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How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair – Like everyone else, I’m always trying to make my home cozier – the latest Scandinavian design trend ‘hygge’ is all about making things cozier, special and downright cozy. It’s about the details that evoke that feeling. For me, a pastel pink faux fur purse does the trick.

Sewing faux fur is very easy with the right tools and preparation. You will need enough space to cut the pieces for this base and be ready to remove the feathers. You can save the lost feathers to give to the birds outside. They can use it to make themselves a hygge home!

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

You can download this oversized pillow pdf pattern here. The pattern piece measures 18″ x 53″ when assembled and the pillow is about 34″ in diameter. This project is by no means small, but it’s easy!

Make A Fatboy Inspired Bean Bag Chair

Print the attached PDF sample template. The first page of the document includes a layout guide that shows how the pattern is put together. Just glue the pages together and cut to shape. The finished pattern piece has a shape like a large orange peel.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

When working with faux fur it is very important to consider the nap or direction of the fur. We want the fur to lie in the same direction on each side. Nap on my curly yak faux fur along the fabric (parallel to the edge).

Pin your pattern to the wrong side of your faux fur. Make sure the nap is smooth along the length.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Soft Fluffy Sofa Lazy Bean Bag Chair Kids Camping Party Cushion Stool Game Fluffy Ottoman Kama Bedroom Tatami Floor Cushion

Using your fabric scissors, cut out six of these orange peel shapes. When cutting the fur, make sure you only cut the back of the fabric and not the entire fur hair. This will help reduce spillage. Notes:

Place your two ovals right sides together, making sure the tops are facing the same direction. Assemble these parts together. Wonder Clips are an excellent alternative if you are using very large faux fur. If your coat has long hair like mine, try brushing the hair in and out of the seam to reduce the amount of stitching itself.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Due to the nature of the projects we make and the materials we choose, we have to prepare our sewing machines for tough conditions. Thread your machine with a strong 40 wt polyester thread. As much as I like cotton for most things, polyester will be stronger in this stitch that can take a lot of wear and tear.

How To Sew A Bean Bag Chair

Attach walking foot #50 to your machine. Faux fur is very bulky and very difficult to use. The walking foot will move your project through the machine easily and steadily.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Finally, program your zigzag sewing machine in 3 steps. The zigzag pattern gives some flexibility to the application of this stitch, but the 3-step version keeps it tight.

Sew end to end of your first pair of ovals. Be sure to topstitch at the beginning and end of the seam for added security.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Better Homes & Gardens Dream Bean Patio Bean Bag Chair, Grey

Repeat the procedure from steps 4 and 6 on the remaining two pairs of ovals. Because of the weight of this pillow, I prefer to sew three sets of two panels and then sew each one.

Once you’ve finally joined all of your oval pieces, you’ll be left with one seam, leaving the pillow open. Join this stitch and start sewing as you did with the previous stitch. But this time, about halfway through, sew back and cut the thread. Then continue to sew (re-sew) about 18 inches down, leaving a large opening to throw the pillow on the right side.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Fill the pillow! This is a simple step, but since this project is quite large, it will take a little longer than you think. I used about 7 pounds of polyfill stuffing and could add more! Jorbest Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair For Kids And Adults, Stuffed Animal Storage, Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover For Kids, Dinosaur Bean Bag

Unfortunately, once you fill the giant pillow with stuffing, it’s almost impossible to slide it back under the sewing machine. Use a hand sewing needle and arm length thread to close the gap we left for you to turn.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Now you have a more comfortable pillow! I like me to relax and read a book, but Penny claims it’s her sleep. I hope this brings a little hygge to your home! Making your own giant bean bag is a great budget option. A new store-bought pouf can cost a fortune, and making one out of recycled wool blankets or your favorite fabric can save you a lot of money and make it match your decor.

So after watching a YouTube video of me selling a full size folding bean bag chair for a lot of money, I knew I was going to make my own.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Sew Super Comfy Seating

I hope to read this guide; you can also make an all-in-one bean bag bed. You will see how to design a bean bag pattern and you can easily make a large bean bag lounge chair for your kids and friends.

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How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

After watching a youtube video, I fell in love with the idea of ​​a cozy bean bag that turns into a full size bed.

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair Review: Perfect Gift For Kids

I really want it. As usual, I immediately started researching. I quickly found it on Amazon, but it was at least $250-300. My excitement quickly faded.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

I have to tell you that as a child I was disappointed when he didn’t get the toys he wanted.

So I spent the next few days walking around the house to see what I could reuse and how to make this most desirable bean bag for money.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

The Best Bean Bag Chairs Of 2022

Well, the total cost is still about $100 because of the filler. You need a lot of bag filler for a full bed. I wasn’t exactly happy with my spending, but at the end of the day I can still say I saved at least $150.

The good news is that you don’t have to make it that big. I mean, when I finished it looked so big that I thought “where are we going to put it now.”

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Then I made another smaller bean bag. I like the smaller ones; my family and friends love the big bean bag chair.

Diy Bean Bag Chairs: How To Refill A Bean Bag & Bring It Back To Life In 5 Easy Steps!

I use my Brother sewing machine for all my sewing projects and I couldn’t be happier with it. Also keep in mind that I am a complete beginner.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

BUT keep in mind that you will be making simple stitches for this DIY bean bag. That’s the good news, you can buy a cheaper machine if you don’t already have one.

Remember when I said the full size turned out to be too big for us? Keep this in mind and adjust the dimensions if you want a smaller bean bag.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs That Will Make Your Movie Night

1. Simply place 2 sheets flat on top of each other and pin the edges together.

2. Then sew 3 parts. You can also sew the fourth part, but make sure you leave a hole where you will put the stuffing for the bag.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

3. Fill with 8 bags of beans. 8 packs was enough for my project, but if you are adjusting the fabric size, you may want to change the amount of filler as well.

What Size Of Bean Bag Chair Should I Buy?

I know it’s ugly, but I want to try how big the chair is. THAT! It’s going to be HUGE!

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

I decided to make a tear drop design. The bean bag design is great if you want back support while working on your laptop or watching TV.

I came up with the simplest bean bag pattern. It will work best if you have 2 sheets or a rectangular blanket. Even if you decide to buy fabric to make these cozy floor cushions, you can follow my bean bag pattern below.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

Create A Backyard Bean Bag Toss Game For Family Fun

3. To get two identical triangles, sew the long sides of the smaller triangle together. (

This way, you don’t have to do all this effort if you have enough material, and you can cut 4 equal triangles. I had to modify it a bit because I was working with limited materials.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

5. Now you have 4 identical triangles. You want to sew them together on the long side. When you’re done, your sewing project should look like a cone.

Crochet Pattern Super Chunky Giant Pouf Diy Tutorial Xl Large

I don’t like it if the zipper is too short, because there is only a small opening to remove the inner pillow. So I want to make sure I don’t hate the day I want to wash the bean bag lid. So I decided to have a zipper around 3 sides of the square bottom. This is an opening large enough to remove the bed and put it back.

How To Make My Own Bean Bag Chair

If you’re like me and don’t want to struggle with your bean bag on laundry day, sew a zipper

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