How To Build A Concrete Table

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How To Build A Concrete Table – Have you seen lumber prices lately? This is a stupid question. Of course we have. Even if you don’t subscribe, you’ve probably seen all the news in the last few months. Typically, you can expect to pay 200-300% more depending on the type of wood you’re looking for.

It’s bad timing for me because I have an outdoor space that I want to furnish for the first time as an adult. I like to make things out of wood. So as the weather slowly starts to improve and the demand for outdoor furniture grows, I feel like I’m getting a little wet.

How To Build A Concrete Table

How To Build A Concrete Table

But it’s nothing if I can’t adapt, so I ditched my favorite wood and started looking for other materials suitable for outdoor construction. My search leads me to a specific situation. A material suitable for outdoor use if the days are long and still affordable, if you have to go through modern cities. So join me as I build my first log building.

Dovetail Furniture Round Dining Table 25168

Full disclosure. This project was sponsored by Concrete Countertop Solutions. All opinions in this post and related video are my own.

How To Build A Concrete Table

Fortunately, melamine sheets are still relatively inexpensive, so the first step in this project was to create the insert shape for my specific table. The cost of melamine paper has definitely increased, but not raw wood.

After cutting a few small pieces of paper using the pattern I saw, I assembled them into an open box about 32 x 48 inches and one and a half inches deep. Which is the same as the finished table, but as you can see it will be slightly smaller.

How To Build A Concrete Table

A Rustic Concrete Table

Also, as a quick tip. Make sure you rotate your form really well. Concrete is very heavy and will put considerable stress on the walls of your structure. If it breaks, it will cause a big mess.

Molds are pieces of polyurethane plastic that look like rubber noodles and are typically used to outline the outside edges of stairs, slabs, or other concrete castings.

How To Build A Concrete Table

However, I decided to use them in a slightly different way. I wanted to create the illusion that my table was actually made of one concrete slab and then split in two. To create this look I had to take two lines and add them back together.

Diy X Brace Side Table W/ Concrete Top

I started by stretching them long and cutting both ends. Using a piece of software to cut something soft and flexible seemed a little wrong, but in the end it got the job done, and that’s all that matters.

How To Build A Concrete Table

I used CA glue to join the two shaped spaces together. I put a bead of glue on one shape and pressed it together by spraying accelerator on the other side. After a few seconds I have a nice double sided line.

I swear I’m always looking for new ways to use CA glue in every build, and having glue basically means everything will bond and go together in seconds.

How To Build A Concrete Table

A Diy Concrete Table For Just $50

I also used, you guessed it, CA glue to secure everything in place. I went from one corner to another.

Here you can see that I curved the type of the shape and pasted it because I wanted it to look organic and natural in the middle. I thought the 45 degree line felt too artificial. I think these twists help sell it as a genuine piece.

How To Build A Concrete Table

Technically, this step is probably unnecessary because the concrete I’m using is self-reinforcing with acrylic fibers. But I decided to play it safe and put in some reinforcing steel mesh. Working in residential construction has taught me that you almost always have to reinforce concrete, a habit that’s hard to break.

Diy Entryway Makeover: Concrete Table Build With Mirror And Decor

There’s no standard measuring and cutting, I just kept the grid and filed the excess pieces with a cordless angle grinder.

How To Build A Concrete Table

Mixing the concrete was a little harder than I thought at first, but after doing it a few times I definitely picked up some tips.

First, you want to carefully monitor the amount of water you use. Each of my bags is designed to hold more than 3 qts (2.84 L) of water. Additionally, you run the risk of losing the strength of the concrete. For maximum potency, follow specific mixing instructions.

How To Build A Concrete Table

Diy Concrete Table

For the first mix, I started with 1 quart of water in the bucket and then slowly added water with the dry mix. It was a waste of time. After all, I was pouring two and a half quarts of water into the bucket and waiting for half a quart in case I needed to dilute the mixture.

It also became clear that I needed to use a smaller mixer based on the temperature of my poor wireless router. The large shovel I was using created a lot of drag on the concrete. Not only is a smaller mixer easier to rotate, but it’s better to drill the corners of the bucket.

How To Build A Concrete Table

The best thing about the concrete I used is that it flows really easily, it’s all purpose concrete. It can really find its level with a little movement. I have seen many other concrete buildings where people add all kinds of chemicals and additives to the concrete to achieve the same result. The cool thing here is that everything is pre-made so all I have to do is add water.

Diy Concrete Coffee Table (with Cooler & Firepit)!

I poured two bags of concrete into the form and began scraping the concrete. The board comes in a variety of shapes, but for this project I just used pre-cut melamine. I was able to gently move the walls of the form and smooth the concrete.

How To Build A Concrete Table

I focused on the low spots and filled them in using the extra scraps. All the areas I couldn’t get to with the scrubber, then I went in with the diamond pad and touched up my hands. .

The process for the black side was essentially the same except for the additional step of mixing the pigment into the concrete. These powder pigments create a variety of shades of gray and black in concrete. You can do real colors like red, green, and blue, but you use liquid stain on partially cured white concrete.

How To Build A Concrete Table

Custom Concrete Tables

In this build, I found that half a cup of black pigment gave me a really dark gray shade.

It is best to mix the pigment with water before adding concrete for distribution. Of course you can add pigment when the concrete is mixed, but it looks a bit patchy and pearly… It sounds cool when you think about it, but I won’t go there.

How To Build A Concrete Table

After the concussion, it’s back to the same game plan as before. I poured some concrete, made a quick rest, added reinforcing steel mesh, and then poured some more concrete on top. Before I knew it, I was clearing the other half of the table and getting ready for the last and most important step, casting.

Diy Concrete Dining Table

Concrete has a bad habit of encapsulating air bubbles when wet. As the concrete dries, these air bubbles become weak points that affect the strength of your tiles and become invisible.

How To Build A Concrete Table

So to encourage all the air bubbles to float to the top of my concrete soup, I gently tapped with a hammer all the way around the table. I did that on the rubber band. Likewise

Then I started cutting all the metal I needed to make the base of the table. To help myself work as quickly and efficiently as possible, I took the time to create a 3D model of the project before going to the shop. From the 3D model I created a shortcut menu and navigated through this menu. As a result, I deleted all of these cuts very quickly.

How To Build A Concrete Table

Homemade Modern Ep119 Diy Concrete Table With Walnut Inlays

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