to fold towels to look like a Christmas tree. I wouldn’t have thought to do this in my house, but it would look great on my dining room table on Christmas morning. I always told myself I would get a Sams Club membership, but instead I always got a BJ’s membership. Just because of the travel time to BJ’s pantun, the time it took to get to Sam’s Club. The family meal looks really good and would be great for my family. Thanks for posting

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

This is a very sweet idea! Maybe I’ll try it on the children’s table this year. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it!

I bet they’ll love it for the first few seconds, then open it and ask you to fold it back. By the time the party is over, everyone will know how to fold it like this. lol

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Christmas Tree Napkins

What a cute Christmas tree napkin. I’m not good at folding towels, so thanks for showing me.

Now that’s great, I’ll give it a try and see how I can make my own.. thanks for the shares.. it’s that time of year again. Friends and family come to your house and you struggle to buy the perfect Christmas gift and wrap it in a special way, bake Christmas cookies that no one (especially Santa!) can refuse, cook delicious Christmas food and create a Christmas atmosphere. perfect table. As for the latter, there is a lot to do! Create festive centerpieces that ooh and ahh over the much-loved Christmas tablecloth along with the “good” china. If you want to go the extra mile, why not take your bedding from ho-hum to ho-ho-ho? With just a few simple steps, you can turn a napkin into a sweet tree that will be the perfect addition to your holiday table – no matter what you’re planning this year. For a more personal touch, you can add star-shaped name cards or paper ornaments punched through the folds. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably be more ambitious and inspired to do more holiday crafts. Luckily, it’s never too late to sit down and write a letter to old St. Nick and ask for a glue gun for all his efforts. In the meantime, start folding!

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Iron square napkins and lay them flat – 20″ and 16″ sides work well for this folding project. It doesn’t matter whether the front or back of the towel is facing up.

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Note: You may need to remove the labels from the napkins so they don’t show up in the final design.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Fold the napkin in half to make a smaller square. Make sure all corners are even.

Turn the napkin over to make a diamond shape. The bottom point should be at a loose angle.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

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Place the napkin between your hands with one on top to keep everything in place and the other on the bottom. Carefully turn it over.

Fold the bottom outer corner to the opposite side. This will create a small triangle on the back of the napkin.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Make a cute folded version of a Christmas tree napkin if you want to stop at this step.) Christmas is the time of year when the people you love the most come. So you have to be a great host, which means the dining table has to look its best.

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Nothing says Christmas better than a Christmas tree, so why not put one on your plate? This Christmas tree napkin tutorial will show you how to make unique and creative napkins that everyone will love as soon as they see them.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Anyway, just between us, because they are easy to sew and you can make them in seconds, they can also be a great last minute Christmas gift! Now let’s make a Christmas tree napkin, shall we?

Below you will find my step-by-step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all visual learners.

How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

Ply Festival Decoupage Pre Fold Paper Napkins Christmas Tree Shape For Christmas Party

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How To Fold A Xmas Tree Napkin

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