How To Build A Beer Pong Table

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How To Build A Beer Pong Table – Tired of playing beer pong on a lame folding table? Or are you tired of your friend opening the door from its hinges every time you want to play? Ever wonder how they make all those great beer pong tables online with automatic ball washers and custom lights.

Today, on behalf of Outsmarting Technologies, I am pleased to show everyone interested in the art of building the perfect beer pong table. Built in about seven days, from concept to blueprint to finished product, The Formidable Beer Pong Table, as I call it, includes a variety of features not typically found in standard beer pong table construction. However, what good are these features if they aren’t backed up by a rock solid frame and construction capable of withstanding the dreaded “beer pong slamdunk” last seen in a big fraternity game in 1974.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

The best part is that I have shown and documented how to create all these great features. Many websites show nice looking beer pong tables without providing any insight or solid documentation on how to build them. I have tried to include as many pictures and instructions as possible so that anyone can make this table or any type. Feel free to add or include any features; I tried to include as many features as possible to show the possibilities

Fun Diy Ping Pong Table Ideas

I have organized each step of this tutorial into 5 parts and tried to make it as clear and easy to follow as possible:

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

5) Tips: where I note any problems you face during the build process and how to avoid them.

Of course there will be plenty of photos, diagrams, drawings and links to complete each step and avoid confusion (you may need to view full size to see all dimensions and notes correctly).

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Diy University Beer Pong Table

Again, my name is Christian Reed (junior at MIT this year in Mechanical Engineering) and feel free to check out my company, personal or blog website. Of course, feel free to message me or otherwise contact me with any questions or concerns you have, and I’ll be happy to help.

* Used in my design, but can definitely be done without other common hand power tools

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Here we will build a beer pong table frame that will be the main component of the entire table and provide a solid foundation to build on.

Beer Pong Portable Folding Table Aluminum Led Lights Cup Holders Old School

1) Start by cutting the required length of board. Use the cut sheet attached to this page as a reference. It is best to cut everything at once and assemble everything after cutting.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

2) Install half of the horizontal ground support. Use deck screws to fasten everything together.

3) Insert the 4×4 into the appropriate slot and drill with a 1/2″ speed bit. Insert carriage bolts and tighten in place.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Gopong Pro 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table

4) Using a partner (or you can cut some custom brackets/brackets) attach the secondary horizontal wood supports. Make sure it is level and the 4×4 will be perpendicular to the ground. Make sure you measure regularly to make sure everything stays straight in relation to each other.

6) Finish by painting on a few coats of exterior paint (assuming it will be covered with beer/water/whatever). Make sure each area is covered with several layers of paint.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

This is important to the success of the table, so make sure you build and paint the frame carefully.

Party Pong Graphics 8 Foot Professional Beer Pong Table With Optional Cup Holes, Led Lights, Dry Erase Surface

We will make the table top in this step. You have a lot of flexibility in this step and I’ll document how I did it, but again, feel free to design however you want (centering your own letters/logo).

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

1) Using your favorite CAD program, design your table layout taking into account your individual CNC machine/cutting capabilities and workpiece size. Note: I believe many people do not have access to a large boat router, in which case you can cut the basic shape by hand using a jigsaw and a bit of sanding. Use your creativity to come up with designs you can make.)

2) Save your file as a DXF and import it into your CAM program of choice (Partswork),  this is where you set the toolpath (where you want the cutter to move) and its depth.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Dyetable #pongtable #pong #table #diy #beerpong #dye

4) Remove the sheet and spread the dust. Use a hand router to trace the edges (I did both the top and reverse and then the bottom).

5) Stain both sides with exterior deck stain. Choose the shade you like. After we finish installing the lights, we will also install the polyurethane.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

In this step we will install gutters to the sides of the frame as well as water intake and return channels and connections.

The 8 Best Beer Pong Tables For Parties And Tailgates In 2022

1) Start by cutting the drain to the appropriate size for both sides of the table. Once cut, attach them to both sides of the table using drain hangers. Place the center of the gutter 1.5″ from the top and 1″ above the edge, giving the gutter a slope where it will eventually meet in the middle.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

3) Place end caps on all 4 drain ends. Punch a hole in each water line.

4) Route the pipe as appropriate, following the diagram for guidance. You can do this until the line goes through the center of the frame as much as you like because that’s where the bucket will sit.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Purple Beer Pong Tables

5) It may help to test the water at this point to make sure everything is working and there are absolutely no leaks, in which case dry and cover the affected area with gauze.

Make sure the drain is angled toward the center to ensure water flows from the inlet to the drain.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

1) With the help of another person, align the top of the table so that it is centered on the frame.

Beer Pong Tables

2) While your partner keeps the table top stationary (sitting on the table), screw the L bracket to lock it in place.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Ignore the blue ring, you don’t need to install the hose again (or even do it).

Vent assembly (not sure what it’s called, goes from a 5″x10″ rectangle to a 4.5″ circle on the other end)

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Building An Interactive Led Beer Pong Table

1) Start thinking about how to connect your computer fan. Whether you salvaged it from an old computer or bought it new, there are many different ways to power it. Find out which method works best for you. For me, I used a dual fan taken from an old Apple G5 tower and powered it from an old computer power supply.

2) Cut the visible ring on the top of the table. If you have access to a laser cutter, you can create some beautiful designs. Make sure the inner radius of the ring you cut covers the ball washer hole and the PVC pipe so it doesn’t stick.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

4) Glue the PVC joints with PVC cement and cover the other areas with Goop. Make sure you don’t stick empty hoses from the shop as they are useful for loosening if the ball gets stuck in the system.

Gopong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table & Tailgate Table & Reviews

6) Install the ball washer unit on the table. It should hold from there, but you can use epoxy for extra strength.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

7) Install the fan assembly. Make sure it is raised relative to the water flow so water does not flow back into the fan.

8) Cut the rubber as shown in the picture for the entry holes on both sides so that the rings cover them.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Beer Pong Table

1) First, put all the EL wires into the grooves we made earlier on the shop boat. Press it into place. Using painter’s tape to secure everything in place can help.

2) Drill two holes for the EL wire to come up from under the table and then down again.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

3) Solder the connector on one end of the EL wire and cover the other end. This is the tutorial I used. If that doesn’t work for you, you can connect to Google One.

Os Cribs: World’s Greatest Pong Table Edition

4) Use eye holes or some other method to attach the 1/2″ LED strip to the bottom of the table. I installed mine right where the frame meets the table top. This seems to work well. I also drilled a 1/2″ hole , To leave the actual plug and inverter on the inside of the table and

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

5) Secure all cables and inverters to the bottom of the table. Use whatever attachment method works for you.

6) Cover the entire table top with polyurethane. This will provide a great surface that will not absorb water and also prevent water from entering the cracks.

How To Build A Beer Pong Table

Pallet Wood Beer Pong Table

Reverse suction soldering. In hindsight, I would have made each section a single piece of EL wire that goes up and down the table so you only have to solder one connection instead of 8 in my case.

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How To Build A Beer Pong Table

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