How To Build A Board Game Table

How To Build A Board Game Table – Nicole and I are big gamers, be it video, dice, cards or classic board games. So when I was asked to create a new dining table, I knew it would be multi-purpose, serving our needs for both dining and gaming. And so the gaming dining table was born. If you like what you see in this short video, the detailed video and plans can be purchased at the Wood Whisper Guild.

A game board can go in different directions depending on your personal preferences. With two young children at home and years of abuse before that, I knew my table needed to be a sturdy and durable dining table and functional play table first. We went through several versions before finally settling on what we felt was the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics and solid on what you see here. And by “we,” I mean friends and fellow designers Aaron Marshall and Scott Seganti.

How To Build A Board Game Table

How To Build A Board Game Table

Although this video is intentionally fast-paced, the instructional videos available in the association walk you through the process from wood selection to finishing. For those of you who aren't interested in the deep details, I hope this quick video inspires you to design your own and do it for yourself.

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How To Build A Board Game Table

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How To Build A Board Game Table

Finished My Diy Gaming Table! No More Arguing Whether Or Not Floor Crits Count, Anxious For The First Campaign On It. Album And Details In Comments. [oc]

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How To Build A Board Game Table

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How To Build A Board Game Table

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How To Build A Board Game Table

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How To Build A Board Game Table

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How To Build A Board Game Table

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How To Build A Board Game Table

How To Build It; Custom Gaming Table — Idiot Tantrum

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In most cases, a gaming table is just a special surface for playing all kinds of board games. They often include a spongy surface for easy holding of cards and markers, a wide frame for your cards or writing space, and cup holders.

How To Build A Board Game Table

The buy-it-yourself decision helped. The previous homeowner was in the middle of some unfinished woodworking projects. Since the subfloor sheet is 6'x3′, I made it the same size as the game board. It also means that many play mats will fit perfectly. Play mats are like large mouse pads with padding and spongy backing.

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My design was simple. Make a 6'x'3 frame from two squares. Add the table legs. Place the 6'x3′ subfloor panels on top. And finally make the entire frame to give the table a little surface. I used 6 inch oak panels from Lowes to make the slab. Since the rug is a separate piece, I can replace the play mat when needed or clean up spills without ruining everything.

How To Build A Board Game Table

I had no woodworking tools. So, I've compiled a short list of tools and supplies needed to make this table…

I bribed a friend to help me cut costs. You'll get a lifetime pass to an awesome DIY game table… and, snacks and drinks. The main tool needed was a miter saw. It was used to make beautiful vertical pieces. Other tools are needed: a power drill to drill the holes for the screws and screws to insert into the holes.

How To Build A Board Game Table

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I was trying to make sure the outside dimensions were 6'x3′. I made arrangements on the spot.

The slab acts as a frame around the subfloor panel. It gives you a great place to put cards or write notes. I applied angle brackets to the flat square and used the subfloor panel as my guide.

How To Build A Board Game Table

The table has three different parts: the frame, the ground surface and the plate. The essential selfie. First game = Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

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For a while, I tried to talk myself out of sand and wood. The wood had sharp edges and rough spots. It took some convincing, but I decided to go for it and it made a huge difference. The finishing process took more time than the meeting.

How To Build A Board Game Table

Deep Cut Studio makes custom play mats for any size floor. I've posted some custom art to enhance my Arkham Horror: The Card Game campaign. Deep-Cut is based in England and it took less than two weeks to receive my custom play mat. More later. Just two years ago I decided to build a board game table. After several design iterations, buying a garage/workshop house, “how to turn wood into things”, lots of YouTube videos, lots of fiddling and joking about where to find materials, and getting my brother to help, the actual build works, finally here it is:

With all the specs, Firefly is the perfect game to get into on a new board. Such a pig.

How To Build A Board Game Table

How To Make Your Own Board Game

Many good things start with an idea. Some good things start out as a terrible idea that slowly but surely turns semi-decent and eventually becomes something that isn't bad at all.

See, when I looked on the web for table inspiration, what I looked at more than anything else were owners. There were cups on almost every table, and I wanted them. I also needed a foldable lower player tray for games where you don't want to see what someone else is doing.

How To Build A Board Game Table

Admittedly, I've never built a tablet before, or indeed anything close to its size and complexity. But I was sure, and stupid, and have a table with a cup-heavy, collapsible player tray.

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Fortunately, when I began to understand the giant

How To Build A Board Game Table

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