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How To Make Floating Bedside Table – Hello hello! My name is Angie from House Becoming Home – a blog documenting my DIY furniture and various home improvement projects. I’m delighted to be part of the Jane Woodhouse 2018 creative team and today I’m sharing photos and instructions for a DIY floating bedside table I recently made for my husband Jim.

I’m not sure about you, but I always like to leave a room or two in my home. When it comes to decoration and “decorate”, pay no attention to them, they are not given much attention. Our master bedroom has probably been the most “reliable” room in our house since we moved in about three and a half years ago. We had done a lot at the time (renovating the kitchen, putting in hardwood floors, etc.) when it came time to move in, we did. Our bed and some old bookcases, and called it good. No framed photos or artwork, no dresses, no overnight chests. Last year I finally found the time to build a solid eight drawer dresser, and in early 2018 I decided it was time to add a DIY floating nightstand to the side of Jim’s bed.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

This DIY Floating Nightstand is a simple build that doesn’t take much time to complete. So let’s get to it.

Diy Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

*Note: Since the size of the nightstand is relatively small, I tried to use as many pieces from my scrap pile as possible. One of my drawers is made from a 1×4 and the other is a piece of pine left over from drywall my friend removed from his house. For simplicity, this list assumes you’ll only use 1x4s for the drawers, but if you have any leftovers, use them! If your material is not as thick as 1×4 3/4 inches, be sure to adjust the pieces.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Cut six feet of 1×12 into four sections: two @ 24″ (top and bottom) and two @ 11 1/2″ (sides).

Make four pocket holes at the top and bottom of the two short pieces (on the side of the nightstand). Assemble the nightstand shell with the 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws until the pocket holes go in. Use a carpenter’s square to make sure you keep everything square.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Floating Bedside Table With Drawer And Shelf By Urbansize

Cut a 1×4 to 22.5 inches and attach to the back of the nightstand with pocket holes. The nightstand will eventually hang from this piece on the wall, so make sure it is attached to the back:

Build two drawers using a 1×4 cut to 20″ for the fronts and backs and 9 3/4″ for the sides. I made pocket holes in the front and back. The back pocket holes will never be visible and the front pocket holes will be covered by the drawer front.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Attach the bottom of the drawers (1/4″ compass or facer to 9 3/4″ x 21 1/2″). I used my 18 gauge staple gun and put one 3-4″ or so. This is probably overkill, especially since the nightstand drawer never weighs a ton, but I want to make sure it never goes anywhere.🙂

Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks You Need To Make For Your Home

Curved drawer slides in drawer sides and nightstand. Be sure to leave room for the drawer fronts when hanging the nightstand runners.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Set the runners back 1/2 inch from the front of the nightstand. The oak here is a scrap that I put on top of the slide to make sure that each slide is mounted at the same height.

(I placed a 1/2 inch piece of wood on top of the drawer to make sure the correct drawer front is facing forward.)

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Modern Bedside Tables Built For Style And Comfort

Cut two drawer faces to size (22 1/4 inches) and finish them to your choice – I used black stain followed by a coat of protective finish.

Sand the nightstand and then paint or stain it. I sand, prime, paint and then seal with water based polyurethane. Confession: I originally painted our nightstand light gray, but after seeing it in our room I finally decided it was a bad choice, I’m ready to hang it. . . Back to the garage for re-sanding, re-painting, re-sealing…and so on. A lot. Entertainment. 😉

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Attach the drawer fronts to the drawers with wood glue, leaving a 1/8-inch gap on all sides. After drying, with screws (screw the inside of the drawer).

Easy Thin Floating Shelf Diy

Mark the center of the drawer and drill a hole for the hinge. Of course you can buy them, but I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I made some simple coin buttons. You can find my easy tutorial for this here.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Place the nightstand on something sturdy to hold it at the height you want it installed (I used a metal board adjusted to the shortest setting). Using a screwdriver, find two holes on the wall and mark the top of the nightstand with a pencil.

Pull out the drawers. Drill a few holes in the 1×4 behind the nightstand (see your marks to make sure you’re drilling through the studs and not just through the drywall), and use screws to secure them in place.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Floating Side Table, Wall Mounted Shelf With Drawer Storage For Living

This DIY floating nightstand gym was finished just in time for Valentine’s gift giving, along with a DIY copper lamp on top (made from a piece of oak from our ladder and bought at a thrift store for $0.25). Our room isn’t quite finished yet, but I’m excited to take slow steps toward a finished and much neglected master bedroom. 🙂 Take on the mission of saving tons of bedroom space with these 25 easy DIY floating nightstand/side table ideas that pack an incredible wow factor. There are so many different designs to choose from, and DIY hacks that allow you to customize your design are sure to impress. If you’re tired of traditional nightstands that take up a lot of space and often hit your feet, it’s time to jump on the minimalist floating nightstands. Make good use of wall space and install floating bedside tables in the style of small shelves, boxes or a wall cabinet, taking good care of your bedside tables. Even in small designs, they will be excellent in services.

Check out this list of 25 DIY floating nightstand plans and see a wide variety of ready-made samples that will amaze you with your DIY creativity. It’s time to create the most desired bedroom furniture on a budget or with wooden furniture. These ideas will leave you with no excuse to miss a great practical bedside table design in your bedroom.

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Repurpose old wooden crates to build a quick floating nightstand and install storage-friendly nightstands. Choose a swinging nightstand that will be made of wood and wire, and also use copper pipes and wood to install semi-floating nightstands that organize nightstands well. Use walnut strips to MDF board to make a wall hanging nightstand. It does not end there, also use IKEA components to create stylish and functional wall-mounted bedside tables.

How To Build A Floating Nightstand — Bent’s Woodworking

Don’t want to put too much furniture in your master bedroom? Then be smart and install this mini floating nightstand. It takes good care of the nightstands without using a floor. Make it with some scrap wood and cut out a slot to hold your cell phones. The idea

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

This floating bedside table looks like an empty wooden box and brings a modern atmosphere to your bedroom. Install it to free up more space in the bedroom. Using 1x10x8 and finishing with paint or stain and covering the wood grain with polyurethane. Details here created by thehu

With its wood shade, the floating bedside table will be an elegant addition to shabby chic bedrooms. This bedside table is ideal for storage and can also be given a modern color finish. Get crafty with 1x3s and 1x4s lumber to build this floating nightstand storage. Details here Shanti 2 Chic

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Diy Nightstand With Drawers

Looking to find a space-saving nightstand model that will serve you well in your master bedroom? Then build this floating nightstand that comes with tons of built-in storage options. Make it a single length of 1x8x8 and give it a custom wood finish to give a nice sheen to the wood texture. Details here at mylove2create

Choose this simple yet elegant floating nightstand that will bring a great industrial touch to your master bedroom. Build this nightstand, a great combination of wood and metal, using lumber, 1x2x8s, and steel brackets. Use wood conditioner, stains and polyurethane for an amazing finish. Details here project636

How To Make Floating Bedside Table

Bring a big wow factor to your master bedroom with the subtle yet stylish addition of this floating nightstand. It comes in a beautiful white box with a built-in rustic drawer. Build with 1x12x6′, 1x4x8′, plywood or MDF, 1/4″x2’x4″ and hobby poplar material.

Diy Floating Book Bedside Table

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