How To Make A Swivel Table Top

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Ten years ago I got a wooden Levenger study desk. It’s a flat, oval-shaped side study table that can be kicked across my chair to serve as a stable platform for a laptop.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

It was great, but it had one big problem, the plates that held the head on the table that allowed it to rotate had balls that all fell off over time. Now everything is wobbly and wobbly, I would replace the whole table, but Levenger doesn’t do that anymore, I’ve never seen (and looked at) anything like it or better.

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So I thought I would just replace the part that failed. as you can see below, it’s a pair of 4-inch square metal plates tied in the middle, with matching circular rails to hold the ball bearings.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

My problem here is that I can’t find this part or any reasonable replacement online. I googled “360 degree rotating mountain” and found a few articles, but they are overwhelming. The smallest I’ve found so far is 6 inches with holes at least 5 inches apart. My piece is only 4 inches on one side, and the holes are only 3 inches apart (both ways here):

I should note here that I hesitated to try a couple of the larger plates for two reasons, firstly the rocker head is only 1/2 inch thick and I’m concerned that these larger items sold as boat seat swivel clocks would be useless. requires collection. even deeper holes. Second, you may not have the space (or skills) to drill new holes and install them.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

Degree Swivel Bench Vise Jaw Width 10mm Cast Iron Tabletop Vice Multifunctional Heavy Clamp Non Slip Rubber Pad Accessories|

By clicking “Accept All Cookies” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Getting in and out of the back desk was a challenge for us, not enough room to move around. around it You literally have to suck your guts out by pressing on the table. Moving the base of the table towards the center is not an option for me as it puts too much stress on the table, not to mention the changes needed to maintain it.

My solution was to change the table legs and add a swivel arm. The swivel arm adds 6 inches of table clearance from the center post and allows the table to be easily rotated if needed. It only requires a few materials available at your local home improvement store, but does involve some welding/metal fabrication.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

Two = 1 ½ inch to 1/2 inch PVC reducer pipes About 6 inches long ½ inch metal pipe (I used black pipe) About 8.25 inches long 10 gauge or thicker rectangular steel pipe. Quick epoxy and paint selection. in nuts and bolts (saved from the office chair)

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I started by cutting the table legs to 54mm. from above You need to make a perfectly straight cut because you will need both pieces for this project. Before proceeding with cutting the other parts, make sure the ½ inch pipe fits snugly in the center hole of the PVC reducer, otherwise this is the best time to sand it and fit it.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

Next, cut two pieces of ½ inch tubing that are approximately 60mm in length. cut a long rectangular steel pipe to about 8.25 inches and drill a ½ inch hole in each end to accommodate the ½ inch pipe you just cut. Weld the ½ inch pipes to the rectangular pipe as shown in the picture below. If you don’t have a welder, a muffler shop or sheet metal shop can easily weld one for a minimal fee. To tighten the screw by hand, you need to weld a nut to the table leg. Place the two PVC reducer bushings on the inside of the lowest and shortest legs of the table and use instant epoxy glue. After collecting the manufactured parts, fast. Epoxy compound is used to fill the 3 hollow chambers to give more strength to the PVC reducing area.

The swivel arm is approximately 6 inches from center to center, so that the table rests against the toilet sink cover (located under the cabinet) when pivoting.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

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I welded a nut to the table leg to accept the screw, but tightened the screw; this secures the rotating arm in any position.

After painting with Titanium Metallic Silver paint. All you need are plastic covers for the hollow rectangular bars for that OEM look. A thin nylon washer is placed between the rotating arm and the bottom post of the table leg to prevent paint build-up and tearing.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

I modified the table twist arm design using a solid 1″ x 1″ aluminum square bar that required no welding.

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The table legs and table top have changed slightly from the post above. The two swivel columns are now permanently attached to the short table leg and bracket (see previous post on how to install PVC reducers).

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

The pivot posts are epoxy bonded to the PVC reducers to provide additional support to prevent the single screw pivot post from coming loose on the leg tube/reducer/steel pivot. You need to tap the thread into the inner wall at the top of the pivot post, this is where the aluminum corners are bolted. I use a strap nut, but the tube will be stronger.

The aluminum bar (swing arm) is about 9.5 inches long, with ½ inch holes drilled at both ends for the holes. Holes are then drilled at each end of the bar to allow it to be attached to the pipe bolt via x2 button levers.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

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Hole for the button, but the stud lever is tapping (only the left side is split, the other side is drilled slightly larger than the threaded lever for play).

Make sure the swivel post fits the flex arm head for a good fit and to avoid excessive play. Under-stairs room or home-style wide-dimensions edges A true housewife, we can all do with one of these sliding tables. ! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to build your own nightstand.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

I don’t believe (or care) about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. However, I’m open to the idea that this process is probably how most turntables are “made”. Just a thought.

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I decided to take photos of this project in my new studio (I’ll share more about this space soon) because my living room is too small to take a decent photo of this sliding table. I want you to see it in all its glory.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

This nightstand is perfect for ALL spaces. And it’s not limited to your bed, you can use it as a side table in a narrow entryway or a shelf behind a sofa. Just remember to skip the rolls. Now, this project is as easy as the hair clips that many of us know and love.

I mean, when have I not used Ronseal products in my DIY projects? (Of course, a completely rhetorical question – I don’t expect you to search my blog archives for the answer). Just take my word for it. I use this brand a lot

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

Diy Wall To Wall Desk (+ Easy Live Edge!)

1. Please note that this bed is designed for a king size mattress without a base. Exact measurements are shown below.

When making your own desk, you need to measure the width of your bed so that the desk is wide enough to be comfortable. You should also measure the height of the bed – consider how far it can sit from the floor for you (or someone else).

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

Based on these measurements, cut the wood to size. The easiest way to do this is with a saw.

Adjustable Swivel Table Top Mount Pedestal Aluminum Alloy Marine Boat Rv Caravan

2. Cut two wooden boards to the same length to create the table top (always wear safety glasses when cutting wood). And the other two pieces of wood, which should be half of the same two sets to make the sides of the table above the bed.

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

After cutting, sand the edges and sides of the wood (always remember to wear a cut mask when sanding).

3. Join two of the longer wooden planks together. Apply wood glue to one side of the wooden beam to seal

How To Make A Swivel Table Top

Bekant Desk, White, 63×311/2

Clamps are recommended at this point to better secure the wood, but I didn’t have any on hand.

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