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How Much Power Do Pedestal Fans Use – Summer is here, which means cooler temperatures and wet, muggy nights. Whether your home has air conditioning or not, the gentle breeze of a fan can help cool you down and circulate air throughout your home. Some people like the feel of the fan and the white noise when they go to sleep.

If you want a powerful fan that doesn’t take up too much desk and floor space, a stand fan is the way to go. They are adjustable and usually provide a strong, oscillating airflow. They are generally quieter than box fans and take up much less floor space. However, with so many options, it can be hard to know which models are truly worth your hard-earned money. To help you choose, we’ve rounded up our favorite basic fans available today.

How Much Power Do Pedestal Fans Use

If you’ve already decided that you definitely want to buy a pedestal fan, you can skip this section, but if you’re still debating the merits of pedestal and tower fans, keep reading. The biggest difference between these two fan types is obviously the shape. Pedestal fans usually take up more space, but are generally less expensive and have stronger airflow. They can oscillate and change their height to direct their airflow, thanks to their adjustable base fans. If you still like the space-saving advantages of tower fans, check out the first option on our list, which is a delightful hybrid of the two types.

Pedestal Fan Transformed Into A Ceiling Fan

To find the best pedestal fans among the many options on the market, we researched the most popular models available and considered their size, weight, features, airflow power, and design. We’ve looked at expert and customer reviews written by people who have purchased these basic fans on sites like Amazon, and the average customer rating you’ll see below is four stars or higher.

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While most pedestal fans have a standard round face, this one has the slim silhouette of a tower fan and the adjustability and height of a pedestal model. It is very powerful and has smooth oscillations that help cool entire rooms easily.

You can adjust not only the height of this model, but also the angle of the ventilation, which allows you to adjust exactly where you want the air to blow.

Motor For 30 In. Pedestal Fan

If you move your fan frequently or don’t have an easily accessible outlet, this cordless option may be perfect for you. It lasts up to a week on a single battery charge, and despite being small, it provides generous airflow. It has four airflow levels, four timer options and folds up small enough to store in a bag or briefcase when not in use.

If you are a light sleeper and want to use a fan in your bedroom, finding a quiet and efficient fan is not easy. Fortunately, it fits the bill. It has a silent mode, but even above silent mode, it’s barely audible. It has five speeds and is designed to recreate the feeling of natural airflow. It also has a 120-degree swing and automatically shuts off after 8 hours.

Although it costs a little more, this fan uses a DC motor instead of a standard AC motor, saving 80 percent more energy than a standard AC fan. But despite using less power, this model is powerful, capable of pushing air up to 80 feet. It also has a modern look that is rare for platform enthusiasts and weighs only 10 kg.

If you are looking for a basic fan with no bells and whistles, this is perfect for you. It costs less than $35 and delivers a breeze. It can be controlled remotely or manually and has three speed settings, a timer and an oscillator. It might not be the quietest option on the list, but it does a good job of keeping you cool without making you sweaty.

Industrial Grade Pedestal Fans

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