How To Make A Plank Table

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How To Make A Plank Table – Remember a few months ago I saw this $100 dining table on a Facebook buy/sell/trade group?

It really needed a coat of paint and I was ready to rip the top off to reveal a beautiful plant just hidden under the yellowed paint. Without…

How To Make A Plank Table

How To Make A Plank Table

… not a good tree. It’s a very bad MDF that cracks easily and has not been cleaned properly. A surprise womp-womp. But I think I’m already in this mess; I prefer to finish it as soon as I can and then deal with it when Plan B kicks in.

How To Turn A Wood Slab Into A Table

Hello! Welcome to Plan B. (By the way, wouldn’t you be happy if Plan B worked out so much better than you thought Plan A would? Because it really did.)

How To Make A Plank Table

Robert and I were looking at the plans to build the Anna White table for a solution to shipping and rebuilding the table when it occurred to me that we could just build a better table top and a lip that would fit the existing table exactly. The old table does not need to be destroyed or damaged in any way.

(It will work perfectly for coffee tables, side tables, nightstands, dressers, anything you can find that needs a nice piece of wood.)

How To Make A Plank Table

Custom Solid Wood Table Tops

Materials used: (Yes, you may need to adjust the width and number of planks based on your existing table size, but it fits most of our tables.)

(Note: We originally planned to use 1″x2″ boards for the lip, but then changed our plan to 1″x1″ boards if you’re wondering why we only used 1″x2″ boards in the first photo hang together. use it all carefully, depending on the original thickness of your table top.)

How To Make A Plank Table

2. Place your 1″x8″ boards on each end of the 1″x6″ boards and mark the ends with a carpenter’s pencil.

Industrial Plank Extendable Dining Table

3. Cut the 1″x6″ board along the line you marked with your saw to make sure it is the exact length you need to line up the ends with the 1″x8″ board.

How To Make A Plank Table

4. Measure and mark the width of the 1″x6″ boards to cut the 1″x8″ boards to the desired size on your saw.

5. Once all the boards are cut to the length and width needed for your table design, reuse the boards and use a pencil to mark where you need to drill the dowel holes.

How To Make A Plank Table

Easy Diy Planked Table Top Cover For Your Existing Table |

6. Then start drilling pocket holes with a Kreg jig to attach the 1″x8″ panels to each 1″x6″ panel. Drill dowel holes in the 1″x6″ boards so they can be threaded together.

7. Use metal clamps to clamp your 1″x6″ boards together and begin driving 1 1/2″ Kreg Jig Wood Screws into the holes to begin attaching the boards together.

How To Make A Plank Table

8. If you screw the 1″x6″ boards together, attach one end to the 1″x8″ posts with some teeth.Craig Jig. Use a hand when drilling.

Look What Jeff Did: Diy Farmhouse Table

9. Once the 1″x6″ and 1″x8″ boards are attached and ready, start with the lip on the ruler and mark your 1″x1″ board to the width and length of the headboard.

How To Make A Plank Table

11. Then using a 1 1/4″ nail gun, attach the 1″x1″ boards around the edge of the flat board. You can match the 1″x6″ boards and 1″x8″ boards as padding.

12. To make it pretty, turn the table upside down so the pocket holes are facing down.

How To Make A Plank Table

Things To Know Before Buying A Wooden Table

13. If you have small gaps, use a screwdriver to put some Minwax Stainable Wood Filler into the gap to seal it. Let it dry.

14. After the wood spatula has dried, begin to smooth the wood as much as possible and go over it with a hand brush. Start with 80-grit sandpaper, then 120-grit, 180-grit, and finally 220-grit to smooth the wood like stone. Dry the filler wood so that it is completely soft.

How To Make A Plank Table

15. Wash the wood (or use a damp cloth to remove any remaining sanding dust) and apply a coat of Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner so the wood will immediately accept the stain. step Forever Joint Hickory Butcher Table Top

16. Leave the wood stain on for at least 5 minutes and no more than 30 minutes before applying the stain. Wipe off any excess build-up with a dry cloth before painting.

How To Make A Plank Table

Before we made our table Robert and I decided what type of wood we were going to use, so we tested 8 colors of Minwax stain on different types of wood. 3 to help us decide. This dining table will see many uses over the years and we didn’t want to go through the process of building this top without doing it carefully.

Of course we chose the more expensive redwood because we really liked the look of the grain. And because it’s a hardwood, we know it will stand the test of time for years to come.

How To Make A Plank Table

What’s The Difference Between A Live Edge And Plank Table?

However, if you need help choosing a color scheme for one of your woodworking projects, here are the results of our little quiz.

Notice the stain on this pine board? I would definitely use a wood stain on anything you want to stain. I didn’t use it in this chapter because it’s just an example but I’m sure you know.

How To Make A Plank Table

We almost gave Poplar the win because it seemed like a good option that wasn’t too expensive.

Round Top Timothy Table Tutorial

We just couldn’t get over that beautiful red coconut seed try hard. (If the table itself is only $100, you can do it, right?)

How To Make A Plank Table

We decided that Dark Walnut was our winner because I just love the contrast of the dark wood table and the white table.

17. Apply one coat of Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating Stain following the instructions on the back of the tin. We only used one coat, but you can do two or three if you want it darker. (For some lighter colors in the past, I’ve used two or three coats.)

How To Make A Plank Table

How To Make A Rustic Scaffold Plank Dining Table

18. We let the stain dry for 24 hours and then use a brush to apply Minwax quick drying polyurethane. I like to use a foam brush because it finally removes the brush. Use 2-3 coats to protect the table from scratches, especially from dirty drinking glasses and food spills.

Robert and I dragged this baby in and placed it right on our current desk. It fits like a glove! Maybe we should put the green on the original table and turn it into a poker table to hide under the nice dining table top. (Just kidding…right? Maybe I should learn to play first. Ha!)

How To Make A Plank Table

I really love how this dining room feels so warm and cozy with that beautiful plant front and center.

Unfinished Wood Table Tops

And the satin finish gives it just the sparkle to catch the eye when you walk in it.

How To Make A Plank Table

This place is starting to look more and more complete now that this table is finished, the mirror wall is finished, and the walls are freshly painted.

The light needs to be changed. The other day two crystal hairs fell apart and couldn’t be fixed, so that’s just a sign to me that I’m about to die. A remnant of the original owners of this house.

How To Make A Plank Table

Reclaimed Heart Pine Farmhouse Table

Now I’m wondering if there are any other tables in our house that could use a new addition. We might even build a coffee table with a painted bottom that we can play with whenever we want. How legal is that?! I need to find some furniture. 😉 We use cookies to improve. By using our website you agree to our cookie policy. Set cookies

This article was written by Jeff Huynh. Jeff Huynh is the owner of Moseybolt, a home maintenance, renovation and repair solutions company in the Seattle area. He has more than five years of practical experience. He holds a BS in Business Administration from San Francisco State University and a Certificate in Industrial Technology from North Seattle University.

How To Make A Plank Table

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How To Make A Diy Farmhouse Kid’s Table

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How To Make A Plank Table

Making a table is a great woodworking project for the beginning woodworker, but it can also be a challenging task for experienced woodworkers. A simple table consists of a table, legs and an apron. With a few pieces of wood for these parts, you can build a simple table to suit your needs.

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How To Make A Plank Table

Diy Shiplap Simple Table

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